Anvil Rock Lookout and the Wind Eroded Cave

Anvil Rock is a characteristic lookout point in the Blackheath area of the Blue Mountains, where visitors can enjoy incredible 360-degree Grose Valley views.

Nearby Wind Eroded Cave is a unique rock formation shaped like a wave-like overhang created by wind erosion.

These two fascinating natural sights can be accessed via two short and easy walking trails, starting from the same car park.

How to Get There

To get to Anvil Rock, turn into Hat Hill Road in Blackheath. Stay on this road until it evolves into Perrys Lookdown Road.

At the fork towards the end of the road, stay left to get to the small car park where the start of the short walking track to Anvil Rock is located.

That car park is also where you will find the short walking trail to the Wind Eroded Cave.


The map below gives you an idea of where those two sights are located.

P: Parking (see map).
1: Anvil Rock Lookout.
2: Wind Eroded Cave.

Map of Anvil Rock and Wind Eroded Cave

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Anvil Rock Lookout

Once you’ve parked your car, look for the sign that marks the start of the short walking track to Anvil Rock.

It’s only about 250 metres to the lookout from the car park, and the path itself is very well maintained. A set of stairs at the end of the walk will get you onto the lookout platform.

Walking track to Anvil Rock
Walking track to Anvil Rock

The walking track passes a small bench, perfectly positioned with a north-facing aspect overlooking the valley with fantastic views.

By all means, grab a seat and take it all in!

Bench at Anvil Rock
Bench at Anvil Rock

The track soon arrives at Anvil Rock, which is named after the shape of the rock formation.

With a bit of imagination, it does indeed look a bit like a real anvil.

Elevated lookout platform at Anvil Rock
Elevated lookout platform at Anvil Rock

A staircase made of rocks with metal handrails leads to a large viewing platform, followed by a second set of stairs that leads to the top of Anvil Rock.

Anvil Rock Lookout
Anvil Rock Lookout

Interestingly, a real anvil is installed at the top, with several arrows imprinted pointing to other landmarks in this area of the Blue Mountains.

The fenced lookout platform is round-shaped and, quite literally, offers 360-degree views that stretch as far as the eyes can see on a clear and sunny day.

Top of Anvil Rock
Top of Anvil Rock

Anvil Rock is one of the most impressive lookouts in the Blue Mountains, and the lack of big tourist crowds coupled with the isolated atmosphere make the experience even more enjoyable.

Wind Eroded Cave

Once you’ve finished admiring the views at Anvil Rock, retrace your steps back to the car park and get ready to visit another unique rock formation.

The start of the walking trail to the Wind Eroded Cave is just on the opposite side of the car park; very easy to find.

It’s a short walk along an easy-to-follow path, and it will only take a few moments to get there.

Wind Eroded Cave
Wind Eroded Cave

The Wind Eroded Cave is quite a remarkable sight.

It’s a massive rock overhang in the shape of a wave with beautiful patterns in the sandstone as if it were underwater.

Wind Eroded Cave
Wind Eroded Cave

Also known as Wave Rock, this rock formation was created by continuous wind erosion. There’s plenty of space to wander around and take a closer look at this unique natural sight.

If you’re visiting Anvil Rock, a visit to Perrys Lookdown is highly recommended, as it’s just around the corner from Anvil Rock. The views from there are beautiful.

Discover Anvil Rock Lookout in the Blue Mountains


Published: February 8, 2021
Updated: March 23, 2024

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