Discover Belmore Falls and the Hindmarsh Lookout

Belmore Falls in Morton National Park is a stunning plunge waterfall with two drops on Barrengarry Creek.

A short walking track takes in several lookout points, including the Hindmarsh Lookout, from where you can enjoy panoramic views of Kangaroo Valley.

In this guide, we’ll explain how best to get there and where to find the best views of the waterfall.

How to Get There

The car parking area at Belmore Falls can be accessed via Belmore Falls Road. The easiest way is to turn into Belmore Falls Rd via South Street in Robertson.

If you’re driving in from Fitzroy Falls, turn into Belmore Falls Rd from Myra Vale Road, cross the little bridge over Barrengarry Creek (essentially the top of the waterfall) and go straight to the car park.

The parking area is located at the Hindmarsh lookout, from where you can follow the walking trail to the Belmore Falls lookout points (see map location).

Map of Belmore Falls and parking area

About Belmore Falls

Located around 6 km south of Robertson, a day trip to Belmore Falls and the Hindmarsh Lookout is a fun day out and about.

An unsealed road leads to a car parking area from where you can start exploring the area and enjoy panoramic views of the waterfall and the upper Kangaroo Valley.

Upper Kangaroo Valley views
Upper Kangaroo Valley views

Interestingly, it usually doesn’t get too busy at Belmore Falls, probably because of its remote location. Nearby Fitzroy Falls, with a visitor centre and cafe, typically attracts a much bigger crowd.

Belmore Falls was named after Somerset Richard Lowry-Corry, 4th Earl Belmore, an Irish nobleman who was governor of New South Wales from 1868 until 1872.

Belmore Falls is a plunge waterfall with multiple drops
Belmore Falls is a plunge waterfall with multiple drops

The waterfall drops more than 100m into a deep valley that, from a distance, looks like a thriving tropical rainforest.

Base of Belmore Falls

The first part of the waterfall drops into a massive round pool. There used to be an official walking track from the car park all the way to the base of the waterfall.

Sadly, this track was closed a few years ago because of safety risks. If you look closely, the start of the track is still visible from behind the fence close to the Hindmarsh Lookout (see picture below). You can find this spot at the lookout furthest away from the waterfall.

Old access point to the Belmore Falls base track
Old access point to the Belmore Falls base track

Doing this track is prohibited, but if you can’t resist heading down to the base, make sure you’re well-prepared with good shoes, enough water, and perhaps a beacon. But we don’t recommend it, because it really is a risky hike and you may also get fined.

There is some talk online about a track that starts at the lookout closest to the waterfall. But it’s best to ignore that track, as it appears to be a very difficult and dangerous way to get to the base.

If you do wish to venture down to the bottom of Belmore Falls, the base track that starts behind the fence is the better choice. But again, we strongly advise against it.

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The Hindmarsh Lookout

The Hindmarsh Lookout was named after W.R. Hindmarsh, one of the earliest settlers in the area.

Hindmarsh Lookout
Hindmarsh Lookout

There are actually two lookout points that both offer spectacular views of Kangaroo Valley from slightly different angles.

Both these lookouts are located very close to the parking area, accessible via a very short walking trail.

Views from the Hindmarsh Lookout
Views from the Hindmarsh Lookout

If you look closely, you may be able to see the Barrengarry Creek flowing in the valley below, the same creek that carries Belmore Falls.

Belmore Falls Walking Track

The best way to enjoy the Hindmarsh Lookout and the panoramic views of Kangaroo Valley and the waterfall is by doing the easy walking trail starting from the car park. It follows the cliff edge overlooking the beautiful valley.

Here is a map of the walk, starting from the main parking area:

Map of the Belmore Falls walking track

This 1 km walking track takes in four lookout points from where you can enjoy incredible views of the waterfall and the surrounding area.

Top of Belmore Falls
Top of Belmore Falls

You can extend the walk by heading north towards the little bridge that runs right above the top of the waterfall. There used to be another lookout point, but that is now closed as it’s deemed unsafe.

The facilities at the car park are excellent, with BBQs, picnic tables, water and toilets, if you wish to make a day of it.

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Belmore Falls in Morton National Park


Published: August 9, 2020
Updated: May 1, 2024

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