Berowra to Naa Badu Lookout (Berowra Creek Valley Views)

The Naa Badu Lookout in Berowra Heights is a panoramic viewing point facing the Berowra Creek Valley that can be reached via two different trails.

The 3 km Berkeley Trail from Berowra that leads to this lookout is a moderately challenging track through a patch of thriving bushland.

There is also a much easier way to reach the lookout via a short trail in Berowra Heights. Keep reading to find out more!

Berowra to Naa Badu Lookout
Distance: 3 km (one way)
Duration: 1.5 hours
Grade: Moderate
Dogs: Not allowed on the trail

Getting There

As mentioned, there are two ways to reach the Naa Badu Lookout:

  1. From Crowley Road in Berowra (see map location)
  2. From Berkeley Close in Berowra Heights (see map location)

In our track notes below, we will discuss the longer trail (Berkeley Trail) from Crowley Road in Berowra. You can park your car on the street.

Public transport is also an option. Berowra train station is less than 1 km from the start of the bush trail on Crowley Road.

If you’re not keen to go bushwalking and only want to visit the lookout, it’s best to park your car on Berkeley Close in Berowra Heights. From there, it’s an easy 15-minute walk to the lookout via a short section of the Berkeley Trail.

Below is a map of the trail to the lookout and the two parking options.

Map of the walk to Naa Badu Lookout

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Track Notes

We consider the Berkeley Trail from Berowra to the Naa Badu Lookout moderately challenging. The first section is a proper bushwalking adventure, while the second part is on a fire trail and much easier.

Start of Berkeley Trail on Crowley Road
Start of Berkeley Trail on Crowley Road

The trail starts at the Great North Walk signpost on Crowley Road and heads straight into the bush from there.

This part of the track is the hardest as it’s quite steep, involving a few creek crossings and some rock scrambling.

Berkeley Trail
Berkeley Trail

It becomes much easier once the track connects with the fire trail further down in the valley. From that point on, it’s another 20 minutes to reach the lookout.

Naa Badu Lookout

Once you see the lookout, you will know that the hike to get there was worth it. The views across the valley and along Berowra Creek are absolutely stunning.

Naa Badu Lookout overlooking Berowra Creek Valley
Views of the Berowra Creek Valley

The area where the fenced lookout is located is also home to a couple of picnic benches and tables, making it the perfect spot to sit back, relax and enjoy a good lunch outdoors.

From the lookout, you can either return via the same walking track or continue on the fire trail to Berowra Heights.

Picnic area at Naa Badu Lookout
Picnic area at the lookout

It takes roughly another 15 minutes to reach the suburban streets of Berowra Heights, from where you can easily return to your original starting point in Berowra.

Distance-wise, it’s about the same, but returning via the streets is much easier than returning via the bush, which is a steep hike out of the valley.


The beautiful Naa Badu Lookout in Berowra Heights


Published: July 17, 2024
Updated: July 18, 2024

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