7 Best Camping Tables in Australia (2023 Review Guide)

Last updated: May 26, 2023

Reviews of seven of the best camping tables in Australia, based on portability, size, materials, weight, capacity, and price.

Of all the things you need to optimise your camp experience, the right camping table may be one of the harder choices you have to make.

Camping tables come in various sizes and styles, and with more features than you might guess. Finding one you’ll be happy with requires some reflection on your needs and time spent browsing available options.

We have reviewed seven of the best camping tables available in Australia today. Each of these options is durable, portable, and perfect for use in a variety of situations. Let’s dive in!

Best Premium:
Zempire Kitpac Round Table
Best Affordable:
Kings Portable Alloy Table
Zempire Kitpac Round Camping Table Kings Portable Alloy Camping Table
7.9 kg 5.3 kg
90 x 90 cm 94 x 55 cm
Check Price Check Price

Top 7 Camping Tables:

Camping Table Price
1 Zempire Kitpac Round Camping Table Price
2 Kings Portable Alloy Camping Table Price
3 Trekology Portable Camping Side Table Price
4 OZtrail Ironside Folding Camping Table Price
5 Zempire Slatpac Standard Camp Table Price
6 Weisshorn Portable Folding Camping Table Price
7 Coleman Square Card Table Price

Top rated camping table on Amazon:

Trekology Portable Camping Side Table
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Top 7 Camping Tables

Let’s go through our top 7 in a bit more detail. We have selected a variety of different styles of camping tables, all at different price points.

Further below, we’ve included our camping table buyer’s guide to help you narrow down the choices to only those that will fit all of your needs.

1. Zempire Kitpac Round Camping Table

Zempire Kitpac Round Camping Table

If looks are just as important to you as functionality, the Zempire Kitpac Round Camping Table is an excellent choice.

This beautiful bamboo-topped table features gorgeous champagne-coloured aluminium legs. Unique among camping tables, this model is circular, a shape that makes it easier to squeeze in a couple of extra bodies when needed.

Don’t let the looks and shape fool you; this table also has a practical side. The legs fold flat, and the panels of the tabletop fold in for optimal portability and storability. It takes hardly any time to set this table up or break it down and store it in the included carrying bag.

To add to its usability, the legs are adjustable to three heights. Whether you’re looking for a coffee table, dining table, or prep surface, the Zempire Kitpac has you covered.

This 90-inch round table weighs just 7.9 kg and is rated to hold up to 50 kg. It will cost you a bit more than the others on this list, but it is well worth it for a table that is as nice to look at as it is functional. It also has a 2-year warranty for peace of mind and a handy built-in bottle opener.

Check Price

Zempire Kitpac Round Camping Table
Weight: 7.9 kg
Rated capacity: 50 kg
Table top: 90 x 90 cm

2. Kings Portable Alloy Camping Table

Kings Portable Alloy Camping Table

If space is a big consideration for you, the Kings Portable Alloy Camping Table is worth a look.

This medium-sized table features a rollable top and accordion legs that pack up in less than one minute. The parts roll into a neat package for storage in the included carrying bag. At just 5.3 kg and 68 by 23 cm, this tight package easily fits into the boot. That rollable table design does drop the weight capacity a bit to 20 kg. But it is more than capable of holding hefty plates of baked beans and other camping favourites.

When fully set up, the table sits at 55 cm wide, 94 cm long, and 68 cm high. The legs are not adjustable, so you’re stuck using this table for dining or card playing only. But if that’s what you’re after, this table is a highly portable and durable choice.

The rollout tabletop is made of powder-coated aluminium, and the legs are powder-coated steel. This makes for a lightweight but durable product that’s easy to clean. Plus, this baby won’t rust even if you leave it in the rain.

The King Portable Alloy table comes with a mid-range price tag but is more than worth the investment for a compact table that will last for years.

Check Price

Kings Portable Alloy Camping Table
Weight: 5.3 kg
Rated capacity: 20 kg
Table top: 94 x 55 cm

3. Trekology Portable Camping Side Table

Trekology Portable Camping Side Table

Is your camping experience all about minimisation? Then you’ll love the Trekology Portable Camping Side Table.

Perfect for setting your morning coffee or enjoying a meal around the campfire, this little side table won’t take up much room in your campsite and even less space in the boot.

At 33 cm wide, 40 cm long, and 35 cm high, the Trekology is made to sit next to your low-riding camper chair. It’s also made for easy camping and simple portability. The roll-up table and accordion legs effortlessly fold to fit into the included carrying bag.

All the surfaces are made with aluminium alloy that won’t rust. This durable material resists damage without added weight. At 0.85 kg, this little table is perfect for backpack camping as well as car camping. Like all Trekology products, you can count on this side table to provide years of dependable use at a fair price.

Check Price

Trekology Portable Camping Side Table
Weight: 0.85 kg
Table top: 40 x 33 cm

4. OZtrail Ironside Folding Camping Table

OZtrail Ironside Folding Camping Table

For large families in need of a big camping table, the OZtrail Ironside Folding Camping Table is the one you want.

This extra-long table is perfect for sitting down to enjoy a meal with friends or family, staging your camping buffet, or doing all your cooking and food prep. The 122 cm long and 61 cm wide surface isn’t the only thing that makes this table versatile. The legs also adjust to three heights; 45 cm, 62 cm, and 71 cm.

The only downside of the OZtrail Ironside is that it isn’t overly portable. The long table folds in half, and the legs fold in, so it lies flat, but it still takes up a good deal of space. And at 5.3 kg, it’s a bit heavier than many other models.

With a molded polyurethane top and steel legs, this table is plenty durable and can hold a whopping 200 kg. As long as you have the space for it, this camper table is a great buy and surprisingly affordable. Plus, it comes with a 1-year warranty.

Check Price

OZtrail Ironside Folding Camping Table
Weight: 5.3 kg
Rated capacity: 200 kg
Table top: 122 x 61 cm

5. Zempire Slatpac Standard Camp Table

Zempire Slatpac Standard Camp Table

The Zempire Slatpac is a roll-up table with a unique design that allows it to pack down even smaller than similar-sized tables. When set up, it is also more durable than standard accordion roll-ups.

The key to the Zempire’s usability is in the unique top and leg design. Short, perpendicular cross beams hold up the top while the legs fold flat onto a collapsible frame. Both pieces fit easily into the included storage bag.

Fully assembled, this table measures 90 cm long by 52 cm wide. The telescopic legs adjust between heights of 30 cm and 70 cm, making this table perfect for eating, prepping, or as a coffee table. It is made of rust-proof aluminium, which is also impressively lightweight. This 5.1 kg table is easy to haul and can hold up to 30 kg.

The Zempire Slatpac comes with a 1-year warranty. It is priced a touch higher than the other roll-ups featured here but also delivers a little more in terms of usability.

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Zempire Slatpac Standard Camp Table
Weight: 5.1 kg
Rated capacity: 30 kg
Table top: 90 x 52 cm

6. Weisshorn Portable Folding Camping Table

Weisshorn Portable Folding Camping Table

For an affordable but functional option, the Weisshorn Portable Folding Camping Table is the way to go.

This simple folding table is super lightweight and surprisingly versatile. The legs can be adjusted between heights of 27 cm and 55 cm to fit the height of most camping chairs. And each leg features extra support thanks to added crossbeams that keep the table straight and steady.

The MDF tabletop is lightweight but durable. It measures 45 cm wide by 60 cm long. This offers enough space for coffee, games, or a meal for two.

When it’s time to pack up, the Weisshorn folds flat for easy storage. The legs fold into the table and lock in place. Instead of a carry bag that you have to keep track of, this 2.96 kg table has a built-in handle for transporting it between the campsite and the car.

For what you get, you just can’t beat the price of this Weisshorn camping table.

Check Price

Weisshorn Portable Folding Camping Table
Weight: 3.0 kg
Rated capacity: 30 kg
Table top: 60 x 45 cm

7. Coleman Square Card Table

Coleman Square Card Table

If you want your camping table to be like your camping trips, i.e. simple and straightforward, the Coleman Square Card Table is for you.

This table doesn’t have a lot of flashy features or extra functionality, but it will get the job done. Perfect for playing cards, eating meals, or for adding extra space to your food prep area. The 87 cm long by 87 cm wide table is made of lightweight vacuum molded polyethylene, and the foldable legs are steel. Both are durable and weather resistant.

For storage, the legs on the Coleman Card Table fold flat. It isn’t the most compact table on our list, but it doesn’t take up much room when placed on the floor of your boot or caravan. It’s pretty lightweight as well, coming in at just 4.9 kg.

The legs on this table aren’t adjustable and are set to a high dining height (72 cm). The simplicity of it does mean you get a lot of space for the price, making it a good purchase for those looking for a little extra table space on a budget.

Check Price

Coleman Square Card Table
Weight: 4.9 kg
Rated capacity: 180 kg
Table top: 87 x 87 cm

Camping Table Buying Guide

As you can see from our choices above, there are many options in the camping table world. To help you decide which are most important for your needs, we put together this practical camping table buying guide.

Here are a few things you should consider before you make a purchase:

  1. Height and surface area
  2. Storage and portability
  3. Materials
  4. Weight
  5. Capacity

Let’s discuss these factors in more detail.

1. Height and Surface Area

One of the first things you need to consider when shopping for a camping table is the size of it.

The size of the tabletop will dictate what you can use it for. Small tables are great for setting your coffee or a single plate of food while sitting around the fire. Medium-sized tables are suitable for small families or for a little extra space during food prep.

Large tables, of course, are the most versatile. They can be used for mealtime, for your camper stove and other food prep, or as a game table for larger groups. But these bigger tables also take up much more room in the car and caravan.

Height is another important consideration.

Coffee-table-height products are great for setting up next to your low-slung camp chair. Medium-height tables are meant for pulling your chairs around and sharing a meal. And tall tables are optimal for meal prep and keeping food away from furry camping buddies.

Of course, the most useful products are fully adjustable between all three heights.

2. Storage and Portability

How storable and portable your camping table is, depends on how it folds up. In this realm, you generally have three options:

  • Fold-flat
  • Roll-up
  • Collapsible

Let’s explain these options in more detail.


Fold-flat tables feature the simplest design. The legs fold into the tabletop for a flat but not compact final product. These are quick and easy to set up but not so easy to store.

Large fold-flat tables typically fold in half as well. These options are available in much larger sizes than the other two types.


Roll-up tables feature a top with multiple long sections that can be rolled up like a rug. The frame of these types typically collapses into a similar shape.

These tables are some of the most compact for storage and are also typically very easy to haul around. They do take a little more time to set up and break down, but once you get the hang of it, the process goes pretty quickly.


Collapsible tables are harder to find than the other two types. These tables usually feature multiple fold points in the tabletop for extra compact storage. Like roll-up styles, the frames of these types typically accordion or fold down into a tight package.

How small and portable these tables get depends on how big they are in the first place, but they can be impressively compact. The Zempire Kitpac Round Camping Table, for instance, offers a ton of surface area when set up but collapses down as small as similar-sized roll-up tables.

3. Materials

Most camping tables will be made of aluminium, plastic, steel, or some combination of these.

Aluminium is a go-to material for both tops and frames due to its durability and lightweight. This material doesn’t rust and is weatherproof, but it can be bent and damaged with abuse.

Camping table

Plastic is a common material for tabletops. This material is waterproof and lightweight but can be damaged by sunlight over time and is easily scratched. It also tends to have a lower weight capacity than steel and aluminium tables.

Steel is generally used for table legs and frames. This material is durable and weatherproof as long as it has been properly powder coated. But it is heavier than the other common materials, so it is not as portable.

4. Weight

Most camping tables average between 2 and 7 kg. Steel tables will be the heaviest, with plastic and aluminium vying for second place, depending on the build style.

From our list, the Weisshorn Portable Folding Camping Table came in as the lightest option at only 2.96 kg. This table features an MDF top that is even lighter than plastic.

When looking for products to add to your camping arsenal, consider the typical distance you’ll be hauling the table between the site and your vehicle. Also, it’s safe to assume that heavier tables will likely last longer and are less likely to be damaged by wind or inclement weather.

5. Capacity

One thing many people fail to consider when choosing a new portable camping table is how much weight it can hold.

For your standard meal table or card table, capacity isn’t going to be a big issue. Any decent table should be able to hold plates, food, and drinks.

But if you plan to use the table for your camping stove or to store other equipment, it is worth checking the capacity rating before committing to any product.

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Australian camping table buying guide

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