Where to Find the Best Coffee in Sydney

Last updated: June 7, 2021

Sydney-siders have a true love affair with coffee. For many of us, coffee is the first thing on our minds when we wake up in the morning. So we want to make sure that we start the day with the best cup of coffee we can get our hands on.

Sadly though, the price of a coffee has gone up dramatically in recent years, such that it’s not unusual anymore to pay 5 dollars for a regular sized coffee.

But the overall quality of coffee in Sydney hasn’t gone up as fast as the price has. We still want that perfect texture, strength and flavour when we invest in our caffeine fix.

The good news is though that there are still quite some cafes in and around Sydney that take pride in preparing coffee the way it should be prepared.

Cafes with the right equipment and, more importantly, well trained baristas that understand the importance of a perfectly brewed cup of coffee.

10 Sydney Cafes That Serve Great Coffee

In no particular order, here are 10 great cafes that serve some of the best coffee you can find in Sydney!

1. Allpress Espresso in Zetland

Allpress Espresso is a modern and trendy Australian cafe & roastery in the suburb of Zetland in Sydney’s east. The cafe has a super relaxed and friendly vibe, and the freshly roasted coffee is as good as it gets.

The cafe has a pleasant layout with a large glass window seperating the seating area and the actual operational area of the roaster. Their full range of freshly roasted blends and rotating single origin coffees are also available to purchase for brewing at home.

Allpress Espresso in Zetland

Allpress Espresso
58 Epsom Road
Zetland NSW 2017
Google Maps location

2. Chapter One in Bondi

Located towards the southern end of Bondi Beach, Chapter One is a small and friendly cafe with a cozy interior that serves excellent coffee. With its authentic atmosphere and relatively quiet location, Chapter One is the perfect spot for a caffeine fix before or after a swim.

Simply grab a chair outside and enjoy your coffee while watching the world go by.

Chapter One in Bondi

Chapter One
Shop 3A, 34 Campbell Parade
Bondi Beach NSW 2021
Google Maps location

3. Kurtosh Bakery in Randwick

Kurtosh Bakery, or rather Kürtősh Bakery, not only serves delicious coffee, they also surprise you with their traditional Hungarian pastry. The name of the cafe is derived from the word kurtoskalacs, a spit cake specific to Hungarian-speaking regions in Romania.

With friendly service, great coffee, delicious food and a warm interior, Kurtosh offers a truly unique experience. Kurtosh also has branches in Surry Hills, Crows Nest, Darlinghurst and Wollongong, if you’d like to try a different location.

Kurtosh Bakery in Randwick

Kurtosh Bakery
20B-20C St Pauls Street
Randwick NSW 2031
Google Maps location

4. Watsons Bay Milk Bar

Located just around the corner of Robertson Park in Watsons Bay, the Watsons Bay Milk Bar and General Store is a small, 1950s-inspired shop that prides itself in delivering good old fashioned service.

The Milk Bar is an absolute icon in the Watsons Bay area, with many return visitors enjoying a meal and deliciously brewed cup of coffee daily.

Watsons Bay Milk Bar

Watsons Bay Milk Bar
10 Military Road
Watsons Bay NSW 2030
Google Maps location

5. Gusto Espresso Bar in Coogee

Perfectly located on Coogee Bay Road close to Coogee Beach, Gusto Espresso Bar offers baked goods, breakfast, creative sandwiches, salads, and, of course, perfectly brewed coffee.

It’s a small and cozy cafe with indoor seating and limited outdoor seating. The service is friendly too, which can often make all the difference.

Gusto Espresso Bar in Coogee

Gusto Espresso Bar
211 Coogee Bay Road
Coogee NSW 2034
Google Maps location

6. Bourke and Hare in Mascot

Bourke & Hare on Church Street in Mascot is a real hit with the locals. And for good reason, because not only is their food and coffee delicious, their customer service and care is also top notch.

With a quiet location overlooking a playground, Bourke and Hare has both comfortable indoor as well as outdoor seating.

Bourke and Hare in Mascot

Bourke and Hare
Shop 1/12 Church Ave
Mascot NSW 2020
Google Maps location

7. The Grumpy Baker in Vaucluse

Established in 2002, The Grumpy Baker is a cafe and retail bakery that specialises in freshly baked sourdough breads, delicious pastries and muffins, and excellent coffee. Just across the road from the dramatic ocean cliffs along the Federation Cliff Walk, The Grumpy Baker in Vaucluse is a lovely spot to enjoy a coffee in the morning, with the irresistible smell of bread baking as a welcome bonus.

You can also find a Grumpy Baker different locations, such as Castle Cove, Marrickville, Paddington and Maroubra.

The Grumpy Baker in Vaucluse

The Grumpy Baker
767 Old South Head Road
Vaucluse NSW 2030
Google Maps location

8. Fountain Cafe in Alexandria

Specialty brews served in an industrial-chic cafe with exposed-brick walls and high ceilings, the perfect setting to enjoy a top quality cup of coffee. That’s exactly what you can expect at Fountain Cafe in Alexandria.

Not only is the coffee outstanding, Fountain Cafe also offers an attractive breakfast and lunch menu that incorporates locally sourced and ethical produce.

Fountain Cafe in Alexandria

Fountain Cafe
G1/21 Fountain Street
Alexandria NSW 2015
Google Maps location

9. L’eclair Patisserie in Mosman

L’eclair is a little cafe in Mosman that combines the quality of traditional French and Japanese patisseries with a refreshing twist and attention to detail. The coffee here is outstanding and their specialty cakes don’t just look amazing, they also taste delicious.

With friendly service, excellent coffee and delicious cakes, L’eclair Patisserie is definitely worth your visit if you’re on the hunt for the best coffee in sydney.

L'eclair Patisserie in Mosman

L’eclair Patisserie
672 Military road
Mosman NSW 2088
Google Maps location

10. Abattoir Blues in Sydney Olympic Park

Quietly tucked away in a historic 1900’s abattoir building, Abattoir Blues is a great addition to the business district of Sydney Olympic Park.

Abattoir Blues offers a great variety of breakfast and lunch meals, served with authentic friendliness in a pleasantly relaxing atmosphere. If you’re working in the area, Friday afternoons here are a great way to end the week, with a live band and cold beer and wine.

Abattoir Blues in Sydney Olympic Park

Abattoir Blues
Building C
Herb Elliott Avenue
Olympic Park NSW 2127
Google Maps location

Note to awesome Sydney baristas and cafe owners:
If you would like to be featured in our list of best coffee in Sydney, please reach out to us. We will put on our ninja suits and come over to try your coffee, not once but twice. If it blows us away, we’ll be happy to include you.

10 Sydney cafes that serve the best coffee


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