35 Free Things to Do in Sydney (Activities and Places)

Free things to do in Sydney

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the most expensive places to live or spend your holiday.

However, with a near-perfect climate and a great variety of natural sights and unique landmarks on offer, there are also lots of free things to do in Sydney.

To help you save some of your hard-earned dollars, we have compiled a list of our favourite free things to do in Sydney that will spare your wallet.

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21 Romantic Things to Do in Sydney (Date Ideas and Activities)

Romantic things to do in Sydney (21 date ideas)

A complete guide with 21 ideas for romantic things to do in Sydney. Try one of these exciting couple activities for a successful romantic date with your partner.

Sydney is undeniably one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With the Harbour, the iconic tourist attractions, the many beaches, and the numerous walking tracks, Sydney has lots of fun and exciting activities to offer.

All of these great attractions make Sydney also the perfect city to get your romance on and execute the perfect date. Is your girlfriend’s birthday or anniversary coming up, and you’re unsure what to do? Or maybe you need inspiration for romantic couple things to do on Valentine’s Day?

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15 Best Coastal Walks in Sydney

Coastal walks in Sydney

What makes Sydney such a unique city is its amazing coastline and unique Harbour. Beaches, cliffs, rock pools, parks, Sydney’s coastline has it all.

Additionally, the magnificent Sydney Harbour is home to secluded beaches, beautiful bays, historic sites and the iconic headlands.

From Palm Beach in the north to the Royal National Park in the south, Sydney’s coastline includes some of the most scenic coastal walks in the entire country.

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25 Best Lookouts in Sydney with Beautiful Views

Best Sydney lookouts with beautiful views

Explore Sydney’s breathtaking views with our guide to the city’s best lookouts, outlining must-visit locations for panoramic city, Harbour, and ocean views.

With an incredible city skyline, several unique landmarks, and beautiful natural attractions, Sydney has no shortage of scenic lookouts that offer breathtaking views.

What’s more, Sydney has a near-perfect climate, which makes going out to visit these viewpoints a fun and adventurous pastime on a sunny day.

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Bradleys Head Walking Track (From Taronga Zoo Wharf)

Bradleys Head Walking Track

The Bradleys Head Walking Track is a short, family-friendly trail that leads to an iconic landmark in Sydney Harbour with beautiful views to enjoy from start to finish.

This walk starts from the Taronga Zoo ferry wharf and follows the Athol Bay shoreline before arriving at Bradleys Head, where you can spend some time sightseeing.

In this article, we’ll share the highlights of this walk, a detailed map, a quick video, and some guidance on how best to get there.

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7 Best Blue Mountains Day Tours from Sydney

Best Blue Mountains day tours from Sydney

Reviews of seven of the best Blue Mountains day tours, based on value for money, transport, duration, highlights, and tour operator.

The Blue Mountains region is the most popular tourist and weekend getaway destination in Sydney and New South Wales. And one of the most convenient and comfortable ways to enjoy the beauty of this beautiful national park is by joining a professional Blue Mountains tour.

A day tour to the Blue Mountains is a great way to see all the highlights in comfort and style, especially if you’ve never been there before and don’t have your own transport.

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10 Best Dog Friendly Walks in the Blue Mountains

Dog friendly walks in the Blue Mountains

A guide to 10 of the best dog-friendly walks in the Blue Mountains, from short and easy walking trails to more challenging bushwalking tracks.

The Blue Mountains region is Sydney’s most popular destination for weekend recreation activities. Sadly though, our canine friends can not always come with us when we visit the Blue Mountains to go hiking.

As a general rule of thumb, dogs cannot go inside National Parks. But since the Blue Mountains region is not all National Park, there are many walking trails, parks, and other areas where dogs are more than welcome.

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Spit Bridge to Manly Walk (Map and Highlights)

Spit Bridge to Manly Walk

The Spit Bridge to Manly Walk is an iconic 10 km coastal walking trail, featuring beautiful Sydney Harbour beaches, scenic bushland, picturesque bays, and panoramic lookout points.

The walk forms part of the 20 km Manly Scenic Walkway that runs from the Spit Bridge to Manly North Head, and is widely considered one of the best coastal walks in Sydney.

In this article, we’re going to guide you through the many highlights of the Spit to Manly walk, including pictures, insider tips, and a map.

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Where to Stay in the Blue Mountains (10 Best Hotels)

Where to stay in the Blue Mountains (best hotels)

Find out where to stay in the Blue Mountains with this accommodation guide, outlining the best hotels in the most popular towns.

Staying overnight in the Blue Mountains makes the trip to Sydney’s most famous national park even more special.

While most visitors plan day trips to the Blue Mountains, booking overnight accommodation for one or two nights will allow you to take your time and fully enjoy the popular walks and sights.

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8 Best National Parks in Sydney (Complete Guide)

National Parks in Sydney

A guide to the best national parks in Sydney, offering exciting walking tracks, scenic lookout points, beautiful waterfalls, and so much more.

One of the perks of living in Sydney is that it is surrounded by various National Parks, making it easy to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and discover the natural beauty these parks offer.

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Best Coffee in Coogee (Top 5 Cafes)

Best coffee in Coogee (top 5 cafes)

A guide to the best cafes in Coogee where you will never be disappointed with the quality of the coffee being served, tried and tested by our small team of coffee enthusiasts.

Coogee is one of Sydney’s most popular beach suburbs. And while the beach at Coogee is absolutely fantastic, another reason Coogee is such an attractive weekend destination is its vibrant cafe culture.

We’ve done the work for you and have shortlisted the five best cafes to get your much-needed coffee fix in.

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Palona Cave Walk in Royal National Park

Palona Cave Walk

The Palona Cave Walk is a hidden gem in Royal National Park, taking in beautiful rainforest scenery, a large cave, and a small cascade waterfall.

This family-friendly walking trail is one of the lesser-known walks in the Royal National Park, but it has a lot to offer.

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19 Best Royal National Park Walks (Hiking Guide)

Royal National Park walks

Our comprehensive guide to the 19 best walks in Royal National Park, from short and scenic bush trails to challenging half-day coastal hikes.

Located less than an hour away from Sydney, the Royal National Park is one of the most popular and most visited national parks in New South Wales.

From scenic lookout points and pretty waterfalls to beautiful beaches and exciting walking tracks, this 15,000-hectare area has something for everyone.

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7 Best Sydney Harbour Ferry Trips

Best Sydney ferry trips

One of the best ways to experience the beauty of Sydney Harbour is by doing one of the many scenic and practical ferry trips with Sydney Ferries.

We have selected 7 of the best Sydney Harbour ferry rides that offer fantastic views of the Harbour and bring you to exciting destinations.

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Kanangra Walls in Kanangra-Boyd National Park

Kanangra Walls in Kanangra-Boyd National Park

Part of the Greater Blue Mountains, Kanangra-Boyd National Park is a remote wilderness area just under 200 km from Sydney.

This beautiful national park is a real treat for those looking for an escape from the city, with various walking trails, lookout points, and waterfalls to explore.

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20 Best Blue Mountains Walks (Hiking Guide)

Blue Mountains walks

Our comprehensive guide to the 20 best walks in the Blue Mountains, from easy, family-friendly walking trails to challenging half-day hikes.

With so many beautiful walking tracks, the Blue Mountains is a true paradise for bushwalkers, exploring scenic waterfalls, deep valleys, and many lookout points that offer panoramic views.

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14 Best Things to Do in Canberra and Surrounds

Things to do in Canberra

A complete guide to the 14 best things to do in Canberra, from scenic lookouts and world-class museums to beautiful gardens and iconic buildings.

When it comes to exploring Australia, Canberra usually isn’t at the top of the bucket list. Even when it is a destination (and not just a stopover to the snow), it’s often a box-ticking exercise. Capital of Australia? Done. Parliament house? Done. Get lost on a giant roundabout? Done.

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Asgard Swamp and Thor Head Walking Track in the Blue Mountains

Asgard Swamp and Thor Head Walking Track

The walking track to Asgard Swamp, Thor Head, and Asgard Mine, commonly referred to as the Asgard Swamp Track, is an adventurous hike navigating through stunning Blue Mountains scenery.

This quiet walk on the Asgard Plateau passes several interesting sights with fantastic Grose Valley views to enjoy from multiple vantage points.

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8 Best Walking Tracks in Morton National Park

Morton National Park walks

Not as well-known or popular as the Royal National Park or the Blue Mountains, Morton National Park in the Southern Highlands deserves a lot more attention.

Remote wilderness, scenic waterfalls, steep gorges, exciting bushwalking tracks, and panoramic lookout points, Morton National Park has something for everyone. A popular destination for birdwatchers and photographers, the park is a huge sanctuary for a great variety of wildlife. Bowerbirds, lyrebirds, eagles, falcons, and ground parrots are all happy residents of Morton National Park.

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