8 Best Walking Tracks in Bouddi National Park

Last updated: September 25, 2020

Bouddi National Park may not be on top of everyone’s list when looking for new walking tracks to explore. But this 15 km2 national park is actually home to some very pretty and unique bush and coastal walks.

Established in 1967 as a National Park, Bouddi was named after the local Aboriginal name of the area. There are still lots of Aboriginal sites to be found in the park, such as middens, engravings, and rock shelters.

The park has a very distinct landscape, with thriving bushland, sandstone cliffs, beautiful coastal paths, and long, isolated beaches. What’s great is that some of these beaches can only be reached via walking tracks.

Top 8 Bouddi National Park Walks:
Bouddi Coastal Walk8 km (one way)Moderate
Mount Bouddi Walking Track2.4 km (return)Easy / moderate
Little Beach Trail1.5 km (return)Easy
Rocky Point Trail2 km (return)Easy
Maitland Bay Track3.6 km (return)Moderate
Bullimah Spur Track2.4 km (return)Easy
Box Head Track3.2 km (return)Easy
Daleys Point Fire Trail3.2 km (return)Easy

8 Best Bouddi National Park Walks

Here are 8 of our favourite walking tracks in Bouddi National Park, ranging from an easy 1.5 km to a more challenging 8 km in length.

If you prefer an even longer hike, it’s possible to combine some of the below walks, as they are all located close together.

1. Bouddi Coastal Walk

Enjoy 8 kilometres of quiet beaches, lookout points, boardwalks, and panoramic ocean views, as you hike from Putty Beach to MacMasters Beach along the coast of Bouddi National Park.

Gerrin Point Lookout along the Bouddi Coastal Walk

Highlights of this classic Central Coast walking track are the Gerrin Point Lookout, Maitland Bay and Bullimah Beach.

If 8km is a bit too much, this walk can easily be divided into three smaller sections: MacMasters Beach to Little Beach, Little Beach to Maitland Bay and Maitland Bay to Putty Beach.

Bouddi Coastal Walk
Distance:8 km (one way)
Time:4 hours

2. Mount Bouddi Walking Track

The short but pretty Mount Bouddi walking track starts at the Mount Bouddi (Dingeldei) picnic area and guides you through beautiful bushland to the Bouddi Lookout, offering great views of Maitland Bay.

Mount Bouddi Walk

This walking track connects with the Bouddi Coastal Walk and the Maitland Bay track. If you’re feeling energetic, you could return to the picnic area via the Maitland Bay track and the Strom trail, which would probably take an extra hour.

Mount Bouddi Walking Track
Distance:2.4 km (return)
Time:1.5 hours
Grade:Easy / moderate

3. Little Beach Trail

The short walking trail to Little Beach (map) takes you though a peaceful stretch of rainforest and over a little bridge all the way to the sand and rocks of Little Beach.

Little Beach in Bouddi National Park

While perhaps not the best spot to swim, Little Beach is great for exploring and relaxing with a picnic.

There are also several camping spots available right behind the beach with excellent BBQ facilities. The Bouddi Coastal walks also runs past Little Beach.

Little Beach Trail
Distance:1.5 km (return)
Time:1 hour

4. Rocky Point Trail to Allen Strom Lookout

The Allen Strom Lookout (map) faces west, offering scenic, panoramic views over Hardys Bay and Brisbane Water.

Allen Strom Lookout in Bouddi National Park

The Rocky Point trail that takes you to the lookout is an easy 2km return walk through bush and woodland that is also very popular as a beginner cycling track.

This is by no means a hugely spectacular walking track, but it’s great for young children and the lookout is very rewarding. You can park your car on Wards Hill Road at the intersection with Maitland Bay Drive.

Rocky Point Trail
Distance:2 km (return)
Time:1 hour

5. Maitland Bay Track

The Maitland Bay track is a short but steep bushwalk that winds its way down from the Bouddi National Park Information Centre to the stunning beach of Maitland Bay through beautiful rainforest.

Maitland Bay in Bouddi National Park

While the track down to the beach may be very easy, the return trip is actually quite hard with some very steep sections.

Once you’ve set foot on the yellow sand of the beach, it’s recommended to venture out further east towards Bouddi Point where you can discover the remains of an old shipwreck.

Maitland Bay Track
Distance:1.8 km (return)
Distance to Bouddi Point:3.6 km (return)
Time:1.5 hours
Grade:Moderate (steep)

6. Bullimah Spur Track

Just like the Maitland Bay track, the Bullimah Spur track also starts at the Bouddi National Park information centre but heads south towards the Bullimah Lookout.

The exciting walking track meanders through bushland with the occasional glimpses of Maitland Bay in the distance.

Bullimah Lookout in Bouddi National Park

The views from the lookout over Broken Bay, Palm Beach, and Lion Island are absolutely stunning and very much worth the effort.

Parking is available at the Information Centre on Scenic Road. From there, follow the Maitland Bay track for only a few metres which then branches out into the Bullimah Spur track.

Bullimah Spur Track
Distance:2.4 km (return)
Time:1 hour

7. Box Head Track

The 3.2km Box Head track winds its way down through bushland towards the ocean, similar to the Maitland Bay track.

Box Head Lookout

In this case though, the destination is the popular Box Head lookout located at the southernmost tip of the Bouddi National Park peninsula.

From the lookout the panoramic views of Broken Pay, the Hawkesbury River, and the Barrenjoey Headland are amazing.

Box Head Track
Distance:3.2 km (return)
Time:1.5 hours

8. Daleys Point Fire Trail

The start of the Daleys Point fire trail is very close to where the Rocky Point trail starts. It’s best to park your car on Wards Hill Road at the intersection with Maitland Bay Dr, and then make your way north west towards the Daleys Point lookout.

This easy 3.2 km return trip takes you past several Aboriginal engraving sites, with large sandstone drawings clearly visible at the end of the walking track.

From Daleys Point you can enjoy scenic views over Cockle Bay Nature Reserve, Rileys Island and Brisbane Water.

Daleys Point Fire Trail
Distance:3.2 km (return)
Time:1.5 hours

How to Get to Bouddi National Park

Located on the southern point of the New South Wales Central Coast near Gosford and Woy Woy, Bouddi National Park is an excellent weekend getaway destination, with lots of opportunities for hiking, swimming, fishing, camping and cycling.

Bouddi National Park can be easily accessed via the M1 Pacific Motorway. You can either head into the park via Gosford (Central Coast Hwy and Avoca Dr), or via Woy Woy (Woy Woy Rd and Empire Bay Dr).

The Scenic Road runs right through Bouddi National Park and gets you to most of the walking and cycling tracks.

The Maitland Bay information centre is located at 227-231 The Scenic Rd in Killcare Heights (map), from where you can start several walking tracks such as the Maitland Bay track and the Bullimah Spur track.

Most of these walks also connect with the Bouddi Coastal walk. Enjoy!


Best walks in Bouddi National Park

  1. The Bouddi Coastal walk is one of the best walks around Sydney, and one of my favourite walks.

    For a shorter walk, take the Bullimah Spur track, which has great views over Maitland Bay, as well as across to Putty Beach. Continue past Bullimah Outlook and down to the Bouddi Coastal Track. You can then return via Maitland Bay to the car park.

  2. The Maitland Bay Track is a great walk, yes it is a bit steep but the reward of reaching the Bay is worth it. Plenty of parking is available near the Information Centre too. Highly recommend.

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