Box Head Walking Track in Bouddi National Park

Last updated: February 6, 2022

The short and easy Box Head Track in Bouddi National Park meanders through scenic bushland towards the Box Head lookout, offering panoramic views of Broken Bay, Lion Island, the Hawkesbury River and the Barrenjoey Headland.

There is an option to extend this walk by doing a short detour to beautiful Lobster Beach via the Flannel Flower walking track.

Box Head Track
Distance: 3.2 km (return)
Duration: 1.5 hours (including stops)
Grade: Easy (sections with rough surface)
Dogs: Not allowed

How to Get to Box Head

Situated in Bouddi National Park on the Central Coast, Box Head is a large headland that marks the northern entry point to Broken Bay and the Hawkesbury River.

It was named that way because the headland actually looks like a large box as viewed from the ocean.

Box Head
Box Head

Driving to Box Head from Sydney is a bit of a hassle, as you will need to go north via Gosford and then south towards the southern tip of the Bouddi National Park peninsula.

This part of the Central Coast is quite scenic though, which makes the drive actually quite enjoyable.

Start of the Box Head Walk
Start of the Box Head Walk

To get to the starting point of the Box Head walking track, turn into Hawke Head Drive in Hardys Bay. Follow this road until you reach a small car park at a large signpost. Here is link to the exact map location.

Be mindful that the last stretch of Hawk Head Drive is actually a dirt road with a few challenges, but it is still manageable with a normal 2WD car.

Box Head Walking Track

From the car park, follow the walking track past the Bouddi National Park Tallow Beach sign and walk around the gate further up the trail.

Track to the Box Head Lookout
Track to the Box Head Lookout

The track arrives at an intersection where you can choose to turn right to visit Lobster Beach (see further below) or to turn left to continue to the Box Head Lookout.

This intersection is followed by another intersection for Tallow Beach and Box Head. Simply veer right at this point and follow the track until it reaches a rocky area.

Scenic views from Box Head
Scenic views from Box Head

From this point on, the trail continues through bushland and patches of heath, until it reaches the edge of the cliff line leading all the way to the lookout point.

As you get closer to the Box Head Lookout, the views of Tallow Beach, Little Tallow Beach and Maitland Bay on the left are absolutely amazing.

Box Head Lookout

The trail ultimately ends right at the tip of Box Head where the lookout offers breathtaking views of Broken Bay, the Barrenjoey Headland, and Lion Island.

Box Head Lookout in Bouddi National Park
Grab a seat and soak in the views

There is a bench at the lookout where you can have a well deserved rest while soaking in the beautiful surroundings and views.

Lion Island as seen from Box Head
Lion Island as seen from Box Head

Things to Do Nearby

After completing the walk to the Box Head Lookout, it’s worth exploring the area a bit further.

1. Lobster Beach via Flannel Flower Walking Track

If the weather is nice, it’s highly recommended to visit Lobster Beach via the Flannel Flower walking track. The start of this 1.5km (one way) walk is at the intersection close to the Box Head car park.

This easy bushwalk through a forest of red gum trees offers great views of Broken Bay and the beaches nearby.

Lobster Beach itself is a beautiful 300m secluded strip of sand facing Brisbane Water with Umina and Pearl Beach on the other side.

Lobster Beach
Visit Lobster Beach

Alternatively, you can drive to High View Road in Pretty Beach (accessible via Hardys Bay) and park your car close to a sign that says “Lobster Beach walking track”.

From there it’s a pleasant 15 minute walk to the beach up and down a well maintained walking path trough bushland.

2. Hardys Bay

After all that walking and swimming, it’s time for a well-deserved meal and a coffee.

While there are various nice places to visit nearby, Hardys Bay in particular is a great spot for breakfast or lunch.

Hardys Bay
Have lunch in Hardys Bay

Facing Brisbane Water, Hardys Bay is home to a few cafes and bistros where you can enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner, or otherwise just a nice warm coffee or a refreshing cold drink.


Follow Hawke Head Drive until you reach a small car park.

The start of the Box Head walking track is at the Bouddi National Park sign.

Map and route of the Box Head track


Box Head Track in Bouddi National Park


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