Bullimah Spur Track in Bouddi National Park

The Bullimah Spur Track is a short bushwalking trail in Bouddi National Park that leads to a beautiful ocean-facing lookout.

It’s a relatively easy walk starting from the Maitland Bay Information Centre, suitable for all ages and fitness levels, with more walks and lookouts nearby to make a day of it.

Keep reading to learn more about this enjoyable hike, its highlights, how to get there, and where best to park your car.

Bullimah Spur Track
Distance: 2.4 km return
Duration: 1 hour (depending on stops)
Grade: Easy to moderate (uneven surface)
Dogs: Not allowed
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How to Get There

The Bullimah Spur Track is located in the southern part of the Central Coast, a 90-minute drive from the Sydney CBD.

Parking for this walking track is available at the Maitland Bay Information Centre located at the intersection of Maitland Bay Drive and The Scenic Road in Killcare Heights (see map location).

The easiest way to get there from the M1 Motorway is via Woy Woy Road to Woy Woy, followed by Empire Bay Drive in Empire Bay, and Maitland Bay Drive to the Information Centre.

Once you’ve parked your car, look for the Maitland Bay signpost, which marks the start of the Bullimah Spur Track and also the Maitland Bay Track.


Below is a map of this walk, starting from the Maitland Bay Information Centre and finishing at the Bullimah Outlook.

Map of the Bullimah Spur Track

Bullimah Spur Track Notes

As mentioned, this 2.4 km return walking track is relatively easy, but it does include sections with uneven surfaces and a bit of rock scrambling.

It’s a walk that is suitable for all ages, but if you bring children with you, do keep an eye on them, particularly at the unfenced lookouts.

Bullimah Spur Junction

Once you’ve parked your car, it’s time to start this exciting walk.

Start of the Bullimah Spur Track

Look for the Bouddi National Park and Maitland Bay signpost and head straight into the bush from there.

The first few hundred metres are part of the Maitland Bay Track, but then the Bullimah Spur Track branches off to the right at the signposted junction.

Bullimah Spur junction
Bullimah Spur junction

From that junction, the walking track heads south along the hillside, away from Maitland Bay.

After conquering a few large boulders, the walking path meanders through a beautiful forest of gum trees.

Bullimah Spur walking track
Walking track through the bush

The trail then continues along the ridge through scenic bushland towards the sea on an easy-to-follow and reasonably flat path.

Bullimah Outlook

Approximately 1 km into the walk, you will notice a couple of sandstone outcrops left of the walking path.

It’s worth exploring these rocky landings a bit more because the views from those spots of Maitland Bay and beyond are absolutely stunning.

Maitland Bay views from Bullimah Spur
Views of Maitland Bay

The trail continues down the ridge until it finally arrives at the Bullimah Outlook, a fantastic lookout point that offers incredible views to the east and the south.

Bullimah Outlook
Putty Beach views from the Bullimah Outlook

Putty Beach looks incredible from up high, but if you look beyond the beach, you may be able to identify Box Head, Broken Bay, and even the Palm Beach peninsula.

Bullimah Beach

The Bullimah Outlook marks the end of the Bullimah Spur Track. Or does it?

There is, in fact, a way to climb down the cliff, reaching the Bouddi Coastal Walk and Bullimah Beach. This adventure would mean completing a steep descent with some rock scrambling involved.

This appears to be quite a risky undertaking, and we don’t recommend it unless you’re an experienced and fit hiker.

There are a couple of easier and safer ways to reach Bullimah Beach and the Bouddi Coastal Walk:

  1. Putty Beach Campground:
    The easiest way is to drive to the Putty Beach Campground, and start the Bouddi Coastal Walk from Putty Beach. Bullimah Beach, and also the Gerrin Point Lookout, are less than 1 km away from the campground.
  2. Maitland Bay:
    You can also do the Maitland Bay Track, which connects with the Bouddi Coastal Walk. This hike would be a bit longer and more challenging than the Putty Beach Campground option.
Have a look at our list of Bouddi National Park walks for more great hiking ideas in this beautiful area north of Sydney.

Bullimah Spur Track in Bouddi National Park


Published: April 21, 2022
Updated: December 24, 2023

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