Discover Cahill’s Lookout near Katoomba in the Blue Mountains

Last updated: January 18, 2021

Overlooking the gigantic Megalong Valley, Cahill’s Lookout is one of the most impressive lookouts in the Blue Mountains, but without the big tourist crowds.

Quietly tucked away along the westernmost point of Cliff Drive, the lookout offers breathtaking views of the valley, Megalong Head, Boars Head Rock and the Narrow Neck Peninsula.

Cahill’s Lookout Walk
Distance: 500m (one way)
Duration: 20 minutes
Grade: Easy
Dogs: On a lead

How to Get There

It’s no surprise that the Cahill’s Lookout is overlooked by most tourists and visitors to the Blue Mountains. Looking at the map, it’s easy to understand why it’s not the easiest of lookouts to find.

From the Great Western Highway, head into Katoomba via Parke St, Bathurst Rd and Katoomba st. Turn right into Katoomba Falls Rd which changes into Cliff Drive.

Continue on past Katoomba Cascades, Scenic World and Narrow Neck Lookout. Make a left turn into a smaller road that continues as Cliff Drive before the main road changes into Narrow Neck Road.

The walking track to the lookout is only a few hundred metres away from this intersection. There is a small car park at the start of the walking track, with additional free street parking available nearby.

Cahill's Lookout walking track
Walking path to Cahill’s Lookout

If you’re driving in from Blackheath, turn into Bathurst Rd from the Great Western Highway. Turn right into Valley Rd which changes into Narrow Neck Rd.

Turn right into Cliff Drive and follow until you get to the Cahill’s Lookout car park.


Cahill’s Lookout

The Cahill’s Lookout was named after John Joseph Cahill, Labor Party Premier of New South Wales in the 1950’s, responsible for the approval of construction on the Sydney Opera House.

A short but scenic 500m walking track beings visitors to this beautiful lookout, which consists of one large viewing platform and two smaller ones on each side.

Boars Head Lookout
Boars Head Lookout

The walk also passes the Boars Head Lookout, from where you can can enjoy views of a unique rock formation that resembles, you guessed it, a boar’s head.

And it actually does, with a healthy dose of imagination.

Views of Boars Head Rock
Views of Boars Head Rock

There are two things that make the Cahill’s Lookout unique compared to most other lookout points in the area.

Firstly, despite the fact that this lookout is one of the prettiest lookout points in the Blue Mountains, the big crowds haven’t yet discovered this magnificent spot. Which is great, because it allows visitors to really enjoy the serenity of the area.

Megalong Valley views from Cahill's Lookout
Megalong Valley

Secondly, unlike lookouts such as Echo Point and Lincoln’s Rock that overlook the Jamison Valley, Cahill’s Lookout faces the Megalong Valley, which provides a somewhat different scenery.

The Narrow Neck Peninsula, clearly visible from the viewing platform, is the plateau in the middle that divides the two large valleys.

Nearby Cahill’s Lookout

Besides the major tourist attractions in the Katoomba area, there are a few other interesting sights and tracks close to the Cahill’s Lookout that are worth mentioning.

1. Boars Head Rock

About a hundred metres away from the entrance to the Cahill’s Lookout is the starting point of a short walking track to Boars Head Rock.

Boars Head Rock
Boars Head Rock

Look out for a small sign that says Boars Head climbing area. As the sign suggests, this is a popular spot for abseiling and rock climbing, where climbers can descend upto 200m into Megalong Valley.

Please note that there is no fencing around Boars Head, so it’s strongly recommended to stay well away from the cliff edge.

2. Narrow Neck Lookout

The Narrow Neck Lookout offers scenic views of the Narrow Neck Peninsula, a large plateau that separates the Megalong Valley from the Jamison Valley.

Narrow Neck Lookout
Narrow Neck Lookout

Only a short drive away from Cahill’s Lookout, along Cliff Drive, the Narrow Neck lookout point is essentially located right in front of the peninsula.

3. Ruined Castle Walk

Starting at the famous Golden Stairs, the Ruined Castle Walk is an exciting bushwalking track to one of the most unique landmarks in the Blue Mountains.

The Ruined Castle is in fact visible from the Cahill’s Lookout, situated right in the middle between Narrow Neck’s Castle Head and Mount Solitary.

To get to the starting point of this walking track, turn into Glenraphael Drive from Cliff Drive, just past Narrow Neck Lookout.


Follow Cliff Drive past Katoomba Cascades, Scenic World and Narrow Neck Lookout. Make a left turn into a smaller road that continues as Cliff Drive before the main road changes into Narrow Neck Road.

A small car park is located at the start of the short walking track to Cahill’s Lookout.

The official address of Cahill’s Lookout:

258-276 Cliff Drive
Katoomba NSW 2780

Map of Cahill's Lookout in the Blue Mountains

Cahill's Lookout near Katoomba

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