Charles Darwin Walk to Wentworth Falls

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The short but scenic Charles Darwin Walk follows Jamison Creek all the way to the top of Wentworth Falls with a few smaller waterfalls and creek crossings along the way.

Well managed and equipped with several bridges and boardwalks, this easy and popular walking track is suitable for all ages.

Charles Darwin Walk
Distance:2.4 km (one way)
Time:1 – 1.5 hours (including stops)

How to Get There

The beauty of the Charles Darwin walking track is that it connects the train station in the village of Wentworth Falls with the actual waterfall. This is great if you don’t have access to a car and want to visit Wentworth Falls by public transport.

From the train station, head towards Wilson Park situated on the other side of the Great Western Highway. A very recognisable arch-shaped entrance marks the start of the Charles Darwin walk.

If you’re travelling by car, there is lots of free street parking available along Falls Road, just after the exit from the Great Western Highway. Falls Road continues on to the Wentworth Falls picnic area.

Charles Darwin Walk Track Notes

The walking track was named after Charles Darwin to commemorate his inland journey in 1836 when he crossed the Blue Mountains on his way to Bathurst.

Charles Darwin plaque

He discovered the unique beauty of Wentworth Falls as he was following Jamison Creek towards the valley further south.

Starting at the big arch in Wilson Park near the tennis courts, the Charles Darwin walk follows Jamison Creek to the Weeping Rock and Queen’s Cascades, both very close to the top of Wentworth Falls.

The first section of the walking track is an easy and pleasant stroll through unpretentious but beautiful surroundings.

Beautiful surroundings along the Charles Darwin walking path

Several creek crossings, boardwalks and bridges guide hikers through this peaceful area, an area that is undergoing extensive bush regeneration to remove weed species and promote native plant regeneration.

Weeping Rock

Weeping Rock is a small but pretty waterfall on Jamison Creek, named so because the creek falls over a wide rocky overhang before it cascades down into a pool.

The track navigates alongside the waterfall via a staircase, offering hikers lovely views of the falls from close by.

Jamison Creek waterfall

Queen’s Cascades

The Queen’s Cascades are a set of small waterfalls right above Wentworth Falls. This is where the walking track crosses Jamison Creek before the water tumbles down into Jamison Valley.

The small waterfalls that form Queen’s Cascades drop into a natural pool behind the stepping stones.

From there, the water continues to flow between the stepping stones before it forms the impressive waterfall known as Wentworth Falls.

Top of Wentworth Falls
Top of Wentworth Falls

Rocket Point Lookout

Once you’ve reached the top of Wentworth Falls, it’s worth extending your hiking adventure by visiting the Rocket Point Lookout.

This quiet lookout can be accessed via a short circuit trail starting at the waterfall.

Rocket Point Lookout
Rocket Point Lookout

After crossing Jamison Creek above the waterfall, follow the Rocket Point Circuit sign at the intersection to get to the lookout.

It’s a very easy 20 minutes walk and the views of both the waterfall and the Jamison Valley are absolutely amazing.

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The start of the Charles Darwin walk is at Wilson Park. Free street parking is available along Falls Road just after the exit from the Great Western Highway.

The train station is only a short stroll away from the walking track which is perfect for those visiting Wentworth Falls by public transport.


Charles Darwin walk and Rocket Point Lookout

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