Cremorne Point Circuit Walk in Sydney Harbour

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The Cremorne Point Walk is an easy 3km foreshore circuit trail in the lower north shore with beautiful views across Mosman Bay, Sydney Harbour and the city skyline.

Discover Robertsons Point Lighthouse, Cremorne Reserve and the MacCallum swimming pool as you wander past picturesque gardens and impressive old mansions, only a short ferry trip away from Circular Quay.

Cremorne Point Circuit Walk
Distance:3 km (circuit)
Time:1.5 hours
Dogs:On a lead

How to Get to Cremorne Point

Lots of street parking is available in the northern part of Cremorne Point, such as Hodgson Avenue and Milson Road.

But please, catch a ferry, it’s much more fun! The ferry is by far the best way to get to Cremorne Point.

Cremorne Point foreshore
Cremorne Point foreshore

It’s a short but scenic trip from Circular Quay to the other side of the Harbour. Take advantage of the $2.80 public transport cap on Sundays with your Opal Card.

Alternatively, various bus routes (numbers 180, 225) depart from the city (Wynyard) heading to Cremorne Point.

Cremorne Point Walk

Located only 6km from the Sydney CBD, Cremorne Point is a leafy harbourside suburb in the lower north shore.

It was named after the mid 19th century Cremorne Gardens, a large amusement park that organised activities such as live music, dancing, archery, a shooting gallery, gymnastics and fireworks.

The southern tip of Cremorne Point is called Robertsons Point where you can see the lighthouse from close-by.

Cremorne Point circuit walk
Cremorne Point circuit walk

The best way to explore the beauty of this quiet little peninsula is to do the Cremorne Point Circuit Walk that follows the picturesque foreshore of Cremorne Point (see map further below).

The circuit walk officially starts and ends at the Cremorne Point Wharf with a little detour to Cremorne Reserve and the Robertons Point Lookout. Simply follow the 3km trail clockwise (or anti-clockwise) and within 90 minutes you’ll be back at the wharf.

If you’re driving, it’s best to park on the streets in the northern part of Cremorne Point and start the trail from Hodgson or Bogota Avenue.

1. Cremorne Point Ferry Wharf

The old ferry wharf at Cremorne Point was struck by disaster in June 2007 when it partially sank during vicious storms.

It reopened in September 2007 but it was decided to build a new, modern wharf to meet modern safety standards. The new ferry wharf opened for business in February 2015.

Cremorne Point ferry wharf
Cremorne Point ferry wharf

There’s a little cafe at the wharf called Sophie’s Place with quite an interesting history. According to Monument Australia, the original owner of the cafe, Sophie Vaillant, used to sell coffee at the wharf in the 1990’s with her espresso machine. She turned her little coffee business into a cafe popular with the locals.

In 2009 a plaque was dedicated to Sophie Vaillant and her work after she died in November 2008. The inscription reads “she made her cafe a meeting place for our community”.

2. Cremorne Reserve

Before starting the circuit trail, make sure you stroll through Cremorne Reserve located right next to the wharf. Only 30 metres wide, Cremorne Reserve is a pleasant mix of bush, ornamental gardens, cliffs and chunks of sandstone.

The walking path that cuts through the middle of the reserve brings you to the Robertsons Point Lighthouse from where you can enjoy great views across the Harbour.

The reserve also houses a large playground where locals and visitors can meet, socialise and enjoy outdoor recreation in a great setting, with lots of natural shade provided by the trees.

3. Robertsons Point Lighthouse

Robertsons Point, the most southern tip of Cremorne Point, was named after James Robertson, the first European settler to own land there in the the early 19th century. James was the father of John Robertson, the 5th Premier of New South Wales.

Robertsons Point Lighthouse
Robertsons Point Lighthouse

Very similar in appearance as the lighthouse at Bradleys Head, the Robertson Point Lighthouse was constructed in 1910 and is still active today.

You can’t get into the lighthouse, but you can actually get very close by climbing down the small ladder that is attached to the rocks. Please be careful if you’re planning to use this ladder, especially with windy conditions.

4. Mosman Bay

Leaving Cremorne Reserve and Robertsons Point behind, the Cremorne Point Circuit walk can now begin. Simply walk back towards the wharf and follow the shoreline going north.

Surrounded by the quiet waters of Mosman Bay and Shell Cove, the Cremorne Point shoreline guides you past beautiful gardens, impressive mansions and historic ferry wharves and offers scenic harbour views.

Cremorne Point real estate
Beautiful mansions in Cremorne Point

Keep following the path north – past the Sydney Amateur Sailing Club and the Old Cremorne Wharf – until you have to make a left turn into Hodgson and Bogota Avenues from where you can return south along the eastern side of the trail.

5. MacCallum Pool

The biggest point of interest on this side is the famous MacCallum swimming pool where you can swim laps against the backdrop of the Sydney CBD skyline and the Harbour Bridge.

Originally built as a rock pool by Olympic swimmer Fred Lane in the early 20th century, local resident Hugh MacCallum improved and looked after the pool in years to come.

Maccallum Pool
Maccallum Pool

In 1930 the North Sydney Council took ownership of the pool and officially named it the Hugh MacCallum Pool in recognition of his great work.

Now named the MacCallum pool, the 33m harbour-side swimming pool has a very pleasant heritage atmosphere.

The MacCallum pool is free for everyone to enjoy but it closes regularly for cleaning. If you would like to go for a swim, it’s best to check the North Sydney council website for the cleaning timetable and other practical information.

City views from Cremorne Point

Map and Route

The Cremorne Point Walk starts and ends at the ferry wharf so the best way to get to Cremorne Point is to catch the ferry from Circular Quay.

Before you start the circuit walk, make sure you do a little detour into Cremorne Reserve to the Robertsons Point Lighthouse.

Cremorne Point walk map and route


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Cremorne Point walk

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