Visit Dangar Falls on the Bielsdown River in Dorrigo

Last updated: February 28, 2023

Quietly tucked away in a scenic agricultural setting, Dangar Falls is a 30m high cascade waterfall on the Bielsdown River in Dorrigo.

A short but relatively steep walking track leads down to the river, where visitors can go for a swim in the beautiful waterhole at the waterfall’s base.

Keep reading to find out how to get there, how to walk to the base, and other things to see and do nearby.

How to Get There

Dangar Falls is located approximately 2 km north of the Dorrigo town centre.

To get there, turn into Hickory Street from the Waterfall Way, followed by Vine Street, and continue on Coramba Road all the way to the car park (see map location).

There is a reasonably sized car park next to the Dangar Falls lookout platform where you should be able to find a parking spot.

Map of Dangar Falls in Dorrigo

About Dangar Falls

Only a short drive away from the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, Dangar Falls is an impressive 30m high waterfall, set in an unlikely agricultural landscape.

The last thing you’d expect to see in this seemingly flat landscape is a waterfall thundering down on the Bielsdown River.

Dangar Falls in Dorrigo

Dangar Falls is one of the most popular sights along the Waterfall Way, and it’s not difficult to see why.

A new viewing platform (much bigger than the old one) was built a few years ago next to the waterfall, offering fantastic views of the water spectacle.

Once you’re there, it becomes immediately clear why Dangar Falls is such a popular attraction. The sheer beauty of this cascade waterfall with the natural swimming hole at the base is incredible.

Dangar Falls on the Bielsdown River in Dorrigo
Dangar Falls

While Dangar Falls may not be the highest waterfall along the Waterfall Way, it’s very much an amazing and unique waterfall to see from close by.

What makes Dangar Falls so special is that it’s quite a wide waterfall. It also consistently drops large amounts of water into the waterhole, creating this beautiful noise that is music to the ears of nature enthusiasts.

The area around the lookout tends to get quite busy on the weekends, with excellent facilities such as BBQs, tables, toilets, and picnic spots.

Accommodation is also available close to the car park at the Dangar Falls Lodge, if you wish to stay there and be close to other attractions nearby.

Dangar Falls, Dangars Falls, Danger Falls, or Dorrigo Falls?
The name Dangar Falls is often mixed up with Dangars Falls, a waterfall south of Armidale (see map location). This waterfall is located in the rural locality of Dangarsleigh.
Dangars is popular for its tranquil bush setting around a large gorge with a campground. There are also walking tracks in the area, such as the McDirtys walking track.
You may also find sources that refer to this waterfall as Danger Falls, but that is obviously just an innocent spelling mistake.
Sometimes Dangar Falls is also called Dorrigo Falls, and while this name is not correct either, it does refer to the same waterfall we’re talking about in this article.

Walking Track to the Base

A short walking trail brings visitors all the way to the base of Dangar Falls, with even better views and excellent photo opportunities.

The start of this well-maintained walking track is not too far away from the car park and the lookout platform.

Base of Dangar Falls
Base of Dangar Falls

While it does have some steep and slippery parts, it’s perfectly suitable for small children. The total return trip is less than 1.5 km and can be completed within 45 minutes.

Bring your swimmers on a warm day because the waterhole at the base of the falls is a popular swimming spot during the summer months. The temptation to jump in is hard to resist!

Dangar Falls is one of the many beautiful sights along the popular Waterfall Way. Another scenic waterfall that is close by is Crystal Shower Falls, which you can access via the family-friendly Wonga walking track.

Dangar Falls in Dorrigo NSW

  1. We have been to see the Dangar Waterfall today. It is really beautiful, a great place to visit. I am trying to find the phone number for the Dangar Waterfall gift shop please.

    • Hi Jill, glad to hear you enjoyed Dangar Falls! We are not aware of any gift shop at the waterfall but you could try the Dorrigo Rainforest Centre, which also has a souvenir and gift section. Their number is 02 6657 5913.

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