Visit Ebor Falls on the Guy Fawkes River

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Ebor Falls is a spectacular cascade waterfall that consists of two major drops on the Guy Fawkes River in Northern New South Wales.

It is one of the most famous sights on the Waterfall Way, a scenic drive passing through New England and Dorrigo national parks.

How to Get to Ebor Falls

Coming from Armidale or Wollomombi Falls, follow Grafton Rd and Waterfall Way towards Ebor. Turn left into Ebor Falls Rd and follow until you get to the car park.

If you’re driving in from Dorrigo, simply follow the Waterfall Way until you make a right turn into Ebor Falls Rd.

Ebor Falls

Ebor Falls is where the Guy Fawkes River plunges more than 100m deep into a gorge via two impressive waterfalls.

Around Ebor Falls are several picnic areas, lookout points and also a walking track that make this a very popular weekend destination.

Ebor Falls
Ebor Falls

The Ebor Falls landscape was created by lava spewed by the Ebor volcano millions of years ago. When you look at the waterfalls closely, you can clearly see the unique lava rock formations and basalt columns.

In September 2008, two new lookout platforms were opened that offer amazing views of both the upper and lower falls.

Check out this video for some great footage of Ebor Falls:

Walking Track and Lookouts

There are two main car parks at Ebor Falls. The first car park is right next to the main viewing platform where you can see the upper falls from very close by.

The second car park is around 1km further west from where you can enjoy views of the lower falls, but also of the surrounding Guy Fawkes River National Park.

Lower Ebor Falls
Lower Ebor Falls

The two car parks are connected via an easy and pleasant walking trail that follows the edge of the escarpment above the Guy Fawkes River.

Instead of driving to the second lookout, it’s highly recommended to follow this walking track and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

While the main lookout platform at the upper falls brings you very close to the water spectacle, the best views of both the lower and upper falls can be enjoyed from the second lookout platform.

From there you can truly see the magnitude of Lower Ebor Falls with Upper Ebor Falls in the background. Especially after a period of rainfall, the views are spectacular.

Ebor Falls on the Guy Fawkes River

The walking track continues a little further to a third lookout point that offers panoramic views of the National Park.

Ebor Falls Map

There are two free car park at Ebor Falls. One at the upper falls and a smaller one at the lower falls.

In the map below, the two main lookouts are marked with an “X” and the two car parks are marked with a “P”. It is recommended to park at one of them and follow the scenic walking track between the two waterfalls.

Please note that the walking track actually connects with the Waterfall Way.

Map of Ebor Falls

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Ebor Falls on the Guy Fawkes River

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