Fletchers Lookout and Weeping Rock Circuit in Wentworth Falls

Last updated: April 23, 2024

The Weeping Rock Circuit, starting from the Wentworth Falls picnic area car park, is a pleasant 1.5 km walking trail that passes several lookout points and small waterfalls.

The main lookout point on this track, the Fletchers Lookout, offers fantastic views of the waterfall and the Jamison Valley.

This short walk can be best combined with one or more other walks in the Wentworth Falls area of the Blue Mountains.

Weeping Rock Circuit
Distance: 1.5 km (return walk from car park)
Duration: 1 hour
Grade: Easy
Dogs: Not allowed

How to Get There

The walk to Fletchers Lookout and the Weeping Rock Circuit starts from the car park at the Wentworth Falls Picnic Area.

To get there, turn into Falls Road from the Great Western Highway and drive to the end, where the road evolves into Sir H Burrell Drive. That is where the reasonably sized car park is located.

If you’re travelling by train, the Weeping Rock Circuit can also be accessed via the Charles Darwin Walk which starts from Wilson Park close to the station.

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Track Notes

The family-friendly walking trail to Fletchers Lookout and Weeping Rock is a very easy walk that is mostly flat but does have a few sets of stairs to climb.

Below is a map of this walking trail starting from the car park with the following highlights marked:

  1. Fletchers Lookout
  2. Queens Cascades
  3. Weeping Rock

Map of Fletchers Lookout and Weeping Rock

Start of the Walk

Once you’ve parked your car at the picnic area, make your way to the pedestrian path alongside Sir H Burrell Drive.

Before the trail heads into the bush a few hundred metres further away, it passes two scenic lookout points that both offer far-reaching Jamison Valley views.

Wentworth Falls Lookout
Wentworth Falls Lookout

Both Jamison Lookout and Wentworth Falls Lookout are very much worth exploring before continuing on the trail to the Fletchers Lookout.

At the Wentworth Falls Lookout, the trail goes into the bush and soon arrives at the Wentworth Falls Track and Weeping Rock intersection.

1. Fletchers Lookout

This is where the Weeping Rock Circuit essentially starts, and it doesn’t really matter if you turn left or right at this junction because it’s a small circuit walk.

In this article, however, we’re going to make a right turn to first explore the Fletchers Lookout, which is about 50 metres away after passing another junction.

Fletchers Lookout
Fletchers Lookout

The Fletchers Lookout is quite small and narrow, but the views of the top of the waterfall and the panoramic views over Jamison Valley and the surrounding escarpments are superb.

Once you’ve finished admiring the incredible views from the Fletchers Lookout, retrace your steps to the previous junction and turn right following signs for the Wentworth Falls Track.

2. Queens Cascades

At the next junction, we’re going to do another very short detour to see the Queens Cascades by turning right.

The Queens Cascades are a set of small waterfalls close to where Jamison Creek drops into Jamison Valley as the Wentworth Falls waterfall.

Queens Cascades in Wentworth Falls
Queens Cascades

This water spectacle is the prettiest after (or during) a period of rainfall when more water is being pushed through the creek.

From Queens Cascades, retrace your steps to get back onto the Weeping Rock Circuit to go and have a look at the Weeping Rock waterfall.

3. Weeping Rock

Weeping Rock is where Jamison Creek spills over a circular rock overhang, hence the name for this waterfall.

The flat rocky area in front of the waterfall is a great spot to wander around and take a few photos.

Weeping Rock waterfall
Weeping Rock

From Weeping Rock, the walking track continues via a metal staircase beside the waterfall until it arrives at an intersection where you will need to turn left to complete the circuit walk.

The path going straight at that intersection is the Charles Darwin Walk, which leads to the Wentworth Falls town centre.


The trail to Weeping Rock is one of many in the Wentworth Falls area. To make a day of it, consider also doing the following nearby walking trails:


Fletchers Lookout and Weeping Rock Circuit



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