Dardanelles Pass Circuit Walk in the Blue Mountains

Last updated: August 30, 2023

The historic Dardanelles Pass circuit walk is an exciting trail through Leura Forest and along the cliff edge facing Jamison Valley.

This challenging and adventurous walking track offers a lot of bushwalking goodness, including waterfalls, panoramic valley views, lush rainforests, and a bit of steep climbing.

Read on and find out more about the highlights of this walk, how best to get there, and other highlights nearby.

Dardanelles Pass Circuit Walk
Distance: 5 km (circuit)
Duration: 3 hours
Grade: Moderate / hard (steep sections)
Dogs: Not allowed

How to Get There

Since this is a circuit walking track, it can be started from multiple locations. The two most logical starting points are at Echo Point in Katoomba and further north along Cliff Drive, closer to Leura.

The map at the end of this article gives you an impression of this walking track, including these two starting points.

1. Echo Point

Starting at Echo Point means you have to add an extra 500m to the circuit walk, which covers the short stretch between Echo Point and the Three Sisters, otherwise known as the Three Sisters walk.

Entrance to the Three Sisters walk
Entrance to the Three Sisters walk

The drawback of starting at Echo Point is that this is a bustling spot, and parking is almost always ticketed.

The best parking areas are on Echo Point Road and Cliff Drive. However, you may need to park a little further away on busy days.

2. Cliff Drive

An alternative, and perhaps better, starting point is along Cliff Drive at the intersection with Merriwa Street. Check out this map for the exact spot.

Access point to the Dardanelles Pass walk
Access point to the walk

From Leura Mall, turn right into Cliff Drive and continue until the intersection with Merriwa Street. This is a quiet spot with ample street parking available.

You can start the walk by heading into the bush via the wooden stairs at a sign that says Prince Henry Cliff Walk and Echo Point.

Dardanelles Pass Track Notes

The Dardanelles Pass circuit walk is considered a challenging track. It’s not a particularly long walk, but it involves a couple of very steep sections.

Clockwise or Anticlockwise?

The circuit walk covers Leura Forest in the valley and the cliff edge above the valley. This means there is some serious descending and ascending involved.

The historic Giant Stairway at the Three Sisters is an incredible piece of engineering with no less than 900 steps. And it is steep. Very, very steep.

For that reason, it might be best to do this circuit walk in an anticlockwise manner, so you can descend into the valley via the Giant Stairway rather than having to climb it.

This, of course, means you will need to climb out of the valley on the other side of the circuit walk. But that’s a more gradual ascent and is somewhat easier.

The below track notes describe the circuit walk in an anticlockwise manner, starting at the Giant Stairway at the Three Sisters.

1. Giant Stairway

Opened to the public in 1932, the 540m long Giant Stairway descends more than 300m into Jamison Valley via a magnificent piece of engineering.

Archway entrance to Giant Stairway and Three Sisters
Archway entrance to Giant Stairway and Three Sisters

This unique structure consists of over 900 steps in the form of several steel staircases and steps cut from the cliff face.

The idea behind the Giant Stairway was to create a connection between the cliff top at Echo Point and the Federal Pass in the valley below.

Giant Stairway
Section of the Giant Stairway

Access to the Giant Stairway is via an imposing archway structure.

Before heading down into the valley, you can cross the so-called Honeymoon Bridge, which connects with a rock overhang that is part of the first of the Three Sisters.

Dardanelles Pass signpost
Dardanelles Pass intersection

At the bottom of the Giant Stairway is an intersection.

The path to the right leads to the Scenic World valley stations, along the Federal Pass. The path to the left goes into Leura Forest, as part of the Dardanelles Pass.

2. Dardanelles Pass

The Dardanelles Pass is a historical link between the various walking tracks in the Leura area and the bottom of the Giant Stairway in the Katoomba area.

Dardanelles Pass through Leura Forest
Dardanelles Pass through Leura Forest

Even though it’s home to a few picnic tables and artificial shelters, Leura Forest looks and feels like a completely different world, far away from civilisation.

Leura Forest
Leura Forest

Water is more abundant in the valley, with ongoing runoff from the cliffs and shelter from the giant trees.

As such, the forest rarely dries out, resulting in a pleasantly humid and subtropical environment.

3. Waterfalls

Leaving Leura Forest behind, the track continues towards three small but pretty waterfalls on Linda Creek.

Lila Falls, Marguerite Cascades, and Linda Falls mark the start of the climb out of the valley via the Fern Bower Track, which forms part of the Bridal Veil Falls circuit walking track.

Linda Falls
Linda Falls

The Fern Bower area is a beautiful section of the Dardenelles Pass circuit walk, sheltered from the drying winds and the summer heat.

This is where the forest turns lush and green, with tall trees such as Sassafras and Coachwoods providing shade for ferns to thrive on the forest floor. The area is also home to many bird and mammal species.

Fern Bower Track
Fern Bower Track

The ascent via Fern Bower is certainly not as challenging as the Giant Stairway, but it shouldn’t be underestimated.

4. Prince Henry Cliff Walk

When you reach the end of the steep climb, the Fern Bower Track connects with the Prince Henry Cliff Walk.

Views along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk
Views along the Prince Henry Cliff Walk

The section of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk to the Three Sisters is relatively easy and includes several scenic lookout points.

These lookouts, such as the Banksia Lookout, Honeymoon Point, and Lady Carrington Lookout, offer fantastic valley views.

Map and Route

You can start this beautiful bushwalk either from Echo Point (marked as 1 on the below map) or from Cliff Drive further north (2).

It’s recommended to follow the track in an anticlockwise manner so that you can descend into the valley via the Gaint Stairway.

If you start the walk from Echo Point, you will need to include the 500m long Three Sisters Walk (marked in red) to get to the start of the Giant Stairway.

Click on the map for a larger version.

Map of the Dardanelles Pass circuit walk


Dardanelles Pass Circuit Walk in the Blue Mountains



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