Gordons Bay, a Secluded Oasis North of Coogee

Last updated: July 24, 2020

Located just moments away from Clovelly and Coogee beach, Gordons Bay is a small piece of paradise along the coastal walk between Bondi and Coogee.

Protected by a reef, the bay is a popular spot for fishing, swimming, diving and snorkeling, away from the crowds at the large beaches close by.

How to Get to Gordons Bay

The best place to park your car is at the Clovelly Beach car park on Victory Street. It’s a big parking area but it does fill up quickly on warm weekend days.

Alternatively you can try to find parking in the paid parking areas at the north end of Coogee Beach or surrounding suburban streets.

Or why not leave the car at home? Regular bus services travel between the eastern suburbs beaches and the city. Route 339 stops on Clovelly Road.

Gordons Bay

Quietly nestled between Clovelly beach and Coogee beach, Gordons Bay is a small and secluded oasis that is worth a visit.

The bay itself has no car parking areas available and is only accessible via the coastal walk between Bondi and Coogee in Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

Aerial view of Gordons Bay
Aerial view of Gordons Bay

The bay was named after Lewis Gordon, a government surveyor who was granted crown land in this area in the 19th century.

He originally named the area Cliff-Brook, a name that is still used for a heritage mansion facing Gordons Bay and the track that connects Gordons Bay with Victory St in Clovelly.

Gordons bay does have a small strip of sand but it can hardly be called a beach. Racks of boats from the local fishing club cover most of it, which kind of makes Gordons Bay feel and look like a quiet fisherman’s village on a remote Greece island.

Gordons Bay beach

A beautiful boardwalk swings around the bay, as part of the coastal walking track, and offers you great views of the natural surroundings of the area. The boardwalk also functions as protection against damage to the native flora and fauna in and around the bay.

When the tides are low though, you can certainly enjoy the beach for a swim and a bit of sunbathing. Alternatively you can use the rocky section on the north side of Gordons Bay as your base.

Gordons Bay Underwater Nature Trail

Besides fishing, Gordons Bay is also a popular spot with snorkelers and divers. Maintained by the Gordons Bay scuba diving club, the Gordons Bay Underwater Nature Trail is a self-guided 600m long bushwalking trail.

Well, not really a bushwalking trail, because this one is actually underwater. The underwater nature trail consists of concrete filled drums linked by a chain.

Several steel plaques on the way display helpful information about the underwater world. It would take an average diver or snorkeler around 40 minutes to complete this trail.

The deepest point is 14 meters but on a very clear day snorkelers should be able to enjoy good underwater views too.

Here’s a cool video of a free-diving session at Gordons Bay:


Gordons Bay north of Coogee

  1. Hello team,
    Is gordon’s bay accessible with a pram?
    Where do you start walking if you’ve parked near victory street to access the bay?
    How long is the walk? Is it uphill or down?

    • Hello Anna,
      Gordons Bay isn’t very pram friendly, plus there’s stairs between Victory St and Gordons Bay.
      Clovelly Beach is probably a better choice, which has a paved walking path around the bay and the beach.

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