10 Best Indoor Rock Climbing and Bouldering Gyms in Sydney

Last updated: July 17, 2021

Indoor climbing gyms are slowly becoming more mainstream in Sydney and across the country, allowing more people to discover and practise this diverse sport.

If you’re looking for a new sport that is intense, fun, and also social, indoor rock climbing or bouldering should be on your list to try out.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned climber, we have shortlisted ten of the best indoor rock climbing and bouldering gyms in Sydney that offer excellent facilities for all levels.

Top 10 Sydney Indoor Climbing Gyms:
Climbing GymRock Climbing / BoulderingWhere
1Sydney Indoor Climbing GymBothSt Peters
2The Edge Rock Climbing CentreBothCastle Hill
3Northern Beaches RockhouseBothBrookvale
4Climb Fit KirraweeBothKirrawee
5The Ledge Climbing CentreBothCamperdown
6BlocHaus Bouldering SydneyBoulderingMarrickville
7Nomad BoulderingBoulderingAnnandale
89 Degrees AlexandriaBoulderingAlexandria
9Skywood ClimbingBoulderingFreshwater
109 Degrees WaterlooBoulderingWaterloo

Types of Indoor Climbing

Before we get into the top 10 climbing gyms in Sydney, let’s first discuss the two main types of indoor climbing that exist.

  • Indoor rock climbing:
    This is the traditional form of indoor climbing where you’re trying to climb a wall supported by a harness and ropes. This is typically done with two people, where one person on the ground controls the rope. Indoor rock climbing is a full-body (and mind) workout where you’re going to need all the muscles in your body to scale the walls without falling.
  • Bouldering:
    The sport of bouldering is similar to rock climbing but without the harness and the ropes. It’s just you, your shoes, the chalk, and the wall. The walls are typically shorter, for obvious reasons, and a padded floor protects you from injuring yourself when falling. Falling is in fact part of the sport.
Indoor rock climbing
Indoor rock climbing

Some climbing gyms offer indoor rock climbing facilities, others do bouldering, and then there are also climbing gyms that offer both.

However, the sport of bouldering has been going through a surge in popularity in recent times, and more gyms are popping up that focus solely on bouldering.

Top 10 Sydney Indoor Climbing Gyms

The following ten indoor climbing gyms in the greater Sydney area are open for business right now.

For more information about opening hours and admission prices, click on the more-info link below each Sydney indoor climbing gym venue.

1. Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym St Peters

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym St Peters

The Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym in St Peters is one of Sydney’s most popular and oldest climbing gyms in Sydney and New South Wales.

It’s an impressively large venue, with almost 4,000 square metres worth of rock climbing walls in addition to excellent bouldering facilities.

Note that Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym has a second branch at Woodville Road in Villawood with similar facilities for rock climbing and bouldering.

Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym in St Peters is opened from Monday to Sunday.

Address:Unit 4C/1-7 Unwins Bridge Road, St Peters (map)
More info:Sydney Indoor Climbing Gym St Peters

2. The Edge Rock Climbing Centre

The Edge Rock Climbing Centre

The Edge Rock Climbing Centre in Castle Hill in north-west Sydney has been around for more than 20 years, and offers both rock climbing and bouldering walls, suitable for beginners and more experienced climbers.

If you would like to improve your climbing skills, The Edge also offers courses and personal training sessions for individuals and small groups.

The Edge Rock Climbing Centre is opened from Monday to Sunday with extended opening hours during school holidays.

Address:9/10 Hudson Avenue, Castle Hill (map)
More info:The Edge Rock Climbing Centre

3. Northern Beaches Rockhouse

Northern Beaches Rockhouse

The Northern Beaches Rockhouse indoor climbing centre in Brookvale offers facilities for top-rope climbing, bouldering and lead climbing, and is also home to a dedicated training area.

Northern Beaches Rockhouse is opened from Monday to Sunday with extended opening hours during school holidays.

Address:Unit 4E/9-13 Winbourne Road, Brookvale (map)
More info:Northern Beaches Rockhouse

4. Climb Fit Kirrawee

Climb Fit Kirrawee

Climb Fit in Kirrawee is a large climbing gym with more then 3,500 square metres worth of climbing space.

The gym offers state-of-the-art climbing and bouldering facilities, in addition to a fully equipped gym with cardio and strength training equipment and a yoga room.

Note that Climb Fit has another climbing gym venue in St Leonards.

Climb Fit in Kirrawee is opened from Monday to Sunday.

Address:23 Waratah Street, Kirrawee (map)
More info:Climb Fit Kirrawee

5. The Ledge Climbing Centre

The Ledge Climbing Centre

The Ledge Climbing Centre forms part of the Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness organisation, the leading provider for University-based sport, fitness and recreation services in the Asia-Pacific region.

The climbing gym offer excellent facilities where you can practise your rock climbing and bouldering skills in a comfortable, social, vibrant and controlled environment. The gym caters to all levels of skill and ability.

The Ledge Climbing Centre is opened from Monday to Saturday.

Address:Western Avenue, Camperdown (map)
More info:The Ledge Climbing Centre

6. BlocHaus Bouldering Sydney

BlocHaus Bouldering Sydney

BlocHaus Bouldering in Marrickville is an indoor climbing gym that specialises in fun and social bouldering for everyone. The gym offers beginner classes to cover the basics of bouldering so you can make the most of your climbing sessions.

What’s great is that BlocHaus resets three climbing sectors in their venue every week, which means you can get to experience a new gym every time you visit.

Note that BlocHaus also has an indoor climbing gym in Canberra and one in Melbourne.

BlocHaus Bouldering Sydney is opened from Monday to Sunday.

Address:49 Fitzroy Street, Marrickville (map)
More info:BlocHaus Bouldering Sydney

7. Nomad Bouldering

Nomad Bouldering

Nomad Bouldering in Annandale is a climbing gym with a spacious 1,000 square metre indoor bouldering arena. The venue offers modern climbing walls that deliver the best climbing experience for beginnner and experienced climbers.

In addition to excellent climbing facilities, Nomad also has a modern weights gym, showers and change rooms, and a small cafe for a good coffee and refreshments.

Nomad Bouldering in Annandale is opened from Monday to Sunday.

Address:Unit 7/12 Chester Street, Annandale (map)
More info:Nomad Bouldering

8. 9 Degrees Alexandria

9 Degrees Alexandria

In only a few years time, 9 Degrees has established itself as a reputable bouldering gym with now five locations. The Alexandria venue was the first 9 Degree climbing gym location that opened in 2015.

It’s not a huge climbing gym by any means, but the smaller walls and the friendly and welcoming atmosphere at 9 Degrees will appeal to beginners as well as experienced climbers.

9 Degrees in Alexandria is opened from Monday to Sunday.

Address:3/85 O’Riordan Street, Alexandria (map)
More info:9 Degrees Alexandria

9. Skywood Climbing

Skywood Climbing

Skywood Climbing is a premium bouldering facility in Freshwater on the Northern Beaches.

With a desirable location less than 500 metres from the beach, Skywood Climbing is a modern, purpose-built climbing gym that may not be the biggest, but is one of the more challenging and exciting ones.

Skywood Climbing in Freshwater is opened from Monday to Sunday.

Address:Shop 1/1-3 Moore Road, Freshwater (map)
More info:Skywood Climbing

10. 9 Degrees Waterloo

9 Degrees Waterloo

The 9 Degrees Waterloo branch is their inner city flagship bouldering gym, and the latest addition to the 9 Degrees chain of climbing gyms. It is their largest venue with state-of-the-art climbing facilities and a fun, welcoming and community-centric atmosphere.

Note that 9 Degrees has two more climbing gyms in the Sydney area, one in Parramatta and the other in Lane Cove, both with excellent bouldering facilities.

9 Degrees in Waterloo is opened from Monday to Sunday.

Address:21 Danks Street, Waterloo (map)
More info:9 Degrees Waterloo
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Best indoor climbing gyms in Sydney

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