9 Best Camping Sites and Caravan Parks in Jervis Bay

Last updated: October 25, 2023

Find the best caravan parks and camping sites in Jervis Bay, from secluded beach-side campgrounds to family-friendly holiday parks.

With so many things to see and do in Jervis Bay, it’s no wonder Sydney-siders love travelling to the South Coast each year for a short holiday break.

While there are many hotels to choose from in the area, Jervis Bay is also home to a great variety of camping sites and caravan parks.

For many, going back to basics and being close to the beach or in the bush adds to the holiday experience, and Jervis Bay is perhaps the perfect spot for a relaxing camping trip.

Keep reading, as we reveal the nine best camping sites and caravan parks in the greater Jervis Bay area, listed in geographical order.

Top 9 Jervis Bay Camp Sites

We’re starting in Booderee National Park, and from there, we work our way north to Huskisson, Woollamia, and Currarong. Please note that bookings are required for most camping sites.

1. Cave Beach Camping Ground

Camping at Cave Beach

Cave Beach is a unique strip of sand in Booderee National Park, so named because of a couple of fascinating caves on the western end of the beach. You can walk into the biggest cave, which offers a nice photo opportunity from inside, looking out over the beach.

The beach itself is quite small, especially compared to some of the other beaches in Jervis Bay. Behind the beach, you will find a nice lookout point and a large camping and picnic area, with lots of small kangaroos visiting as well.

The camping ground offers unpowered camping, with basic facilities such as toilets, showers, barbecues, and also fresh water.

Cave Beach Camping Ground
Location: Booderee National Park (map)
Facilities: Unpowered camping, toilets, showers, barbecues, fresh water
More info: Cave Beach Camping Ground

2. Bristol Point Camping Ground

Bristol Point Camping Ground

The second campsite in Booderee National Park is the Bristol Point Camping Ground, offering a secluded atmosphere in a lovely bush setting right behind the beach.

Camping at Bristol Point is walk-in only, meaning you can’t drive in with a campervan or a camping trailer. There is a parking area nearby though, so it’s not as isolated as it may sound.

Bristol Point Camping Ground offers unpowered camping, with basic facilities such as toilets, showers, barbecues, and fresh water.

Bristol Point Camping Ground
Location: Booderee National Park (map)
Facilities: Unpowered camping, toilets, showers, barbecues, fresh water
More info: Bristol Point Camping Ground

3. Green Patch Campsite

Green Patch Beach

Situated only moments away from Bristol Point, the Green Patch Campground is a bit more popular and also a bit more accessible than its neighbour.

Green Patch Beach and Iluka Beach are located right in front of the camping ground, and with Hyams Beach and Huskisson only a short drive away, Green Patch Campsite is both beautiful and practical.

The ground offers standard and large-sized camping sites and is both walk-in as well as drive-in, with showers, barbecues, tables, and fresh water to enjoy.

Green Patch Campsite
Location: Booderee National Park (map)
Facilities: Unpowered camping, showers, barbecues, fresh water
More info: Green Patch Campsite

4. Holiday Haven Huskisson Beach

Holiday Haven Huskisson Beach

If you’re looking for a family-friendly holiday spot with a bit more than just the basic camping facilities, Holiday Haven Huskisson Beach is a great option.

Located right behind Moona Moona Beach and only moments away from the Huskisson town centre, this holiday park offers basic powered camping spots as well as spacious cabins.

The on-site facilities are pretty good too, with a swimming pool, a tennis court, barbecues, and much more to enjoy. Some powered sites are also dog-friendly in standard season outside of school holidays.

Holiday Haven Huskisson Beach
Location: Huskisson (map)
Facilities: Powered camping, cabins, laundry, barbecues, kitchen, swimming pool, tennis court
More info: Holiday Haven Huskisson Beach

5. Holiday Haven White Sands

Holiday Haven White Sands

Holiday Haven White Sands is quite literally located in the heart of Jervis Bay, offering powered camping sites, safari tents, and self-contained cabins.

The location of this family-friendly holiday park is perfect, with direct access to Huskisson Beach and only a short 10-minute walk to the town centre, where shops, pubs, cafes and restaurants await you.

But Holiday Haven White Sands has excellent on-site facilities as well, including a kid’s playground, barbecues, laundry, and a camp kitchen, in addition to a range of organised activities.

Holiday Haven White Sands
Location: Huskisson (map)
Facilities: Powered camping, cabins, laundry, barbecues, kitchen
More info: Holiday Haven White Sands

6. Jervis Bay Holiday Park

Jervis Bay Holiday Park

If you prefer a quiet and peaceful riverside location over a spot next to the beach, go and check out the Jervis Bay Holiday Park. It is located along Currambene Creek in a beautiful bush setting.

What’s great is that the Jervis Bay Holiday Park also has its own private boat ramp and floating pontoon, so if you have a boat, a canoe or a kayak, even more reason to choose this holiday spot.

There are also plenty of accommodation options, from unpowered camping sites to premium villas and cabins. The facilities are also excellent, and include a swimming pool, barbecues, laundry, and a kitchen.

Jervis Bay Holiday Park
Location: Woollamia (map)
Facilities: Powered and unpowered camping, villas, cabins, laundry, barbecues, kitchen, swimming pool
More info: Jervis Bay Holiday Park

7. Paperbark Camp Jervis Bay

Paperbark Camp Jervis Bay

Paperbark Camp Jervis Bay is also located alongside Currambene Creek but a bit further inland and also in a more isolated spot.

What sets this camping ground apart from the rest is not only its tranquil location but even more so the African-inspired canvas safari tents that are built above the ground.

The tents come with outdoor furniture, full insect screening, polished hardwood floors, and solar-powered lighting. It’s like going back to nature, but with a little bit of luxury.

Paperbark Camp Jervis Bay
Location: Woollamia (map)
Facilities: Premium safari tents, toilets, showers, bicycles, restaurant
More info: Paperbark Camp Jervis Bay

8. Hidden Creek Campsite

Hidden Creek Campsite

A little bit further upstream on Currambene Creek, you will find the Hidden Creek Campsite, another beautiful natural camping spot where visitors come just to relax.

Hidden Creek offers secluded powered and unpowered camping sites, in addition to a variety of beautiful cabins catering to different budgets and needs.

Facilities include flushing toilets, hot showers, open campfires, launderette, sheltered picnic areas, a communal kitchen, kayak and stand-up paddleboard hire, and much more.

Hidden Creek Campsite
Location: Woollamia (map)
Facilities: Powered and unpowered camping, cabins, toilets, showers
More info: Hidden Creek Campsite

9. Honeymoon Bay Campground

Honeymoon Bay Campground

The Honeymoon Bay Campground is located right behind the beach of Honeymoon Bay on the Beecroft Peninsula. Camping at Honeymoon Bay is very much going back to basics. There is no power and only portaloo toilets, but what you do get is access to a beautiful secluded bay.

This beautiful campground works on a first-come-first-served basis, with no bookings required. However, during the busy summer school holiday months, the camping spots are allocated through a ballot system, with applications closing on 31 August.

Note that the Beecroft Peninsula is also home to the Beecroft Weapons Range. As such, all camping at Honeymoon Bay is subject to the Australian Defence Department’s operational and capability requirements, and as a result, the campground can be closed to public access at short notice.

Honeymoon Bay Campground
Location: Currarong (map)
Facilities: Unpowered camping, portaloo toilets
More info: Honeymoon Bay Campground

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Best camp sites in Jervis Bay


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