Maitland Bay Track in Bouddi National Park

Last updated: March 16, 2023

The Maitland Bay Track is a short but steep bush trail in Bouddi National Park that winds its way down from the Information Centre to the isolated beach of Maitland Bay.

The track showcases the beauty of the national park, with beautiful lush rainforest and stunning ocean views to enjoy. Stroll further along the beach to Bouddi Point, and discover some of the remains of an old shipwreck.

Keep reading to find out more about the highlights of this enjoyable, family-friendly walking trail.

Maitland Bay Track
Distance: 1.8 km return
Distance to Bouddi Point: 3.6 km return
Time: 3-4 hours (depending on stops)
Grade: Easy to moderate (steep parts)
Dogs: Not allowed
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How to Get There

The Maitland Bay Track is located in the southern part of the Central Coast, approximately 90 minutes driving from the Sydney CBD.

The quickest way to get there from the M1 Motorway is via Woy Woy Road to Woy Woy, followed by Maitland Bay Drive, Empire Bay Drive, Wards Hill Road, and The Scenic Road to the Information Centre.

Parking is available near the Information Centre located at the intersection of Maitland Bay Drive and The Scenic Road in Killcare Heights (see map location).


The starting point of this track is about 100 metres south of the information centre, not to be confused with the start of the Stroms Trail right next to it.

Map and route of the Maitland Bay track

Maitland Bay Track Notes

Perhaps not as well-known as Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park north of Sydney, or Royal National Park south of Sydney, Bouddi National Park is a great weekend destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

The park is home to various exciting bushwalks, several campgrounds, and some of the most beautiful and most secluded beaches you can find in the state of New South Wales.

One of those bushwalks is the Maitland Bay Track, a popular walking trail that starts from the information centre and leads to the picture-perfect beach of Maitland Bay. This well-maintained track is just under 2 km long (return) and does have a few steep sections.

Maitland Bay Information Centre

Before you start the Maitland Bay walking track, it’s worth visiting the small and charming information centre.

The building was once the Old Maitland Store and residence, one of the earliest homes in the Killcare Heights area.

Maitland Bay Information Centre
Maitland Bay Information Centre

The store was associated with the history of Bouddi National Park and the development of Killcare Heights.

The information centre is open from 11 am until 3 pm on the weekends and public holidays. Facilities include a parking area, a public phone, and a drinking fountain.

Start of the Walk

To start the walk to Maitland Bay, look for the Bouddi National Park sign, which marks the start of the Maitland Bay Track, and also the Bullimah Spur Track.

Start of the Maitland Bay Track

After about 100 metres, the path arrives at a junction where you need to keep going straight ahead, as the path to the right is the Bullimah Spur Track.

As you make your way down through the forest, you will start to see glimpses of Maitland Bay, Bouddi Point, and the ocean.

Walking path to Maitland Bay
Walking path to Maitland Bay

Be mindful that while going down to the beach is very easy, going back up can be a bit of a challenge, especially for young children.

Maitland Bay Beach and Bouddi Point
Maitland Bay Beach and Bouddi Point

It takes around 20 minutes to get to the beach, but it will take twice as long to get back up to the car park via the steep walking path.

Maitland Bay Beach

Maitland Bay itself is a beautifully secluded beach in Bouddi National Park.

On an average Sunday, you won’t easily find more than a handful of people on the beach, which can be quite refreshing if you’re from Sydney.

Maitland Bay
Maitland Bay

Keep in mind that Maitland Bay Beach is unpatrolled, so please be careful if you’re planning to go for a swim.

Bouddi Point

From the beach, it’s recommended to continue hiking to Bouddi Point at the eastern end of the beach.

Not only are the views fantastic along the way, but you will also be able to discover some remnants of an old shipwreck.

Remains of the S.S. Maitland Shipwreck

In May 1898, the coastal paddle steamer S.S. Maitland ran aground at the eastern end of Maitland Bay during a vicious storm.

Remembered as the “Maitland Gale”, this storm caused the sinking of several other ships along the coast of New South Wales, but the Maitland disaster claimed the most lives.

Bouddi Point
Bouddi Point

More than 120 years later, some of the remains of this shipwreck are still visible at low tide.

It’s worth walking the extra stretch from the end of the Maitland Bay Track to Bouddi Point to discover these historical remains.

Remains of the S.S. Maitland shipwreck at Bouddi Point
Remains of the S.S. Maitland shipwreck at Bouddi Point

It’s fascinating to see, and makes you think about what the passengers and crew on board the S.S. Maitland must have gone through that fateful night.

On Saturday 14th October 1961, a monument was dedicated to commemorating the sinking of the S.S. Maitland as a maritime disaster.

Monument for the S.S. Maitland
Monument for the S.S. Maitland

The monument stands next to the information centre, and is a replica of the bell of the ship.

The bay was previously known as Boat Harbour, but was renamed Maitland Bay following the disaster.

Other Tracks Nearby

There are many walking tracks to choose from in Bouddi National Park, with some of them close to, and connecting with, the Maitland Bay Track.

1. Bouddi Coastal Walk

One of the longest walking tracks in the national park is the scenic 8 km Bouddi Coastal Walk, between MacMasters Beach and Putty Beach, and also includes Maitland Bay.

Bouddi Coastal Walk
Bouddi Coastal Walk

With panoramic ocean views from start to finish, beautiful beaches, and several lookouts, the Bouddi Coastal walk is a fantastic adventure.

2. Mount Bouddi Walking Track

The short but scenic Mount Bouddi Walking Track starts from the Mount Bouddi (Dingeldei) picnic area, and meanders through beautiful bushland to the Bouddi Lookout.

Mount Bouddi Walk
Mount Bouddi Walk

The scenic Bouddi lookout point offers beautiful views of Maitland Bay and its surroundings.

3. Bullimah Spur Track

Like the Maitland Bay Track, the Bullimah Spur Track also starts from the Bouddi National Park information centre, heading south towards the Bullimah Outlook.

Maitland Bay views from Bullimah Spur
Maitland Bay views from Bullimah Spur

The views from the Bullimah Outlook to Putty Beach, Box Head, Broken Bay, Lion Island, and Palm Beach are absolutely stunning and very much worth the effort to get there.

Check out our list with the best walks in Bouddi National Park for more hiking ideas in this beautiful area north of Sydney.

Maitland Bay Track in Bouddi National Park


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