6 Beautiful Nude Beaches in and Around Sydney

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Swimming and bathing in your birthday suit may not be for everyone, but there are quite a few nudist beaches in Sydney where taking off all your clothes is considered normal.

The nudist community in Sydney may not be as large as it used to be back in the seventies and eighties, but swimming nude is still very much a thing in Sydney and New South Wales.

So if you’ve ever considered swimming nude and you’re curious what if would feel like, perhaps this article will help you to take the plunge.

6 Beautiful Sydney Nude Beaches

The below Sydney beaches are official nude beaches (well, most of them), so nobody will stare at you when you take off your clothes to go skinny dipping!

1. Cobblers Beach

Often referred to as Australia’s best nudist beach, Cobblers Beach is more than just a destination for skinny dipping.

Located on the northern side of Middle Head in Sydney Harbour National Park, Cobblers Beach is the perfect place for paddling, snorkeling and picknicking in absolutely beautiful surroundings.

Cobblers Beach
Cobblers Beach in Mosman (Credit: NSW National Parks)

The beach can get very busy, especially during summer weekends, but the atmosphere overall is very welcoming and protective.

Cobblers is also the beach where the annual Sydney Skinny Ocean Swim is held, a short nude swimming race to raise funds for Dr Charlie Teo’s cancer research.

2. Lady Bay Beach

Located around the corner from Camp Cove Beach in Watsons Bay, Lady Bay Beach is one of Sydney’s prettiest nudist beaches with amazing views of Sydney Harbour.

Lady Bay nude beach in Watsons Bay
Lady Bay Beach in Watsons Bay

You can find Lady Bay beach along the South Head Heritage Trail that runs between Camp Cove and the Hornby Lighthouse on the northernmost tip of South Head.

Also known as Lady Jane Beach, this small strip of sand is a designated nude bathing area with a friendly atmosphere.

3. Obelisk Beach

Located on the southern side of Middle Head, Obelisk Beach is smaller and more secluded than its neighbour Cobblers Beach, but the surroundings and views are just as beautiful.

Obelisk Beach is accessible via a short walking track from Chowder Bay Road in Mosman, with lots of parking options nearby.

4. Little Jibbon Beach

Quietly nestled away in the north-eastern tip of the Royal National Park, Little Jibbon Beach is a beautiful small strip of sand that attracts nudists of all walks of life.

Little Jibbon nude beach in Royal National Park
Little Jibbon Beach in Royal National Park

Little Jibbon is only a short stroll away from its bigger neighbour Jibbon Beach with some very well-preserved Aboriginal rock engravings nearby.

Be mindful though that this is not an official nude beach. Also note that privacy may be a bit of an issue during weekends as bushwalkers will be walking past, doing the Jibbon Beach loop walking track that runs right behind the beach.

5. Werrong Beach

Located at the southern end of the Royal National Park, close to Otford, Werrong Beach is perhaps the most remote and most secluded nude beach included in this list.

Also known as “Hell Hole”, Werrong is accessible via a steep sidetrack from the famous Royal National Park coastal walk.

Please note though that as beautiful as the beach may be, swimming is not permitted due to the strong rips and currents that are always present there.

Check out our list of beaches in the Royal National Park for more options.

6. Little Congwong Beach

While not an official nudist beach, Little Congwong in Botany Bay National Park does attract a lot of nude swimmers and bathers of all kinds.

Located only a short walk away from its bigger neighbour Congwong Beach, Little Congwong is a gorgeous strip of sand with excellent swimming conditions.


Nude beaches in Sydney

  1. This is a great list! Cobblers Beach is in my opinion by far and away the best nudist beach in Australia. It is a beautiful spot and kept spotlessly clean by those who frequent the beach. There is always a good crowd there and people are friendly and lovely. What’s more it’s a great beach to combine with a walk along Sydney’s stunning harbour. Nothing beats the walk from the Spit to Taronga via Cobblers for a dip to cool off.

    • I normally go to Little Congwong Beach in La Perouse.. I will take your word for it Cathy and give this beach a go during the warmer months.

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