Overcliff Undercliff Track in Wentworth Falls

Last updated: December 7, 2022

The Overcliff Undercliff Track in the Wentworth Falls area of the Blue Mountains is a scenic 4 km long circuit trail taking in several lookout points.

This hike doesn’t descend into the valley. Instead, it stays higher up on the cliffs, which makes it a less challenging adventure than the Wentworth Pass, but certainly not less enjoyable.

The Overcliff Undercliff Track is included in our Wentworth Falls hiking guide with many other walks and lookouts in this area.

Overcliff Undercliff Track
Distance: 4 km (circuit)
Duration: 2 hours (depending on stops)
Grade: Easy / moderate
Dogs: Not allowed
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How to Get There

The Overcliff Undercliff Track is a circuit walk that can be started from the Wentworth Falls Picnic Area or from the old Conservation Hut.

To get to the picnic area, turn into Falls Road from the Great Western Highway. At the end of that road, turn into Sir H Burrell Drive, where you will find a reasonably sized car park.

To get to the old Conservation Hut, turn into Fletcher Street from Falls Road, which leads directly to the car park. If that’s full, try street parking nearby.

It doesn’t matter from where you start the walk, nor if you go clockwise or anti-clockwise. In this article, however, we’re going to do this walk clockwise, starting from the Wentworth Falls Picnic Area.

Overcliff Undercliff Track Notes

The Overcliff Undercliff Track is approximately 4 km in length and consists of four sections (in clockwise order, starting from the picnic area):

  1. Wentworth Falls Track
  2. Undercliff Track
  3. Overcliff Track
  4. Shortcut Track

Here is a map with the walk divided into those four sections:

Map and route of the Overcliff Undercliff Track

Overall, it’s a relatively easy bushwalk on a well-maintained walking path that is well-signposted. There are a few sections with staircases, but for the most part, the walking track is reasonably flat.

Sections of the track have also recently been upgraded by NSW National Parks, turning this into a safe and enjoyable hike. This walk doesn’t descend into the valley and also doesn’t come close to the waterfall.

1. Wentworth Falls Track

The first part of the Overcliff Undercliff Track is a section of the Wentworth Falls Track, from the picnic area to the Fletchers Lookout.

This part follows the footpath along Sir H Burrel Drive and includes two scenic lookout points, the Jamison Lookout and the Wentworth Falls Lookout.

While you can’t see much of the waterfall from those two lookouts, the valley views are fantastic.

Fletchers Lookout in Wentworth Falls
Fletchers Lookout

At the Wentworth Falls Lookout, the track heads into the bush until it arrives at an intersection with a short side trip to the Fletchers Lookout. Go and check out that vantage point, as that is where you get to enjoy great views of the waterfall.

That intersection marks the start of the Undercliff Track, going westbound away from the waterfall.

2. Undercliff Track

This is where the walking track gets exciting, passing several large rock overhangs and sections with stepping stones through a scenic landscape of moss and ferns.

Undercliff Track
Undercliff Track

The views of the valley on your left are pretty impressive too, and even though you’re walking quite close to the edge of the cliff, the path is very safe and comfortable.

Valley views from the Undercliff Track
Valley views from the Undercliff Track

There are no official lookout points along the Undercliff Track, but in our opinion, this is the best section of the entire Overcliff Undercliff Track.

3. Overcliff Track

The Undercliff Track morphs into the Overcliff Track at the crossing of the Den Fenella Creek via a small footbridge.

This is also where you can do a short side trip to the Den Fenella Lookout, a hidden vantage point that offers superb views of the Jamison Valley.

Den Fenella Lookout
Den Fenella Lookout

To get there, follow the 200m walking trail along the creek, which leads to that lookout. It’s pretty steep though, with several staircases to help you navigate this interesting rainforest trail.

From the Den Fenella creek crossing, the circuit walk continues westbound and passes two more exciting lookout points.

Breakfast Point Lookout
Breakfast Point Lookout

The first lookout point is the Breakfast Point Lookout.

This is an unsigned lookout point with a stone wall and offers excellent views of the Jamison Valley and beyond.

Lyrebird Lookout
Lyrebird Lookout

The second lookout point is the fenced Lyrebird Lookout.

This is not the prettiest vantage point along the entire walk, but if you look closely, you may be able to recognise Sublime Point and, further back, Mount Solitary.

4. Shortcut Track

The Overcliff Track soon connects with the Valley of the Waters and the Empress Falls walking track, where you make a right turn heading towards the Conservation Hut. This is a somewhat steep section, but it’s only short.

If you do have extra time and energy, it’s worth having a look at Empress Falls, a beautiful waterfall. To get there, follow the path heading down into the valley.

Signpost for Shortcut Track
Shortcut Track

Just before arriving at the Conservation Hut, the Overcliff Undercliff circuit trail makes a right turn into the bush at the signpost (see above photo).

This last section is called the Shortcut Track and leads back to the Wentworth Falls picnic area. This is certainly not the most spectacular part of the walk, but it’s a pleasant and easy stroll back to the car park.

Once you’ve completed the Overcliff Undercliff Track, go and check out the Weeping Rock circuit walk nearby, which is especially enjoyable after rainfall.


Overcliff Undercliff Track in Wentworth Falls


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