Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell Circuit Walk in Leura

Last updated: May 20, 2024

The scenic Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell Circuit Walk in Leura takes in two small waterfalls amidst beautiful forest scenery.

This quiet and unpretentious walking trail is located in the Leura area of the Blue Mountains, close to the Gordon Falls Lookout and picnic area.

It’s a great way to enjoy some unspoiled natural scenery in the Blue Mountains, with various lookouts nearby to explore.

Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell Circuit Walk
Distance: 1.8 km (circuit)
Duration: 1 hour
Grade: Easy / moderate (steep sections)
Dogs: Not allowed
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How to Get There

The walk starts at the Gordon Falls Reserve on Lone Pine Avenue in Leura.

To get there, turn into Leura Mall from the Great Western Highway, and then turn left into Olympian Parade.

The parking area at Gordon Falls Reserve is located at the corner of Olympian Parade and Lone Pine Avenue (see map location).

Gordon Falls Reserve
Gordon Falls Reserve

Track Notes

The circuit walk is an easy to moderately challenging walking trail with a few steep sections and some sections that are a bit overgrown.

It’s a circuit trail, so you can go clockwise or anti-clockwise, but we recommend going anti-clockwise and visiting the Pool of Siloam first.


The map below shows the two highlights and the parking area:

P: Parking at Gordon Falls Reserve.
1: Pool of Siloam.
2: Lyrebird Dell.

Map of Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell

Start of the Walk

The start of the circuit walk can be found towards the eastern end of the picnic area.

Start of the walking track to Pool of Siloam
Start of the walking track to Pool of Siloam

Look for the large Pool of Siloam Track signpost, from where the track heads straight into the bush.

The track starts nice and easy, but quickly evolves into a steep descent into the gully. This path here is well-maintained and easy to navigate.

Intersection Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell
Intersection Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell

At some point, the track arrives at an intersection with Lyrebird Dell. This is where you need to keep going straight ahead to get to the pool.

Pool of Siloam

As the track gets closer to the pool, the beautiful sound of streaming water also becomes louder.

Pool of Siloam
Pool of Siloam

The Pool of Siloam is a natural waterhole and waterfall on Gordon Creek, a creek that drops into Jamison Valley via Gordon Falls a bit further south.

Pool of Siloam waterfall
Pool of Siloam waterfall

The small waterfall is at its best after a period of rainfall when more water is running through the creek, which also makes the water in the pool cleaner.

The views of the waterfall are most enjoyable from the sandstone steps in front of the pool, from where you can also see the gully on the other side.

Steps in front of Pool of Siloam
Steps in front of Pool of Siloam

From the waterfall, the track continues past the sandstone steps (part of the Grand Cliff Top Walk), climbing up to the Golf Link Lookout and connecting with Sublime Point Road.

If you have the time, we recommend visiting that lookout because the views are pretty good, but it’s quite a steep climb. Otherwise, leave that lookout for a different day and continue on the circuit walk to visit Lyrebird Dell.

Lyrebird Dell

From the Pool of Siloam, retrace your steps to the intersection and turn right to follow the path towards Lyrebird Dell.

A small signpost will help you identify this intersection.

Lyrebird Dell walking track
Lyrebird Dell walking track

Lyrebird Dell refers to a valley-like area with a large sandstone cave and a small waterfall with a pool. The cave is of Aboriginal significance, and is now home to a couple of picnic tables.

This waterfall is smaller than the Pool of Siloam waterfall, but it is still a pretty sight. If there is enough water in the pool, feel free to go in and get your feet wet.

Lyrebird Dell
Lyrebird Dell

From the waterfall, keep following the track, which, from that point onward, slowly climbs out of the gully until it returns to the road.

At that point, you can return to the car park via the road or via a short bushwalk that reconnects with the Pool of Siloam Track.

Lookouts Nearby

There are various lookout points nearby that are very much worth a visit. Two of these lookouts are very close to one another and can all be accessed via Olympian Parade.

The Gordon Falls Lookout is the most obvious one to visit, as it is signposted from the car park. To get there, follow the short walking trail from the information board into the bush.

Gordon Falls Lookout
Gordon Falls Lookout

The views from the Gordon Falls Lookout of the Jamison Valley are amazing. The Gordon Falls waterfall is also visible, but you typically won’t see much water dropping into the valley.

A bit further down the road is the access trail to Elysian Rock, which offers similar views but from a different angle.

Elysian Rock consists of two sandstone viewing platforms that are connected by the historic Buttenshaw Bridge, an attraction in its own right.

Read more about Elysian Rock and Buttenshaw Bridge.


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