Resolute Beach and the Resolute Loop Trail

Last updated: September 6, 2020

Resolute Beach is one of those secluded beaches in Sydney that you should visit at least once in your life.

With amazing views of Pittwater and the Barrenjoey Headland, beautiful emerald green water and virtually no tourists around, this is a true hidden gem.

The Resolute Track, or Resolute Loop Trail, is the walking track that takes you to Resolute Beach from the Resolute Picnic Ground.

Resolute Loop Trail
Distance:6 km (circuit)
Time:3 hours
Dogs:Not allowed

How to Get There

Once in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, follow West Head Road to the West Head lookout. Parking is available at the Resolute Picnic Ground just before the West Head lookout where you could also park.

Once you’ve parked your car, follow the signs to Resolute Beach via the Resolute Loop Trail from the picnic area.

There is a $12 entrance fee to the park for the whole day.

Resolute Loop Trail (Resolute Track)

The Resolute Track goes by different names, but according to Google Maps the correct name is Resolute Loop Trail.

The word loop in this name implies that this is a circuit track that not only leads to Resolute Beach, but also takes you to West Head Beach and West Head Lookout.

Our understanding though is that the Resolute Track only covers the part between the Resolute Picnic Ground and Resolute Beach.

West Head Lookout

But while you there, you may as well return to the picnic ground via West Head Beach and the lookout to make it a full loop (see map further below).

West Head Lookout
West Head Lookout

Check out our guide to the West Head Lookout to find out more about this beautiful part of the world. It truly is one of the most beautiful lookouts in the greater Sydney region.

From the Resolute Picnic Ground, follow the signs to the Resolute Loop Trail and Resolute Beach. The short Red Hands Track will get you to the West Head Lookout, which you can visit on the way back from Resolute Beach.

Resolute loop trail sign to Resolute Beach
Resolute loop trail sign to Resolute Beach

The first point of interest on the Resolute track is a small site with very well preserved Aboriginal engravings. Have a look around and try to identify the engraved figures in the rocks around you.

This is also where you can choose to do a shortcut and skip a section of the Resolute track, but there’s really no need to unless you’re in a hurry.

Back on the Resolute track, you’ll get to an intersection where you need to turn left to get to Resolute Beach.

North Mackerel trail sign
North Mackerel trail sign

Going straight takes you to the North Mackerel Trail but at the time of writing, this section was actually closed.

The rest of the Resolute loop trail is a nice descend through bushland straight to the beach. Look out for native fauna, there’s lots of birds and blue tongue lizards around.

Resolute Beach

From the Resolute Track, you’ll soon see the first glimpses of Resolute Beach.

Take the steep stairs down to the beach and enjoy this little piece of paradise with awesome views of Pittwater and the Barrenjoey Headland.

Glimpses of Resolute Beach
Glimpses of Resolute Beach

Resolute Beach is a 60m long sandy beach, free of rocks, with calm water, making it very suitable for swimming.

The Resolute track is not the only way to get to this beach, it is also a very popular boat landing area. Lots of people arrive here with their leisure boats from Palm Beach for a quiet afternoon in the sun.

Resolute Beach signpost
Resolute Beach

From the beach, you can go back the same way or go north via West Head Beach and West Head lookout.

To do this, instead of going back up the hill to follow the Resolute Track, turn right, cross a small creek, and then simply follow the walking track to the next beach, which is West Head beach.

Resolute Beach in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park
Beautiful views from Resolute Beach

Resolute Beach and Resolute Track Map

Follow the Resolute Track from the Resolute Picnic Ground. Once you get to Resolute Beach, you can choose to go back the same way, or return north via West Head Beach and West Head Lookout. This is indicated in green in the below image.

At the lookout, follow the Red Hands Track back to the picnic area.

Resolute beach and resolute track map and route

Google Map:

Resolute Beach and the Resolute Loop Trail

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