Walk to the Rocket Point Lookout in Wentworth Falls

Last updated: November 30, 2021

The Rocket Point Lookout is one of the most impressive vantage points in the Wentworth Falls area, with panoramic views too enjoy of the waterfall and the Jamison Valley.

A short round walk starting from the top of the waterfall will bring you to this lookout, which often gets overlooked by visitors to Wentworth Falls.

Rocket Point Round Walk
Distance: 500 m (loop)
Distance from picnic area: 2.5 km (return)
Time: 1-2 hours
Grade: Easy
Dogs: Not allowed

How to Get There

The best spot to park your car is at the Wentworth Falls picnic area (map) which has a reasonably large parking area. Do note though that this car park fills up quickly on busy weekends.

Take the Falls Road exit from the Great Western Highway and continue all the way to the end. This is where Falls Road evolves into Sir H Burrell Drive which then loops around the car park.

Wentworth Falls views from Rocket Point Lookout
Wentworth Falls views from Rocket Point Lookout

From the car park, follow the walking path alongside the road that ultimately leads to the top of the waterfall, from where you can access the round walk to the Rocket Point Lookout.

Another option is to do the Charles Darwin Walk from the Wentworth Falls train station to the top of the waterfall. This is a pleasant walk through scenic bushland, and a great warmup for all the pretty things to come.

Rocket Point Lookout and Round Walk

To access the Rocket Point Lookout, you need to follow a short and easy round walk with its starting point close to the top of Wentworth Falls.

If you start this little adventure from the car park at the picnic area, follow the walking track along Sir H Burrell Drive that will take you to the top of the waterfall, past a few scenic lookout points.

The map below gives you an idea of where the Rocket Point Lookout is located in relation to the car park, with the following highlights marked from 1 to 5:

  1. Jamison Lookout
  2. Wentworth Falls Lookout
  3. Fletchers Lookout
  4. Top of Wentworth Falls
  5. Rocket Point Lookout

Map and route of the Rocket Point Lookout walk

As you make your way to the top of the waterfall, do make sure to visit the various lookout points along the way. The Jamison, Wentworth Falls, and Fletchers lookout points are all very scenic and worth your time.

Another lookout point worth visiting is the Princes Rock Lookout, which requires an extra 15 minutes of hiking to get to.

Top of Wentworth Falls
Top of Wentworth Falls

Once you arrive at the top of the waterfall that is Wentworth Falls, walk across via the stepping stones, and look out for the small signpost that says Rocket Point Circuit.

Since this is a detour, most visitors to the Wentworth Falls area skip this round walk, missing out on a beautiful vantage point. We recommend doing this round walk in an anti-clockwise manner.

Start of the Rocket Point circuit walk
Start of the Rocket Point circuit walk

At that little signpost, follow the path going up and into the bush. It’s a little steep at first, but flattens out quite soon.

From that point on it’s a pretty straightforward bushwalk, although you may find that it’s a bit overgrown at times.

Rocket Point round walk
Rocket Point round walk

The track soon arrives at a large rock archway that you will need to walk through, with an intersection and a little sign on the other side.

At that intersection, simply turn right and the track arrives at the Rocket Point Lookout viewing platform.

Path to the Rocket Point Lookout
Path to the Rocket Point Lookout

The Rocket Point Lookout and viewing platform is built on a high point on the cliff south-west of the waterfall.

It’s a rather small, fenced viewing platform, with fantastic views of Wentworth Falls and down into the valley.

Scenic district views from Rocket Point Lookout
Scenic district views from the lookout

When you’ve finished enjoying the views at the lookout, you can either return back to Wentworth Falls the same way, or you can complete the round walk.

If you’d like to do the full round walk, instead of going back through the rock archway, keep following the path going straight.

Valley views from Rocket Point Lookout
Valley views from the lookout

The rest of the round walk isn’t difficult at all, but there are a couple of intersections where you need to pay attention to stay on the right track.

For example, there is one intersection with a track that heads south towards Kings Tableland and Lincoln’s Rock. While that’s certainly a beautiful spot to visit, it’s probably best to save that for another day.

Check out our comprehensive Wentworth Falls hiking guide, for a complete list of all lookout points and walking tracks in this part of the Blue Mountains.

Rocket Point Lookout walking track in Wentworth Falls


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