The Beautiful Sublime Point Lookout in Leura

Last updated: February 6, 2024

The Sublime Point Lookout is a scenic vantage point in the Leura area of the Blue Mountains that offers panoramic views of the Jamison Valley.

Not only are the views absolutely stunning, but Sublime Point is also a popular spot for bird-watching, picnicking, and rock climbing.

A short and easy walking path, including a set of stairs and a footbridge, leads to this lookout, with various other sights nearby to make a day of it.

Sublime Point Walking Track
Distance: 500 m (return)
Duration: 30 minutes
Grade: Easy
Wheel-friendly: No
Dog-friendly: Yes (on a lead)

Short video of the Sublime Point Lookout:

How to Get There

Sublime Point is located at the very end of Sublime Point Road in Leura, where you will find a small car park (see map location).

To get there, drive to Leura Mall from the Great Western Highway and turn into Gladstone Road via Megalong Street.

Once on Gladstone Road, simply follow the signs to Sublime Point.


Here is a map of the short walking trail to the lookout:

Map of the Sublime Point walking track

Sublime Point Walking Track

The walking track to the lookout starts from the car park. It’s a very easy walk, suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Start of the Sublime Point Walking Track
Start of the Sublime Point Walking Track

Note that this is not a wheelchair or pram-friendly walk because there are stairs and a small footbridge at the end of the walking path to get onto the lookout platform.

Walking path to Sublime Point
Walking path to Sublime Point

The first section of the walk is a quiet and peaceful stroll through bushland on a paved walking path.

Towards the end of this path is a picnic area with a couple of picnic tables and a sheltered cabin for when it’s a bit colder or windier.

Picnic area at Sublime Point
Picnic area

Just behind this sheltered area is where the track goes downhill via a set of stairs until it meets a small footbridge where the views start to open up.

Footbridge to Sublime Point Lookout
Footbridge to the lookout

Once you’ve crossed this small bridge, the track curves onto the well-sized lookout platform.

Sublime Point Lookout

The Sublime Point Lookout is a large rock platform with a fence located at the southernmost tip of the Sublime Point headland.

Sublime Point Lookout in Leura
Sublime Point Lookout in Leura

It offers 360-degree views of the Jamison Valley, with various Blue Mountains landmarks visible in the distance, such as (from west to east):

  1. The Three Sisters
  2. Castle Head
  3. The Ruined Castle
  4. Mount Solitary
  5. Lincoln’s Rock

For a bit of perspective, the map below shows where these landmarks are located in relation to Sublime Point.

Landmarks visible from Sublime Point

The Sublime Point Lookout is one of many scenic viewing points you can visit in the Blue Mountains. Check out our list of the best lookouts in the Blue Mountains region for more ideas.

Nearby Sights

Once you’ve finished exploring Sublime Point and have more time to spare, there are a few interesting sights nearby that are not so well-known but worth visiting.

1. Golf Link Lookout

The Golf Link Lookout is a hidden gem in the Leura area.

It’s a beautiful lookout point that not many people know about, yet it’s pretty easy to access via two different walking tracks.

The easiest and shortest track starts from Gladstone Road (or The Links Road), and is only a few hundred metres long (see map location).

Golf Link Lookout
Golf Link Lookout

The other walking track, referred to as the Grand Clifftop Walk, is a bit longer and more challenging and starts from Carleton Road (see map location).

Factor in at least one hour for this second return walk, and be mindful that it includes a few steep sections.

2. Pool of Siloam

Once you’ve reached the beautiful Golf Link Lookout, you can, if you wish, continue hiking to the Pool of Siloam, which is another 10 minutes away.

The Pool of Siloam is a natural waterhole and small waterfall on Gordon Creek, which eventually drops into Jamison Valley via Gordon Falls.

Read our article about the Pool of Siloam, with more details about this pretty waterfall and the walking tracks leading to it.

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Sublime Point Lookout in the Blue Mountains


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