Sightseeing in Sydney (Complete Guide)

With so many iconic landmarks, beautiful lookouts with scenic views, and world-famous beaches, sightseeing in Sydney is an absolute delight.

Picnic spots, waterfalls, islands, gardens, parks, dams, historical buildings, and hidden gems; Sydney has something for everyone.

In this Sydney sightseeing guide, we share the best sights in Sydney, not only the obvious ones but also destinations that are a bit off the beaten track.

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Best Sydney Attractions

What sets Sydney apart from other cities are the beautiful and world-famous Harbour, the unique landmarks such as the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House, a great climate, and a stunning coastline with countless beaches.

Check out our list of top Sydney tourist attractions that will help you select the most popular attractions and the best places to visit in Sydney.

Sydney tourist attractions and places to visit

Top Sydney Lookout Points

The best way to see how beautiful Sydney is, is by visiting panoramic lookout points that provide incredible views of the city, landmarks, and natural sights. Sydney has no shortage of vantage points; some are easy to find, and others require a bit of travelling.

In our comprehensive list of Sydney lookout points, we have outlined the very best lookout points in and around Sydney that offer amazing views of the skyline, iconic landmarks, and natural sights.

Best Sydney lookouts with scenic views

Historical Buildings in Sydney

Sydney is a relatively young city with lots of great (and not so great) modern architecture, but for the history buffs, Sydney has a lot to offer too.

Walking through the city of Sydney, you will find an exciting mix of old colonial buildings and tall modern skyscrapers, with many of those older buildings now heritage listed.

In our guide on old buildings in Sydney, we have listed the most impressive historical buildings, perfect for a nice walk out and about in the city.

Old buildings in Sydney

Beautiful Sunset Spots

With a unique skyline and many iconic landmarks, Sydney is the perfect city to enjoy a beautiful sunset. You can find these spots in or close to the city, along the coast, around the Harbour, or at one of the many pretty beaches.

Check out our list of the best sunset spots in Sydney where you can settle in for a relaxing evening or a casual outdoor dinner gathering.

Sydney sunset spots

Best Waterfalls in and Around Sydney

They may not always be easy to find, but Sydney does have some fantastic waterfalls on offer that are worth visiting. Most of these waterfalls can be found in national parks, such as the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and Morton National Park south of the city.

We have listed the best waterfalls in and around Sydney that make for a great day out. Most of them are easy to get to and have custom-built viewing platforms to enjoy amazing views.

Waterfalls in Sydney

Islands in Sydney Harbour

Often overlooked by tourists, Sydney Harbour’s islands hold a wealth of history, and we can learn so much about the history of Sydney by visiting one or more of these islands.

Sydney Harbour is home to eight islands, and five peninsulas that used to be islands. Check out our guide to the islands of Sydney Harbour and find out which ones you can visit for a unique Sydney sightseeing experience.

Sydney Harbour islands

Great Sydney Harbour Ferry Trips

One of the best and easiest ways to explore the unique beauty of Sydney Harbour is by simply hopping on a ferry. Sydney Ferries travel all around Sydney Harbour, connecting the city with the various wharves scattered around the Harbour.

The most scenic ferry trip would be the 30-minute journey from Circular Quay to Manly Beach, a must for every tourist coming to Sydney. Check out our list of scenic Sydney ferry trips for more great sightseeing ideas.

Sydney Harbour ferry trips

Best Gardens in Sydney

Sydney’s pleasant climate lends itself perfectly for gardens, especially those of subtropical nature. Despite Sydney’s strong population growth, there are still lots of beautiful gardens to be found in and outside the city.

Check out our list of the best gardens in and around Sydney for some great ideas for a lovely day out and about.

Best gardens in Sydney

Beautiful Parks in Sydney

While Sydney can be pretty busy, there are still many beautiful parks in and around the city where locals and tourists can enjoy a picnic and some quiet relaxation.

We have shortlisted the best parks in Sydney that showcase the beauty of the city and its surroundings.

Best parks in Sydney

Scenic Picnic Spots in Sydney

Love a good picnic with scenic views? A great and unique way to go sightseeing in Sydney is by having a picnic against the backdrop of the city skyline, the Sydney Harbour, or the amazing coastline.

Our list of great picnic spots in and around Sydney will give you lots of ideas on where to spend a lazy afternoon in the outdoors.

Sydney picnic spots

Dams in Sydney You Can Visit

There are more than 20 storage dams in the Greater Sydney region, and some of these dams are heritage listed and have picnic areas and viewing points nearby.

Check out our list of Sydney dams that you can visit. Most of these dams are quite old and are an amazing sight to witness.

Dams in Sydney

Hidden Gems in Sydney

Sydney has no shortage of tourist attractions and beautiful sights to visit. But there are also many beautiful spots that even local Sydney-siders don’t know about.

Check out our list of beautiful hidden gems in Sydney that will surprise you. These places are typically easy to get to but are not so well-known.

Beautiful hidden places in Sydney


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