10 Awesome Skate Parks in Sydney

This guide shares 10 of the best Sydney skate parks you should check out, based on insider reviews, features, location, facilities, and more.

Skateboarding is a fantastic way to be active and social, while also improving your coordination, balancing, and agility skills. However, Sydney isn’t the most suitable city to go skateboarding in the streets.

Fortunately, the number of skate parks in Sydney and New South Wales is growing, with more facilities being built in various suburbs and parks.

Below, we have shortlisted ten of the best skate parks in Greater Sydney that you should go and check out.

Top 10 Sydney Skateparks:

Skate Park Where
1 South Eveleigh Skatepark Eveleigh
2 Sydney Park Skate Park Erskineville
3 Five Dock Skate Park Five Dock
4 Bondi Skate Park Bondi Beach
5 Fernside Skatepark Waterloo
6 Mona Vale Skate Park Mona Vale
7 Greenhills Skate Park Kurnell
8 Meadowbank Skate Park Meadowbank
9 Oran Park Skate Park Oran Park
10 Macquarie Fields Skate Park Macquarie Fields

Top 10 Sydney Skateparks

Here is our top 10 skate parks in Sydney.

1. South Eveleigh Skatepark

The South Everleigh Skatepark was opened in 2019 and still has that nice, shiny look. It is located in the Australian Technology Park between Redfern and Erskineville and is easily accessible by public transport.

The well-planned design of the park creates an urban street plaza vibe that works well between the modern office buildings in this small business district. The park also has lights on till late.

South Eveleigh Skatepark is suitable for all skill levels. However, since it’s a relatively small space and can get quite crowded, an intermediate skill level will work in your favour if you go there during busy hours.

Check out this video of South Eveleigh Skatepark:

South Eveleigh Skatepark
Address: 39B Henderson Rd, Eveleigh (map)
More info: South Eveleigh Skatepark

2. Sydney Park Skate Park

Opened in 2020, the skate park, which is part of Sydney Park in Erskineville, is another new skateboarding venue that is now claimed to be the largest in Sydney.

What’s great about this skate park is that it is suitable for all skill levels, with separate zones to suit beginners, intermediate, and advanced skaters.

The flagship feature is a 3-metre deep flow bowl for advanced skaters and riders, whereas the beginners bowl will appeal to those trying to up their skills. There is also a section with street-style obstacles suitable for the more technical skaters. The park has lights on until 9 pm.

Check out this video of Sydney Park Skate Park:

Sydney Park Skate Park
Address: Sydney Park Road, Erskineville (map)
More info: Sydney Park Skate Park

3. Five Dock Skate Park

The Five Dock Skate Park has been around for many years and is still one of the most popular skateboarding venues in the Greater Sydney area.

The park has had several facelifts and upgrades over the years and is now a state-of-the-art skatepark that experienced skaters will enjoy.

The park consists of three big bowls that are connected, creating a smooth flow with nice and clean transitions. It can get a bit crowded sometimes, though, and you’ll have to share the park with other skateboarders, BMX riders, scooters and rollerbladers.

Check out this video of Five Dock Skate Park:

Five Dock Skate Park
Address: 68 Ingham Avenue, Five Dock (map)
More info: Five Dock Skate Park

4. Bondi Skate Park

Bondi Beach is home to one of Sydney’s most famous skateboarding venues, the Bondi Skate Park. Located right next to the beach, Bondi Skate Park consists of two bowls, one small and deep and the other one much larger but not as deep.

This world-class venue has hosted several events and competitions over the years, including the popular Bowl-A-Rama event.

Bondi Skate Park has a fantastic vibe and will suit intermediate and advanced skateboarders, but anyone with the right attitude is, of course, more than welcome.

Check out this video of Bondi Skate Park:

Bondi Skate Park
Address: 102 Campbell Parade, Bondi Beach (map)
More info: Bondi Skate Park

5. Fernside Skatepark

Also known as Waterloo Skatepark, Fernside is an original street-style skate plaza with lots of different obstacles, such as blocks, ledges, rails, stairs, and also a half-pipe to conquer.

Fernside will suit skateboarders of all levels, with lots of room to practise your tricks without interrupting others. It can get a bit busy there, but overall, the atmosphere is positive and welcoming.

Check out this video of Fernside Skatepark:

Fernside Skatepark
Address: Elizabeth Street, Waterloo (map)
More info: Fernside Skatepark

6. Mona Vale Skate Park

The Mona Vale Skate Park on the Northern Beaches has been around for a few years but was renovated in 2016 and is now considered one of the best skateparks in Sydney.

The park was designed by Convic, and they are very good at creating street-style skate plazas (they also designed the Eveleigh skate park), and the Mona Vale skate park is one of their best designs. It features various obstacles, a mini bowl, and a refurbished ramp, and overall the flow of the park is nice.

Beginners will be comfortable improving their skills in the easier section, while more advanced skateboarders have lots of space to showcase their tricks.

Check out this video of Mona Vale Skate Park:

Mona Vale Skate Park
Address: 1604 Pittwater Road, Mona Vale (map)
More info: Mona Vale Skate Park

7. Greenhills Skate Park

The modern Greenhills Skate Park in Kurnell in the Sutherland Shire is another fantastic skateboarding area designed by Convic. It has all the features that will appeal to both beginners and advanced skaters.

It’s a relatively spacious skate park with a large bowl, a snake run area, and a street-style section with the typical skateboarding obstacles.

Check out this video of Greenhills Skate Park:

Greenhills Skate Park
Address: 271 Captain Cook Drive, Kurnell (map)
More info: Greenhills Skate Park

8. Meadowbank Skate Park

Meadowbank Skate Park is located in Meadowbank Park along the Parramatta River in the City of Ryde and was opened in 2019 after the completion of a multi-million dollar project.

It features an Olympic-standard competition bowl, a flow bowl, and many obstacles for the technical skaters to practise their skills and tricks. There is also a flat track that goes around the skate park where kids and beginners can go and enjoy some basic skateboarding.

Check out this video of Meadowbank Skate Park:

Meadowbank Skate Park
Address: Constitution Road, Meadowbank (map)
More info: Meadowbank Skate Park

9. Oran Park Skate Park

One of Sydney’s newest skateparks is the one in Oran Park, a modern skateboarding venue with a great variety of obstacles, bowls, ramps, and so much more. It’s part of a larger park with a basketball court, table tennis tables and playground all in the same place.

However, a big drawback of this skate park is that public transport to get there isn’t the best, with the nearest train station quite far. So if you have a car, that’s great, because you’ll need it. It’s certainly worth driving there because the park is pretty good. It does get busy, especially on the weekends.

Oran Park Skate Park will suit beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters, with lots of space for everyone to do their thing. The park has lights, too, and they seem to stay on until late.

Check out this video of Oran Park Skate Park:

Oran Park Skate Park
Address: Peter Brock Drive, Oran Park (map)
More info: Oran Park Skate Park

10. Macquarie Fields Skate Park

Macquarie Fields Skate Park is a reasonably large concrete skateboarding venue with a street-style section, various ramps and a big bowl. The design is great, with a nice and smooth continuous flow.

There is lots of space for beginners to improve their skills, while more advanced skateboarders will appreciate the ramps and bowls. There are lights too, which stay on till late.

Check out this video of Macquarie Fields Skate Park:

Macquarie Fields Skate Park
Address: Victoria Road, Macquarie Fields (map)
More info: Macquarie Fields Skate Park

Skate Park Etiquette

Skate parks are fun places to hang out, but they are also places where space is limited and where space needs to be shared with others. In addition, skateboarding is also a sport that carries risks.

When visiting a skate park, you will find that most people are very supportive, respectful and welcoming. A positive skate park etiquette helps with establishing that shared understanding and camaraderie.

Sydney skate park

Here are a few things to keep in mind when visiting a skatepark.

  • Pick the right skate park:
    If you’re a beginner, choose a beginner-friendly skate park. If you’re an experienced skater and want to go all out, pick a more challenging skate park. Do a bit of research beforehand.
  • Prepare before you go:
    If you’re going to a skate park you’ve never been to before, suss it out before jumping in. Check out the vibe, the runs, the flow, and then go and join in.
  • Master the basics:
    Before entering a skate park, make sure you’re able to at least master the very basics of skateboarding.
  • Move out of the way:
    When you’re not actively skateboarding or not preparing for a run, don’t occupy the hot spots. Move aside until you’re ready for your next move.
  • Follow the lines:
    Skate parks typically have a flowing design, meaning skaters can follow the same lines to avoid collisions. Observe and follow the lines.
  • Don’t comp:
    Comping means closely following another skater and copying their moves and skills. This is distracting and uncool.
  • Don’t snake:
    Do not intentionally get into someone’s way when this other person is doing a run. This is highly uncool.
  • Look after your board:
    If you happen to lose your board, grab it immediately and move aside. If your board happens to be thrown into the air following a failed trick, call it out loud to warn your fellow skaters.

Best skateparks in Sydney


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Updated: May 17, 2024


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