Find the Best Walks in Sydney (Complete Guide)

Walking is the best way to explore the beautiful sights and scenery in and around Sydney. With literally thousands of walking tracks to choose from in the greater Sydney region, finding the best walks can be pretty challenging.

In this comprehensive guide, we share the best walking tracks in and around Sydney, from scenic coastal walks in the east to easy sightseeing walks in the city to challenging bush walks further away.

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Top 25 Sydney Walking Tracks

Let’s kick off with our personal top 25 walking tracks in and around Sydney. This amazing list has great Sydney hikes for all ages and for all fitness levels.

You will find exciting walks in our Sydney Harbour, scenic walks along the Sydney coast, as well as walking tracks in the bush. Some of these walks are short and easy, while others are much longer and quite challenging.

Top hikes in Sydney

Best Sydney City Walks

Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. With so many iconic landmarks, stunning lookouts, and scenic parks situated in and around the city, simply walking around is the best way to explore all that goodness.

We have listed five of the best Sydney city walks, which will help you see all the highlights and absorb the atmosphere and the culture of the amazing city of Sydney.

Sydney city walks

Best Walks in Sydney Harbour National Park

Imagine you live in a city that has a beautiful national park right in the middle of its own backyard. That’s right; our incredible Sydney Harbour is a national park, home to some of the best walking tracks you can find in Sydney.

What’s great about these walks in Sydney Harbour is that they have so much to offer. They are a mix of coastal, bay and bush walks, providing beautiful scenery and history.

Sydney Harbour walks

Best Coastal Walks in Sydney

If one thing makes Sydney so unique, it may well be its long and characteristic coastline. Sydney’s coastline has so much to offer, with iconic beaches, historic rock pools, scenic parks, and large sandstone cliffs.

We have selected 15 of the very best walking tracks along Sydney’s coast that encapsulate all of these unique aspects of our city’s incredible coastline.

Coastal walks in Sydney

Best Bush Walks in Sydney

With so many beautiful national parks surrounding the city of Sydney, there is no shortage of exciting bush walks.

You don’t need to travel far away into the outback to find these walking tracks in the bush. There are many bush walks to be found in and around the city, as well as in popular national parks nearby, such as the Blue Mountains and the Royal National Park.

Our list of the 17 best bush walks in and around Sydney will help you find the perfect walk for that Sunday afternoon.

Bush walks in Sydney

Best Walks in the Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is Sydney’s most popular bushwalking destination. Not only is Sydney’s most famous national park home to fantastic walking tracks, but you will also find many scenic lookout points and majestic waterfalls there.

The best way to find all these hidden treasures is by doing some of these walking tracks. We have handpicked the top walking tracks in the Blue Mountains, from short family-friendly trails to challenging multi-day bushwalks.

Best walking tracks in the Blue Mountains

Best Walks in Sydney’s Royal National Park

Australia’s oldest and the world’s second oldest national park, the Royal National Park just south of Sydney, is another popular weekend hiking destination, with lots of different walking tracks to choose from.

The Royal National Park is also home to one of Sydney’s most challenging coastal walks, the Coast Track from Bundeena to Otford. Read more about that walk and other popular walks in our guide to the best walks in Royal National Park.

Best walks in Sydney's Royal National Park

Best Walks in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

Situated only 25km north of the Sydney CBD, Ku-ring-gai Chase national park is Australia’s second oldest national park, and is a popular weekend destination for Sydney residents as well as for tourists.

Ku-ring-gai Chase is not only home to some great walking tracks but also picnic areas, secluded beaches, lookout points, and various mountain biking trails.

If you’re looking for a new exciting walk in the greater Sydney area, check out our shortlist of the best walks in Ku-ring-gai Chase national park.

Walks in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park


Best walks in Sydney