7 Best Beaches in Byron Bay (Complete Guide)

Byron Bay beaches

A guide to the seven best beaches in Byron Bay, suitable for swimming, surfing, snorkelling, sunbathing, and relaxing.

The coastline of New South Wales is home to some of the world’s prettiest beaches, and some of these strips of sand are located in the Byron Bay area in the northeastern corner of the state.

Byron Bay is a popular beach-side town that attracts many travellers and tourists each year. Initially making a name for itself as a busy industrial port town, Byron Bay has transitioned into a holiday destination and surfing hot spot since the 1960s.

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Visit Bennetts Beach in Hawks Nest

Bennetts Beach in Hawks Nest

Bennetts Beach is a beautiful 14 km long strip of white sand on the Myall Coast in Hawks Nest, just north of the Yacaaba Headland.

Popular with surfers, swimmers and sunbathers, the beach sits between Seal Rocks in the north and Yacaaba Headland in the south.

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20 Best Beaches in New South Wales

Best beaches in NSW

One of the advantages of living in New South Wales is that the state has a very long coastline, home to some of Australia’s prettiest beaches. Some of those beaches are famous worldwide, while others are still very much undiscovered.

With so many great beaches in New South Wales to choose from, there is, of course, no such thing as a top 10, a top 15, or even a top 20.

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The Cronulla Beach Coastal Walking Trail

Cronulla Beach walk

While most people visit Cronulla Beach because of its beaches, beautiful parks, and lively town centre, this beachside suburb is also home to one of Sydney’s prettiest coastal walking tracks.

Starting at Wanda Beach, the Cronulla Beach walking track is a picturesque 6 km coastal trail that follows the peninsula’s shoreline, taking in several ocean rock pools, playgrounds, beaches, and impressive real estate.

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17 Secluded Beaches in Sydney for a Quiet Swim

Secluded beaches in Sydney

Sydney is blessed with many beautiful beaches, some big and world-renowned, others much smaller and not so well-known. With so many quality beaches on offer, Sydney is almost unrivalled in the world.

Whilst it’s nice to spend a day at Cronulla Beach, Manly Beach, Coogee Beach or Bondi Beach, chances are you’ll be surrounded by thousands of other beach-goers and sunbathers.

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15 Dog Friendly Beaches in Sydney

Dog friendly beaches in Sydney

While there may be many beautiful beaches along Sydney’s coastline and in the Harbour, not many of those strips of sand are dog friendly.

It’s true, dogs are not allowed on most of Sydney’s beaches, not even on a lead. And with such a large dog population in our city, that is indeed rather disappointing.

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6 Beautiful Nude Beaches in and Around Sydney

Sydney nude beaches

Swimming and bathing in your birthday suit may not be for everyone, but there are a few nudist beaches in Sydney where taking off all your clothes is considered normal.

The nudist community in Sydney may not be as large as it used to be back in the seventies and eighties, but swimming nude is still very much a thing in Sydney and New South Wales.

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Discover Gordons Bay (Between Coogee and Clovelly)

Gordons Bay in Sydney

Located just moments away from Clovelly and Coogee beach, Gordons Bay is a small piece of paradise along the coastal walk between Bondi and Coogee.

Protected by a reef, the bay is a popular spot for fishing, swimming, diving and snorkeling, away from the crowds at the larger beaches nearby.

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