12 Best Waterfalls in and Around Sydney

Sydney waterfalls

Sydney has a lot to offer when it comes to beautiful natural scenery. The coastline, the beaches, the mountains, the valleys, as a Sydney-sider you have an endless amount of options for great day trips to undertake.

But if there is one thing we all love watching when out and about, it has to be waterfalls. That beautiful sound of water plunging into a pool, waterfalls are such impressive sites to visit.

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Walk to the Rocket Point Lookout in Wentworth Falls

Rocket Point Lookout walking track in Wentworth Falls

The Rocket Point Lookout is one of the most impressive vantage points in the Wentworth Falls area, with panoramic views to enjoy of the waterfall and the Jamison Valley.

A short round walk, starting from the top of the waterfall, will bring you to this lookout, which often gets overlooked by visitors to Wentworth Falls.

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The Princes Rock Lookout and Walking Track in Wentworth Falls

Princes Rock walking track and lookout point

The Princes Rock Lookout is a scenic vantage point in the Wentworth Falls area of the Blue Mountains that offers superb waterfall and valley views.

A short walking track starting from the picnic area leads to this lookout, the perfect opportunity to see the entire waterfall without having to do intense bushwalking.

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50 Inspirational Waterfall Quotes and Captions

50 Waterfall quotes and captions

If there is one thing people love watching when out and about, it has to be waterfalls. Water plunging down into a valley or into a natural water hole, they’re a true gift from Mother Nature.

Waterfalls also have the power to inspire people, to go and write books, to philosophize about life, or to simply post your next Insta update with a worthy caption.

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Visit Dangar Falls on the Bielsdown River in Dorrigo

Dangar Falls in Dorrigo

Quietly tucked away in a scenic agricultural setting, Dangar Falls is a 30m high cascade waterfall on the Bielsdown River in Dorrigo.

A short but relatively steep walking track leads down to the river, where visitors can go for a swim in the beautiful waterhole at the waterfall’s base.

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Visit Ebor Falls on the Guy Fawkes River

Ebor Falls on the Guy Fawkes River

Ebor Falls is a spectacular cascade waterfall on the Guy Fawkes River in Northern New South Wales and consists of two major drops.

It is one of the various popular sightseeing attractions on the Waterfall Way, a scenic drive passing through New England and Dorrigo national parks.

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Guide to the Waterfall Way (Highlights and Itineraries)

Waterfall Way (highlights and itineraries)

The Waterfall Way is a 185 km scenic drive between Coffs Harbour and Armidale, passing through New England and Dorrigo national parks, with numerous impressive waterfalls to discover.

With so many impressive sights to visit, the Waterfall Way is a popular weekend destination in northern New South Wales.

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Winifred Falls Trail in the Royal National Park

Winifred Falls in Royal National Park

The Winifred Falls Trail is a relatively short but scenic bushwalk that takes you to the pretty Winifred Falls in the Royal National Park.

Relax on one of the many rock platforms at the waterfall, or venture out a bit further to South West Arm Pool or Anice Falls.

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Visit Warragamba Dam and Lake Burragorang

Warragamba Dam and Lake Burragorang

Warragamba Dam is Australia’s largest concrete dam and is responsible for the creation of Lake Burragorang, Sydney’s primary reservoir for water supply.

Visiting the dam’s visitor centre and the various lookout points is a great opportunity to discover the fascinating history and significance of the dam.

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Walk Across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

The Harbour Bridge is arguably Sydney’s most iconic landmark. Connecting the CBD with Sydney’s north shore, the Harbour Bridge is both a popular tourist attraction, as well as a crucially important piece of infrastructure.

Walking across the Harbour Bridge via the pedestrian walkway is the easiest and best way to experience the beauty of this landmark, while also enjoying the incredible city and Harbour views.

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout and Museum

Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout and Museum

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is widely considered Sydney’s most iconic landmark, and a visit to Sydney is not complete without seeing or walking across the Harbour Bridge.

There are many ways to get up close and personal with Sydney’s famous bridge, but perhaps the best way is by visiting the Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout.

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21 Best Picnic Spots in Greater Sydney

Sydney picnic spots

Blessed with a great climate and stunning natural scenery, Sydney is the perfect city to go outside and have a picnic. With so many parks, reserves, lookout points and popular beaches to choose from, you’ll never run out of options on the weekends.

Some like peace and quiet with no one else around, while others prefer a bit more action. Some like to have good facilities available, such as shelters, BBQs and parking areas, while others like to go back to basics.

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19 Best Parks in Sydney You Need to Visit

Best parks in Sydney

Despite Sydney’s strong population growth in recent times, Australia’s most beautiful city is still home to a great number of beautiful parks.

Sydney-siders have always loved the outdoors, and the best way to enjoy that outside breeze, fresh air, and sunshine is by visiting one of the many parks in and around the city.

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Eagle Rock and Curracurrong Falls (Via Wattamolla)

Eagle Head Rock and Curracurrong Falls

Eagle Rock is a unique rock formation in the Royal National Park that strongly resembles an eagle’s beak. Next to Eagle Head Rock is Curracurrong Falls, one of the very few waterfalls in the world that flows directly into the ocean.

A scenic coastal walk, starting from Wattamolla, leads to these two iconic landmarks, with fantastic views to take in along the way.

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27 Best Lookouts in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains lookouts

We have listed the 27 best Blue Mountains lookouts, from the Wentworth Falls area to Bells Line of Road, via Leura, Katoomba, Blackheath, and Mount Victoria.

The Blue Mountains is by far one of the most popular day trip destinations from Sydney. Suitable to visit during all four seasons, the region consists of several National Park areas and a conservation reserve.

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Pulpit Rock Lookout and Walking Track in the Blue Mountains

Pulpit Rock Lookout and walking track in the Blue Mountains

Pulpit Rock near Blackheath in the Blue Mountains is a large cliff edge with three lookout points spread across different levels. The lookouts are connected via a path with several sets of stairs.

An unsealed road and a short walking path will get you to the Pulpit Rock Lookout, offering panoramic views of the Grose Valley and beyond.

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Discover Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park

Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park

Fitzroy Falls is a picturesque village in Morton National Park (Southern Highlands), famous for its spectacular waterfall that goes by the same name.

Follow the short walking trail from the Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre along the creek to a lookout platform with spectacular views of the waterfall and the Yarrunga Valley.

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