30 Best Sydney Tourist Attractions and Places to Visit

Sydney tourist attractions and places to visit

Find the best tourist attractions and places to visit in Sydney with our guide, including iconic landmarks, unique hidden gems, and beautiful natural sights.

Sydney is the prettiest, most versatile, and also most popular city in Australia, visited by millions of tourists each year.

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Discover the Islands of Sydney Harbour

Sydney Harbour islands

Sydney Harbour and its islands hold a wealth of history, and we can learn so much about the evolution and growth of Sydney by visiting or reading about these islands.

Some of Sydney Harbour’s islands can be visited, while others can’t. Some of them aren’t even islands anymore, as they have been reclaimed and are now part of the mainland.

In this guide, we are going to dive a little deeper into the islands and former islands of Sydney Harbour and uncover their rich historical legacy.

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Discover Cahill’s Lookout near Katoomba in the Blue Mountains

Cahill's Lookout in Katoomba

Overlooking the Megalong Valley, Cahill’s Lookout is one of the most impressive lookouts in the Blue Mountains, but without the big tourist crowds.

Quietly tucked away on the westernmost point of Cliff Drive, the lookout offers breathtaking views of the valley, Megalong Head, Boars Head Rock, and the Narrow Neck Peninsula.

A paved 500-metre long walking path leads to this lookout with multiple viewing platforms to explore. Keep reading to find out more!

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