Barangaroo Reserve (A Modern Sydney Foreshore Park and Walk)

Barangaroo Reserve (foreshore park and walk)

Located on the western side of the Sydney CBD, Barangaroo Reserve is a modern Sydney Harbour foreshore park, characterised by open landscaping, large grassy areas, and several walking paths.

The new reserve was constructed as part of the Barangaroo transformation project, which has changed an old industrial site into a thriving business, entertainment, and leisure precinct.

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The Goods Line (Sydney’s Urban Walkway)

The Goods Line in Sydney

The Goods Line is a partly elevated urban walkway from Sydney Central Station to Darling Harbour that follows the route of a long-neglected but once bustling railway line.

After the completion of a $15 million transformation project, The Goods Line re-opened to the public in August 2015 as a walkway, linear park, and open space.

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18 Historical Buildings in Sydney You Can Visit

Historical buildings in Sydney

Sydney is a relatively young city with lots of great (and not so great) modern architecture, but for the history buffs, Sydney has a lot to offer too.

The British colony of New South Wales was first established in 1788, and many historical buildings from the 19th century still stand strong today.

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5 Best Sydney City Walks (Discover the CBD)

Sydney city walks

A list with five of the best city walks that take in all the landmarks in the Sydney CBD while enjoying some of the most scenic views.

We can all agree that Sydney is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. What’s even better is that Sydney is also a very walkable city. Most of the city’s iconic landmarks are all within easy walking distance.

Walking the city is the best way to see the highlights and get a good feel of what Sydney is about. It allows you to absorb the atmosphere and the culture of our amazing city.

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Discover Ballast Point Park in Birchgrove

Ballast Point Park in Birchgrove

Ballast Point Park is an award-winning, 2.6 ha recreational area in Birchgrove on the Balmain Peninsula, with scenic Harbour and city skyline views to take in.

This waterfront park was once a thriving industrial site, and its current design has preserved much of the area’s industrial past.

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Walk Across the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Sydney Harbour Bridge Walk

The Harbour Bridge is arguably Sydney’s most iconic landmark. Connecting the CBD with Sydney’s north shore, the Harbour Bridge is both a popular tourist attraction, as well as a crucially important piece of infrastructure.

Walking across the Harbour Bridge via the pedestrian walkway is the easiest and best way to experience the beauty of this landmark, while also enjoying the incredible city and Harbour views.

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