Wentworth Falls Hiking Guide (Walks and Lookouts)

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Wentworth Falls is one of the most popular bushwalking destinations in the Blue Mountains. The name Wentworth Falls refers to the famous 3-tiered, 187m high waterfall, but it is also the name of the town where the waterfall is located.

There are lots of different walking tracks to choose from in the Wentworth Falls area, some very short and others quite long and challenging. In addition to walks, there are also several lookout points with spectacular views to enjoy in Wentworth Falls.

Deciding where to go and which walking track to conquer in Wentworth Falls can be a challenge in itself. This hiking guide aims to help you find the best walks and lookouts in and around Wentworth Falls so you can plan your day out in the Blue Mountains.

Update May 2020:

Due to a severe rockfall event in November 2017, the National Pass walking track is closed between Valley of Waters and Slack Stairs until further notice. The base of Wentworth Falls can still be accessed via the Grand Stairway.

Find the latest update here.


Beautiful Wentworth Falls

How to Get to Wentworth Falls

Most walking tracks in and around Wentworth Falls start and/or end at the Conservation Hut or at the Wentworth Falls Picnic Area. So depending on which walk you’d like to do, it’s recommended to head to one of these two places.

Use the Conservation Hut as a starting point for these walks:

  • Valley of the Waters
  • Nature Track

Use the Wentworth Falls Picnic Area as a starting point for these walks:

  • Wentworth Falls Track
  • Princes Rock Walking Track

The following walks can be started from either location as they are circuit tracks:

  • Wentworth Pass
  • National Pass
  • Overcliff Undercliff Track

Wentworth Falls dropping into Jamison Valley

1. Conservation Hut

The famous Conservation Hut is a popular cafe located at the end of Fletcher Street in Wentworth Falls, Blue Mountains. They offer breakfast and lunch and are opened daily from 9am until 4pm.

Originally opened in 1963 as a meeting place for the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, the Conservation Hut has been operating as a cafe since 1993 when the building was redeveloped.

Getting to the Conservation Hut is very easy. From the Great Western Highway, take the exit into Falls Road in Wentworth Falls, followed by a right turn into Fletcher Street.

The Conservation Hut has a small car park that quickly fills up in the weekends. Suburban street parking is available nearby.

2. Wentworth Falls Picnic Area

The Wentworth Falls Picnic Area is a destination in itself, with great facilities such as BBQs, tables and well maintained toilet blocks.

To get to the picnic area, take the Falls Road exit from the Great Western Highway and drive all the way to the car park at the end of the road. This is where Falls Road flows into Sir H Burrell Drive that loops around the car park.

Public Transport

Alternatively, you can travel by train to the village of Wentworth Falls on the other side of the Great Western Highway, and follow the Charles Darwin walking track to the waterfall.

This easy 2.4km walk follows Jamison Creek with a few small waterfalls and beautiful scenery to enjoy along the way.

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5 Best Wentworth Falls Lookouts

There are a number of great lookouts in and around Wentworth Falls where you can enjoy some pretty amazing views of the waterfall and the surrounding valleys. Some of these lookouts are close to the picnic area, others require a bit of hiking to reach them.

Here are five of the most popular lookout points in Wentworth Falls (see map with lookouts further below).

1. Jamison Lookout

Conveniently located right next to the car park along the footpath beside the Sir H Burrell Drive loop, the Jamison Lookout offers great scenic views over Jamison Valley towards Mount Solitary and beyond.

Jamison Lookout in Wentworth Falls
Jamison Lookout

While you can’t see the waterfall from this lookout point, the views are amazing enough to get you excited about what’s to come.

2. Wentworth Falls Lookout

Similar to the Jamison Lookout, the official Wentworth Falls Lookout point provides great views over the Jamison Valley but from a slightly different angle.

Located at the eastern side of the Sir H Burrell Drive loop, the Wentworth Falls lookout is the first major lookout that provides glimpses of the top of waterfall. But despite its name, this is actually not the best place to see the whole waterfall.

From the Wentworth Falls lookout point, the track heads into the bush heading towards the Fletchers Lookout and the waterfall.

3. Fletchers Lookout

Located just north of the Wentworth Falls, the small Fletchers Lookout offers a close view of the top of the waterfall in addition to panoramic views into Jamison Valley and the surrounding escarpments.

The Fletchers Lookout is clearly signposted as a little side track from the main Wentworth Falls walking track.

4. Rocket Point Lookout

The Rocket Point lookout point can be accessed via a short loop starting from the top of the Wentworth Falls.

After crossing Jamison Creek above the waterfall, follow the Rocket Point Circuit sign at the intersection to get to the lookout.

Rocket Point Lookout
Rocket Point Lookout

The fenced Rocket Point Lookout sits high on a cliff offering great views of the waterfall and the valley below.

5. Princes Rock Lookout

The Princes Rock Lookout is perhaps the best lookout point to see the waterfall in its entirety.

There are two ways to get to the Princes Rock lookout. The easiest and quickest way is via the Princes Rock walking track that starts at the picnic area on Sir H Burrell Drive, close to the Wentworth Falls lookout point. It’s a beautiful 1km descend into the valley from there.

The other way to make your way to this lookout is via the Overcliff-Undercliff circuit walking track (see further below).

Wentworth Falls lookouts map
Wentworth Falls lookouts

Other lookouts that should be mentioned are the Queen Victoria and Empress lookout points along the Empress Falls walking track.

These two lookouts are located at the western side of the Wentworth Falls area and can be accessed via the National Pass and Wentworth Pass walking tracks and also the Nature Track.

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7 Best Wentworth Falls Walks

Here is a summary of the 7 most popular walking tracks in the Wentworth Falls area.

The three circuit tracks – Wentworth Pass, National Pass and Overcliff Track – each go into the valley at different depths. They re-join at the waterfall and at the Conservation Hut.

1. Wentworth Pass

The longest of the three circuit tracks, the Wentworth Pass, is a 5km adventurous hike that can be started at the Conservation Hut or at the picnic area.

From the Conservation Hut, the Wentworth Pass makes its way through the upper section of the Valley of the Waters deep into the dense rainforest of the Jamison Valley via Empress Falls.

Empress Falls
Empress Falls

This track treats hikers to several creek crossings, waterfalls and lookouts before the track rejoins the National Pass after climbing the famous Slack Stairs. From there it’s a short hike to the Grand Stairway bringing hikers to the top of Wentworth Falls.

From the waterfall, make your way to the picnic area, past the Wentworth Falls and Jamison lookout points, before returning to the Conservation Hut via the Shortcut Track.

Wentworth Pass map
(Wentworth Pass – Click to enlarge)
Wentworth Pass
Distance:5 km (circuit)
Time:4 hours
Dogs:Not allowed

2. National Pass

Built with picks, shovels and dynamite at the start of the 20th century, the National Pass is one of the most famous bushwalks in Sydney, New South Wales and Australia.

National Pass walking track in Wentworth Falls
National Pass

Starting at either the Wentworth Falls picnic area or the Conservation Hut, this 4.5km circuit trail passes several lookouts with panoramic views of the famous Wentworth Falls and the Jamison Valley, with sections of the track built into the side of the cliff.

One of the highlights of the track is the Grand Stairway, a set of hand-carved stone steps that connects the top of the waterfall with the valley below.

Wentworth Falls National Pass map
(National Pass – Click to enlarge)
National Pass
Distance:4.5 km (circuit)
Time:3.5 hours
Dogs:Not allowed

3. Overcliff – Undercliff Track

The Overcliff Undercliff walking track is the shortest of the three circuit tracks in the Wentworth Falls area.

Starting at the Conservation Hut, this track follows the edge of the cliff rather than going into the valley like the Wentworth Pass and National Pass do.

Overcliff Underclif Track
Overcliff Underclif Track

Several small lookout points along the way, such as the Lyrebird and Breakfast Point lookouts, give you great views of the valley below, and Sublime Point and Mount Solitary further away.

The Overcliff Undercliff walking track re-joins the Wentworth Pass and National Pass at the Fletchers Lookout, before returning to the Conservation Hut via the picnic area and the Shortcut walking track.

Wentworth Falls Overcliff Undercliff track map
(Overcliff-Undercliff Track – Click to enlarge)
Overcliff Undercliff Track
Distance:4 km (circuit)
Time:2.5 hours
Dogs:Not allowed

4. Valley of the Waters (Plus Vera Falls)

The Valley of the Waters walking track guides bushwalkers into the rainforest of the Wentworth Falls valley, with several small waterfalls and lookout points to explore.

This track is essentially the first part of the Wentworth Pass, up until the intersection where the Wentworth Pass makes a sharp left turn.

At this intersection you have the option to extend this adventure by continuing straight heading towards Vera Falls and Hippocrene Falls. Please note that this part of the walk is for experienced bushwalkers only as the track is not well maintained and it’s very easy to get lost.

You can actually turn a visit to Vera Falls and Hippocrene Falls into a 10 km round trip by continuing the trail until it re-joins the Wentworth Pass and National Pass. But again, this is only for experienced bushwalkers.

Valley of the Waters track map

Valley of the Waters (Plus Vera Falls)
Distance:1.5 km (return)
Distance to Vera Falls:4 km (return)
Time:1.5 hours (4 hours to Vera Falls)
Grade:Moderate / hard
Dogs:Not allowed

5. Nature Track

The Nature Track is the only walk in this list of Wentworth Falls walks that doesn’t get close to the famous waterfall.

Nature Track in Wentworth Falls
Start of the Nature Track in Wentworth Falls

With start and finish at the Conservation Hut, the moderately challenging 3.5km Nature Track is a true bushwalkers delight. Dense rainforest, small waterfalls, heathlands, swimming holes, lookout points, this fascinating trail is named Nature Track for good reasons.

Follow the signs from the Conservation Hut and enjoy this two-hour adventure in absolutely stunning surroundings.

Map of Nature Track

Nature Track
Distance:3.2 km (circuit)
Time:2 hours
Grade:Moderate / hard
Dogs:Not allowed

6. Wentworth Falls Track

Starting at the picnic area, the Wentworth Falls track is a short walking trail to the top of Wentworth Falls.

Top of Wentworth Falls
Top of Wentworth Falls

This track is perfect if you don’t have much time or if you’re simply not up for a longer, more challenging hike.

The Wentworth Falls track includes the major lookout points, such as the Fletchers Lookout, offering great views of the valley and the top of the waterfall.

Once at the top, you can extend your adventure by taking the Grand Stairway to the bottom of the falls, or you can stay on higher grounds and visit the Rocket Point lookout.

Wentworth Falls track map

Wentworth Falls Track
Distance:1.5 km (return)
Time:1 hour
Dogs:Not allowed

7. Princes Rock Walking Track

The walking track to the Princes Rock lookout is the shortest in this list of Wentworth Falls walks but certainly doesn’t disappoint.

The walk officially starts at the picnic area on Sir H Burrell Drive and makes a descend into the valley between the Jamison and Wentworth Falls lookout points.

The destination, the Princes Rock Lookout, provides excellent views of the waterfall and the enormous valley below.

Princes Rock walking track map

Princes Rock Walking Track
Distance:1.5 km (return)
Time:1 hour
Dogs:Not allowed

Wentworth Falls hiking guide

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