Winifred Falls Trail in Royal National Park

Last updated: April 1, 2024

The Winifred Falls Trail is a short but enjoyable bushwalk in Royal National Park that leads to a small, unpretentious waterfall.

At the waterfall, visitors can relax on one of the many rock platforms or venture out a bit further along South West Arm Creek.

Winifred Falls Trail
Distance: 2 km (return)
Duration: 1 hour
Grade: Easy
Dogs: Not allowed

How to Get There

In Royal National Park, turn into Warumbul Road from Sir Bertram Stevens Drive and continue for a couple hundred metres.

There is a small parking area located at the start of the track (map location).

Parking in the National Park will cost $12 per vehicle per day, to be paid at the booth or one of the ticket machines.


Here is a map with the walking track to Winifred Falls from Warumbul Road:

Map of the Winifred Falls Trail

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Winifred Falls Trail

The trail to Winifred Falls is short but also quite steep, which you will feel on the return trip when going uphill.

The path is also covered with loose rocks and tree roots, so it’s recommended to wear appropriate hiking shoes.

All that said, the walking track, overall, is pretty easy to do and is suitable for all ages and fitness levels.

Fire Trail

Once you’ve parked your car, look for the start of the walk on the other side of the road, as per the photo below.

Start of the Winifred Falls Fire Trail
Start of the walk

The first part of the fire trail is an easy 10-minute flat walk. It then slowly evolves into a real bushwalk through pleasant scenery.

The forest environment along the trail is beautiful, with thriving native flora and fauna such as banksia plants and gum trees.

Winifred Falls Fire Trail
Winifred Falls Fire Trail

As you continue descending, you will hear the rumbling of the waterfall on the South West Arm Creek getting stronger.

Towards the end of the trail, you’ll make a sharp left turn, and that is where Winifred Falls is located.

Winifred Falls

As with most waterfalls, they are the prettiest after a period of rainfall, and this also holds true for Winifred Falls.

It’s a very small waterfall, but the beautiful natural surroundings make this a wonderful spot to visit.

Top of Winifred Falls
Top of Winifred Falls

You can get the best views and photos of the waterfall if you venture out a bit further downstream and walk around the pool.

There are several rock platforms on top of and around the waterfall to relax and perhaps even have a nice little picnic.

Winifred Falls
Winifred Falls

From the waterfall, the Winifred Falls Trail actually continues but not many people do the whole walking track.

To find the start of that second part of the walking trail, look for the path heading south that crosses South West Arm Creek (upstream). From there, it’s another 2 km through bushland until it reaches Maianbar Road.

Note that this trail also crosses Saddle Gully, where you’ll find Anice Falls, a small and not-so-well-known waterfall.

South West Arm Pool

Another option is to visit the South West Arm Pool, a large natural waterhole that is considered one of the prettiest swimming locations in Royal National Park.

South West Arm Creek
South West Arm Creek

To get there, follow the creek downstream from Winifred Falls for approximately 500 metres. Be mindful that this isn’t a well-defined walking trail, nor is it signposted.

South West Arm Pool has become more popular in recent years, but it’s still a very secluded and quiet location in Royal National Park.

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Winifred Falls in Royal National Park



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