7 Best Hiking Daypacks in Australia (2023 Review Guide)

Best hiking daypacks in Australia (2023 review guide)

Reviews of seven of the best hiking day packs, based on criteria such as size, weight, comfort, materials, price, manufacturer, and more.

As the gentle whisper of nature calls and the allure of distant lands beckons, there’s one companion that every seasoned explorer and passionate traveller trusts implicitly: their daypack.

The backpack is more than just a storage space. It’s an extension of you, a partner in your wanderlust, and a guardian of your essential survival tools.

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7 Best Camping Chairs in Australia (2023 Review Guide)

Best camping chairs (Australia buying guide)

Reviews of seven of the best camping chairs in Australia, based on type, comfort, weight, portability, accessories, and features.

If you want to go camping in Australia, at the very least, you will need a tent and a sleeping bag. But for a camping trip to be even more successful, a camping chair is going to add so much value.

But what is the perfect camping chair? That will depend largely on your personal needs, as there are many different types and models, from the basic folding chair to the more luxurious director’s chair.

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7 Best GPS Watches for Hiking and Running (2023 Australia Guide)

Best GPS watches for hiking and running (Australia guide)

Reviews of seven of the best GPS watches for hiking and running, based on features, durability, ease of use, price, and more.

Choosing a new GPS watch specifically for your hiking or running adventures is not an easy task, with so many products available on the market. Not to mention the many different features they do or don’t offer.

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7 Best Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboards in Australia (2023 Guide)

Best inflatable stand up paddleboards (Australia buying guide)

Reviews of seven of the best inflatable stand-up paddleboards in Australia, based on size, materials, weight, thickness, and more.

Stand-up paddleboarding is a wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy the water and a fantastic workout. To truly take advantage of this great water sport, you need to own your own paddleboard that you can use whenever you want.

Enter the inflatable paddleboard, otherwise known as ISUP. This innovative product gives you all the benefits of a hard shell paddleboard in a package that can be neatly deflated for easy storage.

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7 Best Camping Tables in Australia (2023 Review Guide)

Best camping tables (Australia buying guide)

Reviews of seven of the best camping tables in Australia, based on portability, size, materials, weight, capacity, and price.

Of all the things you need to optimise your camp experience, the right camping table may be one of the harder choices you have to make.

Camping tables come in various sizes and styles, and with more features than you might guess. Finding one you’ll be happy with requires some reflection on your needs and time spent browsing available options.

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7 Best Swags for Camping and Hiking (2023 Australia Guide)

Best swags in Australia

Reviews of seven of the best swags in Australia, traditional as well as dome swags, based on size, mattress, weight, comfort, price and more.

There’s nothing more Australian than sleeping under the stars in a classic swag. In case you don’t know what a swag is, it’s essentially a portable shelter for sleeping and camping.

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5 Best Camping Fridges in Australia (2023 Guide)

Best camping fridges (Australia buying guide)

Reviews of five of the best camping fridges in Australia, based on type, capacity, weight, portability, features, price, and more.

Camping fridges are a great alternative to traditional coolers and eskies. They don’t require any ice, they don’t leave your food soaking wet, and they can effectively keep your food cold for weeks on end.

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7 Best Roof Top Tents in Australia (2023 Guide)

Best roof top tents (Australia buying guide)

A roof top tent is a perfect solution for those planning for an extended road trip in Australia with a 4WD, an SUV, or a van.

Modern roof top tents are surprisingly easy to set up and are designed to offer comfort, space, and protection from the elements, while sleeping on top of your vehicle.

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5 Best Torches for Camping and Hiking (2023 Australia Buying Guide)

Best torches for camping and hiking in Australia

Reviews of five of the best torches for camping and hiking in Australia, based on power, durability, ease of use, battery, price, and more.

One of the most important items to bring with you when camping is a torch (or flashlight, depending on where you’re from).

While the oversized battery-eating torch you can get in the supermarket may be suitable for some, you’re much better off buying a compact and powerful torch specifically designed to assist you on those exciting outdoor trips.

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9 Best Lightweight Hiking Tents in Australia (2023 Buying Guide)

Best hiking tents (Australia buying guide)

Reviews of nine of the best hiking tents for overnight hikes and camping trips, ranging in size and capacity from 1 to 4 persons.

Choosing the right hiking tent that suits your needs is not always easy, as there are many different products to choose from and various selection criteria to consider.

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