Bridal Veil Falls Circuit (Via Amphitheatre and Fern Bower Track)

Bridal Veil Falls Circuit

The Bridal Veil Falls Circuit is a stunning walking track in the Leura area of the Blue Mountains, navigating through a rainforest landscape with waterfalls, creeks, and large cliff walls.

Bridal Veil Falls, also referred to as Leura Falls, is a stunning cascade waterfall on Leura Falls Creek, flowing into Jamison Valley.

The best way to see this waterfall and its beautiful surroundings is by doing the 4 km Bridal Veil Falls Circuit, which includes the Amphitheatre Walking Track and the Fern Bower Track.

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Discover Minyon Falls in Nightcap National Park

Minyon Falls in Nightcap National Park

Minyon Falls is a stunning plunge waterfall that drops more than 100 metres into a deep gorge, located in Nightcap National Park not too far away from Byron Bay.

A beautiful 7.5 km loop walk through subtropical rainforest brings visitors to a natural swimming hole at the base of the waterfall, although you don’t have to do the full loop to reach the base.

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Discover the Paradise Pool in Linden

Paradise Pool in Linden Blue Mountains

Paradise Pool in Linden is a beautiful natural waterhole on Bulls Creek, which can be accessed via a short but moderately challenging walking trail.

A very pretty waterfall drops into this pool, which has experienced a strong increase in popularity as a swimming hole in recent years.

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7 Best Swimming Holes in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains swimming holes

There is nothing quite like swimming in a natural waterhole in the Blue Mountains, ideally with a pretty waterfall dropping into the pool.

But going for a dip certainly is not the only reason to visit these wild swimming holes. The beautiful scenery and the exciting bush walking trails to get to these spots are just as enjoyable.

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Federal Falls Walking Track Near Orange

Federal Falls walk near Orange

Federal Falls is a stunning waterfall in Mount Canobolas State Conservation Area near the city of Orange in the Central Tablelands region.

A moderately challenging circuit walking track, starting from the Federal Falls Campground, leads to the base of this waterfall, with scenic bushland to explore along the way.

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Valley of the Waters Walking Track in Wentworth Falls

Valley of the Waters Track

The Valley of the Waters walking track is a moderately challenging hike in the Wentworth Falls area of the Blue Mountains that follows a creek into the valley.

This rather steep track is an absolute treat, taking in several beautiful waterfalls and cascades, including Empress Falls, Sylvia Falls and Lodore Falls.

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Katoomba Falls Round Walk in the Blue Mountains

Katoomba Falls walk

Often overlooked by tourists, Katoomba Falls is a beautiful, segmented waterfall between Echo Point and Scenic World in the Blue Mountains.

A short but picturesque circuit walking trail, starting at Scenic World, guides visitors through rainforest scenery to the waterfall, with panoramic views of Jamison Valley.

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Horseshoe Falls Walking Track in Hazelbrook

Horseshoe Falls walking track in Hazelbrook

Horseshoe Falls in Hazelbrook is a small but scenic waterfall on Hazelbrook Creek, located within Horseshoe Falls Reserve in the Blue Mountains.

An exciting dog-friendly bushwalking track leads to this waterfall and three other waterfalls, including Oaklands Falls and Burgess Falls.

Read on to find out more about this track, how to get there, where to park, and how to find all these beautiful natural sights.

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Minnehaha Falls Walk in Katoomba

Minnehaha Falls walk and waterfall in Katoomba

Minnehaha Falls is a relatively small but very pretty waterfall on Yosemite Creek in the Katoomba area of the Blue Mountains.

A short walking track through a scenic landscape leads to the base of this waterfall, with panoramic views to enjoy from start to finish.

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15 Beautiful Waterfalls in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains waterfalls

Our guide with the 15 most beautiful waterfalls in the Blue Mountains, some easy to get to and others a bit harder to find.

The greater Blue Mountains region is home to countless walking tracks, panoramic lookout points, and pretty waterfalls of all sizes.

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Minnamurra Falls and Rainforest Walk in Budderoo National Park

Minnamurra Falls and Rainforest Walk in Budderoo National Park

Minnamurra Falls is a beautiful two-tiered waterfall on the Minnamurra River, quietly tucked away in a thriving rainforest in Budderoo National Park.

A scenic 4.2 km walk, starting from the Minnamurra Rainforest Centre, leads to this waterfall with a large viewing platform right in front of it.

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Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell Circuit Walk

Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell circuit walk

The scenic Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell circuit walk in Leura takes in two small waterfalls and two natural swimming holes.

This quiet and unpretentious walking trail is located in the Leura area of the Blue Mountains, close to the Gordon Falls lookout and picnic area.

It’s a great way to enjoy some unspoiled natural scenery in the Blue Mountains, with various lookouts nearby to explore.

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Discover Katoomba Cascades in the Blue Mountains

Katoomba Cascades in the Blue Mountains

The Katoomba Cascades form a small but picturesque water spectacle on the Kedumba River in the Katoomba area of the Blue Mountains.

Two short walking trails, starting from the cascades, lead to two different lookout points from where visitors can soak in fantastic views of the Jamison Valley.

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