Horseshoe Falls Walking Track in Hazelbrook

Horseshoe Falls walking track in Hazelbrook

Horseshoe Falls in Hazelbrook is a small yet scenic waterfall on Hazelbrook Creek, located within Horseshoe Falls Reserve in the Blue Mountains.

An exciting dog-friendly bush walking track leads to this waterfall and three other waterfalls, including Oaklands Falls and Burgess Falls.

Read on to find out more about this track, how to get there, where to park, and how to find all these beautiful natural sights.

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Discover Minnehaha Falls in Katoomba

Minnehaha Falls and walking track in Katoomba

Minnehaha Falls is a small but very pretty waterfall on the Yosemite Creek in the Katoomba area of the Blue Mountains.

A short walking track through a scenic landscape leads to the base of this waterfall, with scenic views to enjoy from start to finish.

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11 Beautiful Waterfalls in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains waterfalls

The Blue Mountains region west of Sydney is home to countless exciting walking tracks and various panoramic lookout points.

But Sydney’s most popular day trip destination is also home to several beautiful waterfalls, some easy to access and others a bit harder to find.

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Minnamurra Falls and Rainforest Walk in Budderoo National Park

Minnamurra Falls and Rainforest Walk in Budderoo National Park

Minnamurra Falls is a beautiful two-tiered waterfall on the Minnamurra River, quietly tucked away in a thriving rainforest in Budderoo National Park.

A scenic 4.2 km walk, starting from the Minnamurra Rainforest Centre, leads to this waterfall with a large viewing platform right in front of it.

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Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell Circuit Walk

Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell circuit walk

The scenic Pool of Siloam and Lyrebird Dell circuit walk in Leura takes in two small waterfalls and two natural swimming holes.

This quiet and unpretentious walking trail is located in Leura, close to the Gordon Falls lookout and picnic area. It’s a great way to enjoy a bit of unspoiled natural scenery in the Blue Mountains, with various lookouts nearby to explore.

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South Lawson Waterfall Circuit Walk

South Lawson waterfall circuit walk

The South Lawson Circuit Walk is an unspoiled bushwalk that takes in four small but pretty waterfalls in the southern part of Lawson, a quiet town 14km east of Katoomba in the Blue Mountains.

It’s also one of the very few dog-friendly walks in the Blue Mountains where your furry friend is more than welcome to join you on this exciting hike.

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