Visit the Blue Mountains by Car (3 Fun Itineraries)

Blue Mountains by car (3 itineraries)

Three ideas for exciting Blue Mountains day trip itineraries by car, offering a good mix of bushwalking and sightseeing.

Sydney’s most popular weekend destination, the Blue Mountains, is home to countless walking tracks, beautiful sights, scenic waterfalls, and trendy towns.

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Watsons Bay Walk and the South Head Heritage Trail

Watsons Bay Walk and the South Head Heritage Trail

The Watsons Bay Walk is a scenic trail exploring South Head, offering panoramic views of Sydney Harbour, the city skyline, the Tasman Sea, North Head and the historic Hornby Lighthouse.

This family-friendly walk, which includes the South Head Heritage Trail, is situated in one of Sydney’s busiest tourist spots and is easy to get to by ferry.

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Manly Dam Walk (Beautiful Bushwalk on Sydney’s North Shore)

Manly Dam Walk

The Manly Dam Walk is a scenic 7.3 km circuit trail in Manly Warringah War Memorial State Park, consisting of the Nature Trail, the Wildflower Walk, and the Park Circuit Track.

The walk navigates through various types of landscapes, with spectacular views of the lake and the surrounding bushland scenery.

In this article, we’ll share everything you need to know about this exciting bushwalk, including how to get there, where to park, and a handy map.

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Wattamolla Beach and Falls in Royal National Park

Wattamolla Beach and Falls in Royal National Park

Discover Wattamolla Beach in Royal National Park, home to a beautiful lagoon, a secluded beach, a pretty waterfall, and a large picnic area.

Wattamolla is a beautiful secluded spot in the Royal National Park, perfect for a relaxing family day out. Over the years, Wattamolla Beach has evolved into one of Sydney’s most popular weekend and day trip destinations.

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Providential Point Lookout in Royal National Park

Providential Point Lookout in Royal National Park

The Providential Point Lookout is a stunning viewing point in the Wattamolla area of Royal National Park, offering beautiful coastal views.

A short walking trail from the Wattamolla car park will get you to this lookout, with various other walks and things to do nearby to make a day of it.

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17 Best Things to Do in Lithgow (Top Attractions)

Things to do in Lithgow

The 17 best attractions and activities in Lithgow and surrounds, from historic sites and museums to exciting walking tracks and lookouts.

Lithgow is a historic town located on the western edge of the Blue Mountains, approximately two hours driving from Sydney via the Great Western Highway or the Bells Line of Road.

The town has a rich industrial history and is surrounded by various national parks, such as the Gardens of Stone National Park, the Wollemi National Park, and the Blue Mountains National Park.

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Walks and Lookouts in Wentworth Falls (Hiking Guide)

Wentworth Falls walks and lookouts (hiking guide)

This Wentworth Falls guide explores the best walks and lookouts in one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Blue Mountains.

The town of Wentworth Falls is home to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in New South Walls, visited by thousands of tourists each year.

Various walking tracks and lookouts exist close to this incredible waterfall, and this guide will help you plan your day out in the Wentworth Falls area.

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Mermaids Pool and Tahmoor Gorge Track Along the Bargo River

Mermaids Pool and Tahmoor Gorge Walking Track

Mermaids Pool is a beautiful natural water hole on the Bargo River at the start of Tahmoor Gorge, only 75 minutes southwest of Sydney.

This article explores two walking tracks: one trail to Mermaids Pool and a second trail exploring Tahmoor Gorge. We have also included maps to help you with navigating those two walks.

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McMahons Point Lookout in the Blue Mountains

McMahons Point Lookout in the Blue Mountains

McMahons Point Lookout is a scenic vantage point south of Wentworth Falls that offers panoramic views of Lake Burragorang and the surrounding area.

This remote spot is accessible via Kings Tableland Road, a 20 km long unsealed road that is also a popular cycle trail.

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17 Indoor Things to Do in Sydney on a Rainy Day

Indoor things to do in Sydney

From artful escapes to thrilling go-kart races, our guide to the best indoor activities in Sydney will help you make the most of a rainy day!

Sydney boasts a climate that’s close to ideal, featuring mild winters and comfortably warm summer days. However, the city’s sunny reputation is regularly clouded by rain, with an average of 100 rainy days annually and an annual rainfall exceeding 1200 mm.

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15 Unusual Things to Do in Sydney (Fun and Unique Activities)

Unusual things to do in Sydney

Discover fun and unique activities with our guide to unusual things to do in Sydney, perfect for adventurers seeking the path less travelled.

While Sydney is home to some of Australia’s most famous and popular landmarks and tourist attractions, there are also lots of unusual things one can do in Sydney. Unique, fun, and even strange activities that many people don’t know about or don’t make time for.

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7 Prettiest Bay Walks in Sydney

Sydney bay walks

With a long and diverse coastline and a beautiful Harbour right in the city’s backyard, Sydney has no shortage of picturesque bays and secluded beaches.

One of the best ways to explore all that natural beauty is by doing some of the many walking trails in Sydney Harbour and beyond.

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Brickpit Ring Walk in Sydney Olympic Park

Brickpit Ring Walk in Sydney Olympic Park

The Brickpit Ring Walk is a fun and educational tourist attraction in Sydney Olympic Park, situated high above a large pond where once a flourishing brickyard was.

This unique circular walkway structure gives visitors the opportunity to have a bird’s eye view of the pond beneath. This pond now functions as a protected habitat for endangered frogs and other wildlife.

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15 Best Off Leash Dog Parks in Sydney

Off leash dog parks in Sydney

This guide explores the 15 best off-leash dog parks in Sydney, where your canine friend is welcome to run around, play fetch, and socialise with other dogs.

Dogs need exercise to stay healthy and well-behaved, and luckily, in Sydney, we have access to many excellent parks that are suitable for dogs.

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7 Prettiest Swimming Holes in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains swimming holes

This guide explores the seven best waterholes in the Blue Mountains where you can go for a quiet swim, including details on how to find them.

There is nothing quite like swimming in an idyllic natural waterhole in the Blue Mountains, ideally with a beautiful waterfall dropping into the pool. But going for a dip is not the only reason to visit these wild swimming holes. The exciting bushwalking trails to get to these spots are just as enjoyable.

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The Glebe Foreshore Walk (Beautiful Parks and Views)

Glebe Foreshore Walk

The Glebe Foreshore Walk is a scenic walking trail from Bicentennial Park to Bridge Road along the shores of Rozelle Bay and Blackwattle Bay.

This walking track offers excellent views of the Sydney CBD skyline, the Anzac Bridge, and Sydney Harbour. There are several parks along the way to relax and take in the views of this part of Sydney.

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20 Best Parks in Sydney You Need to Visit

Best parks in Sydney

This guide takes you on a journey through the best parks in Sydney, showcasing tranquil green spaces perfect for picnics, short walks, and family fun.

Sydney-siders have always had a love affair with the outdoors, and the best way to enjoy that outside breeze, fresh air, and sunshine is by visiting one of the many parks in and close to the city.

To help you find a destination park where you can wander around, go for a run, enjoy scenic views, or have a picnic with family and friends, we have compiled a list of 20 beautiful parks in Sydney.

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Discover Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park

Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park

Fitzroy Falls is a stunning waterfall in Morton National Park in the Southern Highlands, located in a village that goes by the same name.

A short walking trail from the Fitzroy Falls Visitor Centre leads to a lookout platform that offers spectacular views of the waterfall and the Yarrunga Valley.

In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about visiting this beautiful waterfall, including popular walking tracks nearby.

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