15 Best Off Leash Dog Parks in Sydney

Off leash dog parks in Sydney

This guide explores the 15 best off-leash dog parks in Sydney, where your canine friend is welcome to run around, play fetch, and socialise with other dogs.

Dogs need exercise to stay healthy and well-behaved, and luckily, in Sydney, we have access to many excellent parks that are suitable for dogs.

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11 Best Dog Friendly Walks in the Blue Mountains

Dog friendly walks in the Blue Mountains

Find the best dog-friendly walks in the Blue Mountains in this guide, from short and easy walking trails to more challenging bushwalking tracks.

The Blue Mountains region is Sydney’s most popular destination for weekend recreation activities. Sadly, though, our canine friends can not always come with us when we visit the Blue Mountains to go hiking.

As a general rule of thumb, dogs cannot go inside National Parks. But since the Blue Mountains region is not all National Park, there are many walking trails, parks, and other areas where dogs are more than welcome.

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16 Best Dog Friendly Walks in Sydney

Dog friendly walks in Sydney

A guide to 16 of the best dog-friendly walks in Sydney, from adventurous bushwalking trails to short and easy walking tracks.

Sydney is home to countless walking trails, ranging from scenic coastal trails with fantastic views to adventurous bushwalks in National Parks.

Sadly though, dogs are not allowed into Sydney’s National Parks, not even on a lead, which means they’re missing out on great scenery and exciting walking tracks. But that doesn’t mean you can’t go out hiking with your four-legged companion.

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16 Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Sydney

Dog friendly beaches in Sydney

This guide explores the 16 best dog beaches in Sydney where your furry friend can have a blast running around on the sand and in the water.

While there may be many beautiful beaches along Sydney’s coastline and in the Harbour, only a handful of those strips of sand are dog-friendly.

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