Coachwood Glen Nature Trail in Megalong Valley

Coachwood Glen Nature Trail in Megalong Valley

The Coachwood Glen Nature Trail is a short and unpretentious bushwalk in the Megalong Valley area of the Blue Mountains.

The trail meanders through the beautiful landscape of the Coachwood and Mountain Ash forests, and includes a few crossings of the Pulpit Hill Creek.

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Discover the Mermaids Cave in Blackheath

Mermaids Cave in Blackheath

Mermaids Cave is a large sandstone rock overhang located in a scenic forest environment, with a small waterfall to complete the setting.

A very short walk, via a steep staircase with over 100 steps, leads to this cave in uniquely beautiful natural surroundings.

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35 Best Things to Do in the Blue Mountains

Things to do in the Blue Mountains

A list with 35 things to do in the Blue Mountains to help you decide where to go and how best to spend your time in Sydney’s most popular national park.

Millions of people each year head to Sydney’s west to visit the Blue Mountains. Loved by tourists and local Sydney-siders alike, the Blue Mountains region is one of the most popular day and weekend destinations in New South Wales.

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Discover Mount York in the Blue Mountains

Mount York in the Blue Mountains

Mount York is a mountain located just outside the township of Mount Victoria, the westernmost village in the City of Blue Mountains.

The summit of Mount York is home to various monuments, memorials and plaques related to the first crossing of the Blue Mountains in 1813 and subsequent attempts to build roads to the plains west of the mountains.

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7 Lookouts in Blackheath That You Can Drive To

Blackheath lookouts

The Blackheath area in the Blue Mountains, between Medlow Bath and Mount Victoria, is home to lots of panoramic lookouts that offer scenic views of cliffs, waterfalls and valleys.

Most of these lookout points can be accessed by car, without the need for any intense bushwalking, although there are enough trails nearby if you do wish to go hiking.

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Discover the Jellybean Pool in Glenbrook

Jellybean Pool in Glenbrook Blue Mountains

Jellybean Pool in Glenbrook is a popular natural swimming hole on Glenbrook Creek, with easy access and lots of space to swim and settle in for the day.

As pretty as this waterhole is though, it does get very busy at Jellybean Pool on warm and sunny weekends and during school holidays.

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Discover the Paradise Pool in Linden

Paradise Pool in Linden Blue Mountains

Paradise Pool in Linden is a beautiful natural waterhole on Bulls Creek, which can be accessed via a short but moderately challenging walking trail.

A very pretty waterfall drops into this pool, which has experienced a strong increase in popularity as a swimming hole in recent years.

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Lockleys Pylon Walking Track

Lockleys Pylon walking track in the Blue Mountains

The Lockleys Pylon walking track is an exciting bushwalk in the Blue Mountains, offering scenic 360-degree views of the Grose Valley and beyond.

This part of the Blue Mountains is still relatively quiet and unspoiled, which makes the track to this unique landmark all the more enjoyable.

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7 Scenic Swimming Holes in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains swimming holes

There is nothing quite like swimming in a natural waterhole in the Blue Mountains, ideally with a pretty waterfall dropping into the pool.

But going for a dip certainly is not the only reason to visit these wild swimming holes. The beautiful scenery and the exciting bush walking trails to get to these spots are just as enjoyable.

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Valley of the Waters Walking Track in Wentworth Falls

Valley of the Waters Track

The Valley of the Waters walking track is a moderately challenging hike in the Wentworth Falls area of the Blue Mountains that follows a creek into the valley.

This rather steep track is an absolute treat, taking in several beautiful waterfalls and cascades, including Empress Falls, Sylvia Falls and Lodore Falls.

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