Valley of the Waters Walking Track in Wentworth Falls

Valley of the Waters Track

The Valley of the Waters walking track is a moderately challenging hike in the Wentworth Falls area of the Blue Mountains that follows a creek into the valley.

This rather steep track is an absolute treat, taking in several beautiful waterfalls and cascades, including Empress Falls, Sylvia Falls and Lodore Falls.

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Fletchers Lookout and Weeping Rock Circuit Walk in Wentworth Falls

Fletchers Lookout and Weeping Rock circuit walk

The Weeping Rock circuit walk, starting from the Wentworth Falls picnic area car park, is a pleasant 1.5 km walking trail that passes several lookout points and small waterfalls.

The main lookout point on this track, the Fletchers Lookout, offers fantastic views of the waterfall and the Jamison Valley.

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Den Fenella Walking Track in Wentworth Falls

Den Fenella Walking Track

The Den Fenella Track is a 1 km bushwalking trail from the picnic area in Wentworth Falls to a small but scenic lookout point.

Even though it’s only short, the walk is a real treat, with lush rainforest, creek crossings, cascade waterfalls and panoramic views to take in.

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Overcliff Undercliff Track in Wentworth Falls

Overcliff Undercliff Track in Wentworth Falls

The Overcliff Undercliff Track in the Wentworth Falls area of the Blue Mountains is a scenic 4 km long circuit trail taking in several lookout points.

This hike doesn’t descend into the valley and instead stays higher up on the cliffs, which makes it a far less challenging adventure than the Wentworth Pass, but certainly not less enjoyable.

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Katoomba Falls Round Walk (Blue Mountains)

Katoomba Falls walk

Often overlooked by tourists, Katoomba Falls is a beautiful segmented waterfall located between Echo Point and Scenic World in the Blue Mountains.

A short but picturesque circuit walking trail, starting at Scenic World, guides visitors through lush rainforest all the way to the waterfall, with panoramic views of Jamison Valley.

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10 Scenic Picnic Spots in the Blue Mountains

Blue Mountains picnic spots

Not only is the Blue Mountains the perfect day trip destination to go hiking and to visit incredible lookout points, there are also lots of fantastic picnic spots where you can enjoy a lunch in the great outdoors.

We have shortlisted 10 of the most scenic picnic spots in the Blue Mountains, some easy to find with great facilities, and others a bit harder to get to but with fantastic views.

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How to Get to the Blue Mountains (Car, Train and Bus)

How to get to the Blue Mountains (train, car and bus)

Getting to the Blue Mountains from Sydney is much easier than you may think. Sydney’s most popular national park, located around 60 km west of the city, is easily accessible by car, by train, as well as by bus or coach.

By car, it takes about 90 minutes to get to Katoomba from Sydney, and by train it takes less than 2 hours from Sydney Central to Katoomba train station.

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Hanging Rock and the Baltzer Lookout in the Blue Mountains

Hanging Rock and the Baltzer Lookout in the Blue Mountains

Hanging Rock, a large sandstone object hanging out from a cliff, is one of the most iconic landmarks in the greater Blue Mountains region.

It is situated a few moments away from the Baltzer Lookout, from where visitors can enjoy eye-dropping views of the Grose Valley and surrounding escarpments.

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The Rock Lookout and Rileys Mountain in Mulgoa

The Rock Lookout in Mulgoa

The Rock Lookout is a scenic vantage point in the Mulgoa Valley that offers panoramic views of the Nepean River and the Blue Mountains.

Nearby Rileys Mountain Lookout is also worth a visit, which can be reached via a 5 km return bush walking track through beautiful scenery.

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Horseshoe Falls Walking Track in Hazelbrook

Horseshoe Falls walking track in Hazelbrook

Horseshoe Falls in Hazelbrook is a small yet scenic waterfall on Hazelbrook Creek, located within Horseshoe Falls Reserve in the Blue Mountains.

An exciting dog-friendly bush walking track leads to this waterfall and three other waterfalls, including Oaklands Falls and Burgess Falls.

Read on to find out more about this track, how to get there, where to park, and how to find all these beautiful natural sights.

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