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Exploring the great outdoors in Sydney is the best way to fully appreciate and enjoy everything this great city has to offer. Sydney and New South Wales are very diverse; you can explore the beaches, the coast, the mountains and the bush, and of course the magnificent Sydney Harbour. And with Sydney’s perfect climate, there are lots of exciting and adventurous activities you can do outdoors.

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Explore Sydney’s Outdoors

Sydney is the perfect city to go outside for a walk or a longer hike. With so many walking tracks to choose from in and around Sydney, which one should you pick?

Make sure you check out our comprehensive guide to the best walks in Sydney to help you find that perfect walk.

Or otherwise, go straight to our top 25 best hikes in Sydney for great ideas.

Best hikes in Sydney

Discover the Blue Mountains

The Sydney region is home to several popular national parks, offering countless walking tracks, beautiful lookout points, scenic waterfalls, picnic spots, and much more.

An important tourist and weekend-getaway destination in New South Wales, the Blue Mountains is perhaps Sydney’s most popular national park.

Discover Royal National Park

Established in 1879, the Royal National Park is Australia’s oldest and the world’s second oldest national park.

From scenic lookout points and pretty waterfalls, to isolated beaches and natural swimming pools, this 15,000 hectares large park has something for everyone.

Sightseeing in Sydney

With an amazing city skyline, several unique landmarks and lots of beautiful national parks, Sydney has no shortage of scenic lookouts, waterfalls and other sights to visit.

Things to Do in Sydney

Sydney is the largest and most popular city in Australia, visited by millions of tourists each year. Check out our guide to the best things to do in Sydney, so that you will never have to run out of ideas.

Discover Sydney’s Beaches

One of the perks of living in an amazing city such as Sydney is that there is no shortage of beautiful beaches.

While some of these beaches are famous around the world and draw big crowds on warm summer days, there are also still lots of quiet and secluded beaches to enjoy in Sydney.

Beyond Sydney

No matter how beautiful Sydney is, sometimes we just want to escape the city for a nice day trip, or a long weekend away.

Plan Your Stay in Sydney

Choosing the right accommodation in Sydney for your upcoming holiday can be a challenging task. Your hotel and also the area you’re staying in can make or break a holiday.

This is particularly true for Sydney since the layout of the city is rather complicated.

Outdoor Gear

Unbiased reviews and recommendations for essential outdoor gear such as hiking poles, water bottles, GPS watches, tents, backpacks and more.

Sydney for Dogs

Are you a dog owner living in Sydney? We’ve got you covered!

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