7 Top Rated Inflatable SUP Boards in Australia (2024 Guide)

Last updated: February 28, 2024

Reviews of seven of the best inflatable stand-up paddleboards in Australia, based on size, materials, weight, capacity, thickness, and more.

Stand-up paddleboarding is a wonderfully relaxing way to enjoy the water and a fantastic workout. To truly take advantage of this great water sport, you need to own a paddleboard that you can use whenever you want.

Enter the inflatable paddleboard, otherwise known as ISUP. This innovative product gives you all the benefits of a hard shell paddleboard in a package that can be neatly deflated for easy storage.

To help you find the perfect board, we have tested and reviewed seven of the best inflatable stand-up paddleboards in the Australian market in different price categories.

Best Affordable:
Kings Inflatable SUP
Best Premium:
SereneLife Inflatable SUP
Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
83 cm x 3.2 metres (10’6″) 81 cm x 3.2 metres (10’6″)
15 cm thick 15 cm thick
150 kg capacity 125 kg capacity
Check Price Check Price

Top 7 Inflatable SUPs:

Inflatable SUP Price
1 Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board Price
2 SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Price
3 Goosehill Sailor Inflatable SUP Price
4 Aqua Marina Vapor ISUP Price
5 Tahwalhi Kiama Sands ISUP Price
6 Yoyexer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board Price
7 Aqua Marina Pure Air ISUP Price

Top rated ISUP on Amazon:

SereneLife Inflatable SUP Board
  • Upgraded wide SUP design for better balance: measuring...
  • Soft, stable & anti slip top deck: perfect for beginners,...
  • Best paddling manoeuvrability: outfitted with triple bottom...
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Top 7 Inflatable SUPs

Let’s go through our top 7 in a bit more detail.

Each of the below ISUPs is built with novice SUPers in mind and is made with quality materials, so you can be sure you’re investing in a lifetime of fun.

1. Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board

If you want a quality inflatable paddle board that won’t cost as much as a premier hard shell SUP, let us introduce you to the Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board. This board has all the makings of a premium board but at a price that is much more attainable for the hobbyist SUP-er.

The innovative drop-stitch technology holds the top and bottom layers together using an intricate matrix of tens of thousands of polyester threads. This allows the board to be inflated to a higher pressure for a more rigid body that’s easier to stand on.

The dimensions of this board are perfect for beginner standup boarders and those looking for a relaxing day on the surf. It’s a wide 83 cm across and 3.2 metres (10’6″) tall. The broad surface area also adds to its stability in the water. It has a nice thick build too, at about 15 cm, which makes it easy to stand on but not too thick to climb onto in the water.

The Kings Inflatable SUP features three fins and comes with a leg leash and a sturdy transport backpack that makes it easy to carry down to the beach or cove. The two-piece alloy paddle is simpler than other designs but still plenty usable and easy to break down and store in the pack.

With all these great features and a highly durable build, you won’t find a better board at a lower price. The pump needs to be purchased separately.

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Kings Inflatable Stand-Up Paddle Board
Size: 83 cm x 3.2 metres (10’6″)
Thickness: 15 cm
Weight: 7.95 kg
Capacity: 150 kg

2. SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

If you fancy yourself as more of a seasoned paddleboarder, then it might be best to upgrade to the SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board. This premium board comes with a higher price tag, but it is more than worth the expense if you’re after a quality board with all the best features.

For one, this excellent SUP comes in eight great colours. At 81 cm wide and 3.2 metres (10’6″) long, each is perfectly sized for riders who want to go the distance or spend some time chilling in the surf. Like our bargain choice, this one is 15 cm thick for maximum stability and features three fins for easy maneuverability.

The board itself is made of fibreglass and elasticised fabric with drop stitching to hold everything together no matter what you or the ocean throws at it. The full kit includes a manual air pump, patch kit, leash, and convenient carry pack. You’ll also get the adjustable and collapsible paddle.

The SereneLife SUP may be the most expensive on our list, but it is also one of the most liked and highly rated by users. It can hold up to 125 kg, comes with a three-month warranty, and features a soft no-slip EVA surface.

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SereneLife Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Size: 81 cm x 3.2 metres (10’6″)
Thickness: 15 cm
Weight: 6.3 kg
Capacity: 125 kg

3. Goosehill Sailor Inflatable SUP

Goosehill Sailor Inflatable SUP

Another great choice, if you’re looking for a midrange board that is lightweight but capable of holding heavier passengers, is the Goosehill Sailor Inflatable SUP. The board is available in two colours: sailor blue or sailor green.

This 3.2 metres (10’6″) long and 82 cm wide board weighs just 9.3 kg but is capable of holding passengers up to 150 kg. That strength comes from the reinforced double-layer PVC body. The board features three fins on the bottom, including a removable centre fin that locks into place with a pin to prevent loss.

The included three-piece paddle is adjustable to meet whatever adventure you have in mind. For quick maneuvering in the surf, drop it down to its shortest height of 89 cm. Or, for easy no-bend paddling down the river, extend it out to 250 cm.

Included with the Goosehill Sailor ISUP kit are a double-action manual pump, patch repair kit, coiled leash, and sturdy backpack-style carrying pack. You’ll also get the peace of mind that comes with the Goosehill 3-year warranty.

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Goosehill Sailor Inflatable SUP
Size: 82 cm x 3.2 metres (10’6″)
Thickness: 15 cm
Weight: 4.22 kg
Capacity: 150 kg

4. Aqua Marina Vapor ISUP

Aqua Marina Vapor ISUP

Aqua Marina is a reputable manufacturer of stand-up paddleboards, kayaks, and boats. Their Vapor ISUP is not the largest paddleboard on this list, but with 79 cm x 3.15 metres and a thickness of 14 cm, it can accommodate riders up to 140 kg.

Convenience is king with this product. The double-action pump with high-pressure recessed valve makes inflating and deflating a quick and easy process. Paddling-wise, the Aqua Marina Vapor certainly delivers a smooth ride while enjoying a comfortable and reliable grip with the diamond groove EVA footpad.

Included with the Aqua Marina Vapor are a Sports III (adjustable aluminium) paddle, a slide-in centre fin, a double-action pump, a safety leash, a zipped backpack, and a repair kit.

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Aqua Marina Vapor ISUP
Size: 79 cm x 3.15 metres (10’4″)
Thickness: 14 cm
Weight: 8.5 kg
Capacity: 140 kg

5. Tahwalhi Kiama Sands ISUP

Tahwalhi Kiama Sands ISUP

In terms of great ISUPs that run a little more in the middle of the road when it comes to pricing, we found some stellar options, starting with the Tahwalhi Kiama Sands ISUP.

This handsome woodgrain-coloured board features drop-stitch fabric with a double-layer PVC deck. The stylish yet practical no-slip EVA deck padding is oversized for easy paddling down the river or spreading your stance out to catch some waves. At 3.2 metres (10’6″) long and 81 cm wide, it is a touch narrower than other options, allowing for greater mobility on the water.

The kit comes with a double-action manual pump that will inflate the board in a matter of minutes, a leash, a repair kit, and a compact carrying bag. The bag is made of a mesh material and isn’t as high quality as other options, but we actually prefer it as it allows more airflow to ensure the board is fully dried before storing.

The paddle included in the kit is adjustable and collapsible for easy storage. The board itself can hold up to 150 kg but is impressively lightweight for easy packing to and from the lake, beach, or riverfront.

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Tahwalhi Kiama Sands ISUP
Size: 81 cm x 3.2 metres (10’6″)
Thickness: 15 cm
Weight: 8.33 kg
Capacity: 150 kg

6. Yoyexer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Yoyexer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board

Another great option in this price range is the Yoyexer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board.

This stylish board comes in five colours, including mint green, orange, and yellow. Each board measures slightly shorter than the other models featured here at 3.17 metres (10’5″) and a little narrower at 79 cm. This, combined with the slightly lighter build, makes for easier maneuvering without affecting the overall stability.

The double-layer PVC build with drop stitching is lighter than competitors but still highly wear-resistant and durable. This durability is evident in the higher weight capacity rating of 150 kg.

The bottom of the board features three fins, including a removable centre fin. Meanwhile, the top has a wide EVA non-slip surface that is cushioned to keep you safe during falls. On the nose, you’ll find one of the largest storage areas featured on an ISUP, thanks to the six-point bungee tie-downs.

The full kit includes a double-action manual pump that can blow the board up in about 8 minutes. You’ll also get a portable backpack carrying bag and an adjustable two-piece paddle. Plus, this kit includes a free waterproof phone carrying case so you can document your ocean adventures.

Check Price

Yoyexer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board
Size: 79 cm x 3.17 metres (10’5″)
Thickness: 15 cm
Weight: 8.98 kg
Capacity: 150 kg

7. Aqua Marina Pure Air ISUP

Aqua Marina Pure Air ISUP

The last paddleboard on this list is the Aqua Marina Pure Air, a model that is a bit smaller and lighter than the others. The Aqua Marina is sized 76 cm x 3.1 metres, has a thickness of 12 cm, and can carry up to 105 kg.

While this board may be on the smaller side, it floats and glides exceptionally well when the water is nice and flat, making this the perfect board for beginner riders, even more so with the large honeycomb grooving EVA footpad that ensures a solid grip.

When buying this entry-level stand-up paddle board, you will also receive a high-pressure pump with gauge, a carry bag, a repair kit, and a slide-in centre fin. A paddle is not included with this board, so you will need to buy that separately. But given the affordable price and the quality of the actual board, that shouldn’t be a dealbreaker at all.

Check Price

Aqua Marina Pure Air ISUP
Size: 76 cm x 3.1 metres (10’2″)
Thickness: 12 cm
Weight: 7.4 kg
Capacity: 105 kg

ISUP Buying Guide

Now that you’re familiar with some of the best ISUPs out there, it’s time to consider which product is best for your needs with the help of this handy buyer’s guide.

After reading this guide, you’ll have a better understanding of the differences between products and how different features play into the overall functionality of your new inflatable SUP.

Things to consider before making a purchase:

  1. Inflatable vs hard board
  2. Size
  3. Thickness
  4. Weight capacity
  5. Materials
  6. Accessories

1. Inflatable vs Hard Board

In the world of paddle boarding, there are two board types to choose between. You can go with the old standby and get a hard board, or you can opt for a newer inflatable product. Each comes with its own benefits and drawbacks.

Inflatable Boards

The obvious benefits of an inflatable board are that they’re super easy to store and pack with you. Most are under 20 kg in weight, with some, like the Goosehill Sailor Inflatable SUP, considerably lighter than this. They also pack down into a compact carrying bag that is easier to fit in the boot and plenty easy to store in the house or garage.

Inflatable boards also tend to be more durable due to their less rigid nature. This same aspect makes them safer for the rider since it doesn’t hurt nearly as much to fall onto an ISUP. That extra spring in the board also helps keep your legs from getting fatigued during long trips.

Inflatable SUP with pump

It used to be that hard boards were preferred for surfing and racing, but newer ISUPs made with advanced materials are quickly closing the gap on which board is faster and more maneuverable.

If you’re after a SUP to use for leisurely padding, touring your local river, or novice paddle board surfing, then an inflatable SUP is the way to go.

Hard Boards

Hard boards have the obvious disadvantage of being difficult to carry, store, and transport. Unless you have a surfboard rack or a truck, you won’t be bringing one of these anywhere with you. And you better have a second rack in the carport or garage to store it.

The rigidity of hard boards also makes them more prone to performance-compromising damage. A hard fall on the rocks or run-in with another paddleboarder could very well damage the epoxy shell and leave you sunk. Unlike an ISUP that can be repaired with a quick patch, repairs to epoxy boards tend to be pricey.

But hard boards do, of course, have a place in the paddleboarding world. Because they tend to be slicker and more aerodynamic, they are still the preferred board type for those seriously into their SUP sports like surfing and racing.

If that describes you, you can get a midrange-priced hard board or come up with the cash to get a premium inflatable.

2. Size

Long boards tend to move more quickly through the water and are more stable overall. Short boards, however, are much easier to maneuver and turn from side to side. But you’ll have to paddle faster to keep a short board going.

The width of the board is also important to consider. Wide boards are much like wide boats; they are easier to keep afloat. Narrow boards are a lot like canoes; they tend to tip with even the slightest movement on top.

But narrow boards are also easier to move through the water, which makes them faster. Not only are wide boards slower, but you have to reach out farther to paddle, which can cause extra fatigue.

The best option for most hobbyist SUPers is a long board that is narrow enough to offer as much stability as you need and not a gram more. If you aren’t sure how wide you need your board to be, try hiring a few out next time you’re at the beach and see which one is most comfortable for you to use while still being easy to move around.

3. Thickness

The thickness of the board also plays into its stability. A thicker board means more air inside, which makes it more buoyant and less likely to move around when you do. But, if the board holds you too far above the water, it has more room to rock when you step near the sides.

Thickness is also a determining factor in how much weight the board can hold. If you are a larger SUPer or plan to use the board with hitchhikers like your kids or dogs, then a thicker board is the way to go.

For most novice recreational paddle boarders, a 15 cm thick board is the optimal choice.

4. Weight Capacity

Thick boards with a long length can typically hold at least 125 kg. But some are built to hold even more. The Yoyexer Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Board, for instance, can hold up to 150 kg.

When looking at weight capacity, consider not just your weight but the weight of any items you may be strapping to the board. Also, be sure to factor in any kids or pets who might want to hop on with you.

5. Materials

In the centre of all inflatable paddleboards is a bladder made up of thousands of tiny threads holding the top and bottom pieces of fabric together. These drop stitches help the board keep its shape as the bladder is inflated.

Quality boards will use high-strength threads to hold the shape and dual fabric layers on the top and bottom to prevent tears. These layers are covered in a malleable PVC coating that allows the bladder to hold air.

Stand-up paddleboarding in action

The rails, or sides, of this inner bladder, are joined using layers of PVC-coated fabrics. Those that feature a single rail are the most prone to punctures and leaks. Those with a second layer, or dual rails, have an overlapping outer coat that makes the side of the board more durable while preventing leaks.

Well-made ISUPs with dual-layer construction and quality drop stitching will be more rigid than cheaper boards and less likely to spring a leak or be damaged during use.

6. Accessories

Most boards come with at least a few accessories.

At the very least, your kit should include a paddle. Adjustable paddles are preferred because they can be shrunk or lengthened depending on the size of the user and the activity at hand. They should also be collapsible so they can be broken down and stored in the bag along with the board.

Your ISUP should come with a carrying bag. The backpack-style ones are preferred because they make carrying the wide load a little easier.

Some boards will come with an air pump, usually a dual-action manual pump, and some will not. If you already have your own automatic pump, you can save money by buying a kit that doesn’t include the added pump.

In addition to these accessories, you may also see repair kits, waterproof phone cases, dry bags, and more included with the purchase of an ISUP.

If you’re in Sydney and keen to find new spots to go SUP-ing, check out our guide to the best stand-up paddle boarding places in Sydney. Clareville Beach near the Palm Beach peninsula is great, as is Rose Bay in the eastern suburbs and Manly Cove and Little Manly Beach on the Northern Beaches.


7 Best inflatable SUPs in Australia

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