Somersby Falls and Picnic Area in Brisbane Water National Park

Last updated: July 24, 2020

A visit to Somersby Falls makes for a geat day trip from Sydney, with beautiful scenery and great picnic facilities.

Follow a short bush trail along Floods Creek from the picnic area all the way to the bottom of Somersby Falls in Brisbane Water National Park.

A series of small but pretty waterfalls will greet you as you make your way down this picturesque walking track.

How to Get to Somersby Falls

From the Pacific Highway, turn into Wisemans Ferry Road. At the roundabout turn left onto Somersby Falls Road.

Keep following this road to the parking and picnic area. An $8 parking fee applies.

Somersby Falls Picnic Area

The picnic area at Somersby Falls is located at the end of Somersby Falls Rd in the Brisbane Water National Park, right next to the parking area.

It provides visitors with excellent facilities, such as barbeques, picnic tables, toilets, garbage bins and information signs.

Conveniently located close to the freeway, the Somersby Falls picnic area is a very popular rest stop along the NSW Central Coast route.

Brisbane Water National Park

What’s great about this picnic site, and the whole Somersby Falls area, is that you are right in the middle of thick rainforest.

The fresh air, the huge trees, the wildlife (loads of birds, lizards and brush turkeys!), it makes for a great day out in beautiful surroundings, away from the busy city.

Before you head out to Brisbane Water National Park, make sure you check online for any park closures or weather warnings.

Opening hours of the picnic area are from 9am to 8pm during daylight savings and from 9am to 5pm during the rest of the year.

Walking Trail to Somersby Falls

The 500m return walk through lush rainforest offers views of the top and bottom waterfalls with several lookout points along the way.

The walking trail starts right at the picnic area and winds itself down to the bottom of the Somersby Falls.

Somersby Falls walking trail

Start the walking trail at the information board (follow the “To the falls” sign) stone and follow the timber staircase to the first intersection.

Turn right to enjoy the first lookout on the walking trail, with spectacular views of the top of Somersby Falls.

Back on the main trail, after a few minutes you can turn left and have a look at the side falls, a small waterfall on a tributary of Floods Creek. Perhaps not as impressive as the main waterfalls, but still worth checking out while you’re there.

Somersby Falls and Picnic Area in Brisbane Water National Park

Keep following the main trail and make your way to the next stop, right at the upper part – top falls – of Somersby Falls. You can get very close to the waterfall and the surrounding scenery is absolutely stunning.

The rest of the trail takes you all the way down to the bottom falls. Be careful as there are some very steep parts along this part of the track. Once you see the “No track beyond this point” sign, you’ve made it to the bottom!

Have a look around and enjoy the beauty of this area. The trip up the hill back to the picnic area is a bit harder so take your time.

Bottom of Somersby Falls

The Somersby Falls bush trail is a great walk at any time of year but the waterfalls are at their best after a few days of rain. It’s also a great spot to go for a little swim on a warm summer’s day.

Make sure you bring appropriate shoes with you as the track can be quite steep and slippery at times.


The parking area at Somersby Falls is easy to reach. From Wisemans Ferry Rd, simply follow Somersby Falls Rd all the way to the end.

The walking track starts at the parking area.


Somersby Falls in Brisbane Water National Park

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