Visit Carrington Falls and Nellies Glen in Budderoo National Park

Last updated: May 1, 2020

Carrington Falls is a beautiful plunge waterfall on the Kangaroo River in Budderoo National Park, located around 150km south of Sydney.

A short and easy walking track with viewing platforms offers visitors panoramic views of the waterfall and the surrounding valley.

Nearby Nellies Glen on the other side of the river also deserves a visit, with a picnic area and various walking tracks with lookout points to explore.

Carrington Falls Walk
Distance:600 m (loop)
Duration:30 minutes
Dogs:Not allowed

How to Get There

Getting to Carrington Falls is a bit of an adventure in itself, driving along Jamberoo Mountain Rd with lots of twists and turns.

If you’re driving in from the Kiama and Shellharbour area, head towards Jamberoo on Jamberoo Road, and turn into Jamberoo Mountain Road. After about 18km, turn left into Cloonty Road. After a couple of kilometres, turn into Thomas Place Road, which leads to the Carrington Falls picnic area.

If you’re travelling via Robertson, turn into Jamberoo Mountain Road at the Robertson Pie Shop and continue for 5km, until the intersection with Cloonty Road.

The car park at the picnic area is relatively small, but under normal circumstances you should be able to score a parking spot. There is no entry fee to the park when visiting Carrington Falls or Nellies Glen.

Carrington Falls

By far one of the must stunning waterfalls in and around Sydney, Carrington Falls is where Kangaroo River drops deep into the valley below.

The waterfall is located within Budderoo National Park, where the western escarpment of the Budderoo Plateau descends to the Kangaroo Valley.

Carrington Falls

A short, family-friendly walking track starts and ends at the Carrington Falls picnic area. The track loops around the edge of the escarpment, passing several lookouts and viewing platforms.

The views of the waterfall from the main viewing platform, the Falls View lookout, are stunning, with the entire waterfall on display.

Views of Carrington Falls from the side

Above the waterfall, you can actually walk across the river through shallow pools.

On the other side of the river you may find the access point to a walking track that leads to Nellies Glen, but driving there is a little easier.

Nellies Glen

A visit to Nellies Glen is a must after visiting Carrington Falls, as it’s literally just around the corner.

From the picnic area, drive back to Cloonty Road heading north, and turn left into the Nellies Glen picnic area after crossing Kangaroo River.

Signpost at Nellies Glen

Nellies Glen has been a popular gathering place for locals since the 19th century. The small waterfall and swimming hole, situated in quiet surroundings with ferns and rocks, is the perfect spot for a swim and a picnic.

The waterfall is only a short walk away from the car park, along a flat but unpaved trail. Once you’ve completed your visit to Nellies Glen, it’s highly recommended to do at least one of the two walking tracks that start from the picnic area.

Warris Chair Lookout

The 1km bushwalk to the spectacular lookout at Warris Chair is relatively easy and is suitable for children. The views of the Southern Hihglands and Kangaroo Valley from Warris Chair are absolutely beautiful.

Valley views from Warris Chair

The walking track to Missingham Lookout is with 4km a bit longer and slightly more challenging, but still very doable.

The panoramic views of Kangaroo Valley and the spectacular Carrington Falls Gorge you get to enjoy make this bush walk very much worth the extra effort.

Map of Carrington Falls

Park your car at the Carrington Falls picnic area, which can be accessed via Jamberoo Road, followed by Cloonty Road.

The official address of the Carrington Falls picnic area is:
Lookout Track, Carrington Falls, NSW 2577.


Carrington Falls and Nellies Glen

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