8 Best Walking Tracks in Morton National Park

Last updated: October 17, 2021

Not as well-known or popular as the Royal National Park or the Blue Mountains, Morton National Park in the Southern Highlands deserves a lot more attention. Remote wilderness, scenic waterfalls, steep gorges, beautiful walking tracks and panoramic lookout points, Morton National Park has something for everyone.

A popular destination for birdwatchers and photographers, the park is a huge sanctuary for a great variety of wildlife. Bowerbirds, lyrebirds, eagles, falcons and ground parrots are all happy residents of Morton National Park.

Various Aboriginal sites have been recorded in the area, the traditional country of the Yuin people, dating back more than 20,000 years. Some of the most popular sites in the park, such as Didthul (Pigeon House Mountain) and Fitzroy Falls, are of great significance to Aboriginal people.

We have listed 8 fantastic hikes in Morton National Park so you can start exploring this beautiful part of New South Wales.

Top 8 Morton National Park Walks:

Walk Distance
1 West Rim Walking Track at Fitzroy Falls 4 km (return)
2 Badgerys Spur Walking Track 3.5 km (return)
3 Pigeon House Mountain Walk 5 km (return)
4 East Rim Walking Track at Fitzroy Falls 7 km (return)
5 Mount Bushwalker Walking Track 7 km (return)
6 Granite Falls Walk 1 km (return)
7 Belmore Falls Walking Track 1.5 km (return)
8 Kangaroo River Walking Track 7 km (return)
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Top 8 Morton National Park Walks

Morton National Park is situated around 170 km south of Sydney, and is easily accessible from Wollongong, Nowra, Canberra and Moss Vale.

Here are 8 of the best walks in Morton National Park, ranging from 1 to 7 km in distance.

1. West Rim Walking Track at Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy Falls is more than just a beautiful waterfall, it also serves as the starting point of several exciting bushwalks.

The West Rim walking track is a 4 km return walk through pristine eucalypt forests and lush rainforest with amazing views of the Yarrunga Valley.

Fitzroy Falls in Morton National Park

Several lookout points, such as the Twin Falls Lookout and the Renown Lookout, make this an exciting outdoor adventure in Morton National Park.

The start of the West Rim walking track can easily be found at the Fitzroy Falls visitor centre.

West Rim Walking Track
Distance: 4 km (return)
Time: 2 hours
Grade: Easy / moderate

2. Badgerys Spur Walking Track

Finishing on the banks of Shoalhaven River, the Badgerys Spur walking trail is a short but challenging descent through beautiful eucalyptus forests.

Badgerys Spur walking track

The track starts at the Badgerys Lookout car park near the small village of Tallong, not too far away from Goulburn.

To make this the perfect bushwalk adventure, go for a refreshing dip in the cool waters of the river and enjoy lunch in this unique and remote area.

Badgerys Spur Walking Track
Distance: 3.5 km (return)
Time: 3 hours
Grade: Moderate / hard

3. Pigeon House Mountain Walk

Characterised by its curiously shaped peak, the 720m high Pigeon House Mountain, otherwise known as Didthul, is situated in the southern part of Morton National Park, west of Milton and Ulladulla.

Pigeon House Mountain walking track

The 5 km return walking track to the summit is not long but has some very steep climbs and ladders.

The panoramic views from the top over the Budawang Range with its cliffs and gorges make this a very rewarding hiking adventure.

Pigeon House Mountain Walk
Distance: 5 km (return)
Time: 3 hours
Grade: Moderate / hard

4. East Rim Walking Track at Fitzroy Falls

The second major bushwalk at Fitzroy Falls is the East Rim walking track, otherwise known as the Wildflower Walk. As the name suggest, the east rim track follows the eastern cliff line of the Yarrunga Valley.

Yarrunga Valley

This walking track is particularly interesting for true nature lovers and birdwatchers. Colourful flowers and singing birds greet you along the way as you hike through eucalyptus forests while taking in scenic valley views.

You can find the start of the track at the Fitzroy Falls visitor centre, right underneath the bridge where the boardwalk branches off to the east.

East Rim Walking Track
Distance: 7 km (return)
Time: 3 hours
Grade: Moderate

5. Mount Bushwalker Walking Track

If hiking through the untouched and remote wilderness of the Budawang Range sounds exciting, the Mount Bushwalker walking track should be at the top of your bucket list.

Mount Bushwalker walking track

The majestic scenery and incredible views of The Castle, The Shrouded Gods and the Clyde Gorge from the top of Mount Bushwalker have been described by many as some of the best you can get in New South Wales.

As tiny as the mountain itself is, the walking track has all the characteristics of the perfect bushwalk.

Mount Bushwalker Walking Track
Distance: 7 km (return)
Time: 3.5 hours
Grade: Moderate / hard

6. Granite Falls Walk

The short and easy Granite Falls walking trail south of Nowra guides hikers to a viewing platform from where you can enjoy panoramic views of the 63m high waterfall and the valley below.

Granite Falls walking track

Constructed only a few years ago, the spectacular viewing platform is designed such that it hangs over the valley.

While the waterfall doesn’t actually carry a lot of water, the panoramic views of the valley are very pretty.

Granite Falls Walk
Distance: 1 km (return)
Time: 0.5 hours
Grade: Easy

7. Belmore Falls Walking Track

Belmore Falls is an impressive plunge waterfall with two drops on the Barrengarry Creek. A short walking trail brings visitors to several lookout points from where you can enjoy the best views of the waterfall and the valley.

Belmore Falls

Also included in this short walk is the Hindmarsh Lookout, which offers panoramic views of the upper Kangaroo Valley.

There is also an unofficial walking track that goes all the way down to the base of Belmore Falls. Please note though that this track is not endorsed or managed by NSW National Parks, and therefore extreme care should be taken if you’re planning on undertaking this hike.

Belmore Falls Walking Track
Distance: 1.5 km (return)
Time: 1 hour
Grade: Easy

8. Kangaroo River Walking Track

The picturesque Kangaroo River walking track runs from Tallowa Dam Road all the way down to Lake Yarungah, otherwise known as Kangaroo River.

Kangaroo River walking track

The track winds its way through beautiful rainforest with interesting rock formations to an idyllic spot on the banks of the river, perfect for swimming, fishing, canoeing and camping.

Kangaroo River Walking Track
Distance: 7 km (return)
Time: 3 hours
Grade: Moderate / hard

Best walks in Morton National Park


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