Hanging Rock and the Baltzer Lookout in the Blue Mountains

Last updated: March 31, 2024

Hanging Rock, a large sandstone object hanging out from a cliff, is one of the most iconic landmarks in the Blue Mountains.

It is situated moments away from the Baltzer Lookout, a beautiful vantage point where visitors can enjoy eye-dropping views of the Grose Valley and surrounding escarpments.

These two beautiful sights can be reached via a relatively easy 10 km return bushwalking track. Keep reading to find out more!

Burramoko Trail to Hanging Rock
Distance: 10 km (return)
Duration: 3 hours (including browsing time)
Grade: Moderate
Dogs: Not allowed
Word of caution:
Hanging Rock and the Baltzer lookout are stunning, but they are unfenced. This adds to the beauty of the area, but it also makes exploring a bit riskier. Stay well back from cliff edges, especially when taking photos. Walking to the tip of Hanging Rock is not recommended. Potentially strong winds and narrow surfaces make this a dangerous undertaking. If you’re visiting the area by yourself, let others know about your plans.

How to Get There

Hanging Rock and the Baltzer Lookout are somewhat off the beaten track, but getting there is pretty straightforward.

From the Great Western Highway in the Blue Mountains, turn into Ridgewell Road just north of the Blackheath town centre.

Note that this road is unsealed, but it is in good condition. While a 4WD may be recommended for these types of roads, it is certainly not required.

Drive on Ridgewell Rd for a short while until you get to a gate with a small car park. This is where the Burramoko Fire Trail to the Baltzer Lookout and Hanging Rock starts (see map location).


The map below illustrates the Burramoko Trail to Hanging Rock:

P: Parking area.
1: Baltzer Lookout.
2. Hanging Rock.

Map of Hanging Rock in the Blue Mountains

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Burramoko Trail to Hanging Rock

The walking track to the Baltzer Lookout and Hanging Rock is a 5 km long management trail that meanders through bushland with a few lookout points along the way to explore.

It’s not an overly challenging walk and is mostly flat from start to finish. However, some climbing is required to get to Hanging Rock from the Baltzer Lookout, so proper hiking shoes are recommended.

Start of the Burramoko Trail to Hanging Rock
Start of the Burramoko Trail to Hanging Rock

The fire trail is popular with bushwalkers, runners and cyclists alike, but the trail itself is actually not all that exciting.

It really is all about the destination, and once you get to that destination, you will be in awe of the sheer beauty of this place.

Note that the first kilometre of the trail falls outside the National Park boundaries, and as such, dogs are welcome to come along on that stretch only. A Blue Mountains National Parks sign appears at the 1 km mark.

Baltzer Lookout

The Baltzer Lookout stands at the very edge of Burramoko Head, which is the walled termination of the Burramoko Ridge above the Grose Canyon.

The views from the lookout are genuinely captivating, some of the best you can find in this part of the Blue Mountains.

Views from the Baltzer Lookout
Views from the Baltzer Lookout

The lookout was named after William Julius Baltzer, a conservationist who worked towards the conservation of the Grose Valley. He was a member of a group formed in the early 1930s with the aim of establishing the Blue Mountains as a National Park.

From the Baltzer Lookout, several Blue Mountains landmarks can be identified, such as the Walls Lookout to the north and Bald Head to the east.

Hanging Rock

Interestingly, Hanging Rock is not immediately visible from the Baltzer Lookout, so you’ll have to walk a little bit further.

To get closer to this unique rock formation, walk towards the left from the lookout and look for the walking path that goes downhill.

Hanging Rock in the Blue Mountains
Hanging Rock

While it’s only a short stretch to Hanging Rock, it is quite steep, and there are some rocks to be negotiated, but overall, it’s very doable.

Since this stretch is a bit tricky, it’s important to be careful, stay focused on the trail, and not get lost in the incredible views around you.

Burramoko Head
Burramoko Head

Hanging Rock is one of those beautiful and unique spots in the Blue Mountains where you won’t see a lot of tourists. And depending on the time of day, you might even be the only person around.

This is a good thing because the emptiness and isolation at Hanging Rock and the Baltzer Lookout create that perfect Blue Mountains atmosphere.

Hanging Rock overlooking the Grose Valley
Hanging Rock overlooking the Grose Valley

The walking trail continues past Hanging Rock to another rock formation, which is worth visiting.

While this smaller rock formation is not as spectacular, the views from there are fantastic. And since most visitors typically ignore this extra stretch, you may end up having this spot all to yourself.


Hanging Rock and the Baltzer Lookout



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