Bridal Veil Falls Circuit (Via Amphitheatre and Fern Bower Track)

Last updated: August 28, 2023

The Bridal Veil Falls Circuit is a stunning walking track in the Leura area of the Blue Mountains, navigating through a rainforest landscape with waterfalls, creeks, and large cliff walls.

Bridal Veil Falls, also referred to as Leura Falls, is a stunning cascade waterfall on Leura Falls Creek, flowing into Jamison Valley.

The best way to see this waterfall and its beautiful surroundings is by doing the 4 km Bridal Veil Falls Circuit, which includes the Amphitheatre Walking Track and the Fern Bower Track.

Keep reading to learn more about this fantastic hike, its many highlights, how to get there, and where to start.

Bridal Veil Falls Circuit
Distance: 4 km (circuit)
Time: 2 hours
Grade: Moderate (steep sections, many steps)
Dogs: Not allowed
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How to Get There

There are multiple entry points to this circuit walk, but we recommend starting from the Solitary restaurant at 90 Cliff Drive (see exact map location).

Note that a section of Cliff Drive (at the Leura Cascades picnic area) is currently closed, but the starting point of this walk is accessible, and there is a parking lot available on the other side of the road.

The nearest bus stop is at the corner of Merriwa Street and Carrington Avenue, which is only a short stroll away from the suggested starting point of this hike.

Below is a map of the Bridal Veil Falls Circuit, with the following landmarks, highlights, and sections (clockwise direction):

  1. Bridal Veil Lookout
  2. Amphitheatre Track
  3. Bridal Veil Falls
  4. Fern Bower Track
  5. Jamieson Lookout

Map of the Bridal Veil Falls circuit walk

Bridal Veil Falls Circuit Track Notes

The Bridal Veil Falls Circuit is a moderately challenging, 4 km long hike with lots of steps and sections with a rough surface. Bring good hiking shoes, a bottle of water, and perhaps some light snacks for a bit of energy.

Signage along the way is pretty good, but there are many intersections where things can get a bit confusing. In the track notes below, we’ll try and make it as clear as possible so you won’t go off track.

Once you’ve parked your car, or have arrived from the nearest bus stop, look for the signpost as per the below picture to start this hiking adventure.

Start of the Bridal Veil Falls Circuit
Start of the Bridal Veil Falls Circuit

1. Bridal Veil Lookout

Walking in a clockwise direction, following signs for Prince Henry Cliff Walk and Leura Cascades, the first lookout to visit is the Kiah Lookout.

It’s only a small lookout, but the views are lovely and a great introduction to all the beautiful things you’re going to see on this hike.

Bridal Veil Lookout
Bridal Veil Lookout

A bit further on the track is the Bridal Veil Lookout, which can be accessed via a short, signposted detour. This lookout is a must, as it’s among the best in the Leura area.

From this lookout, you can see Bridal Veil Falls from above, complemented by panoramic views of the Jamison Valley.

2. Amphitheatre Track

From the Bridal Veil Lookout, the track continues as a section of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk until it hits a junction with the Round Walk.

Turn right at that junction, followed by another right turn into the Amphitheatre Track at the next junction approximately one hundred metres further away.

Amphitheatre Track signpost
Amphitheatre Track signpost

The Amphitheatre Track descends steeply into a thriving rainforest environment with plenty of steps and various steep staircases with handrails.

The walking path here is well-maintained and easy to follow, but it’s important to be careful when going down the metal stairs, especially in wet conditions, as it can get quite slippery.

Amphitheatre Track
Amphitheatre Track

Only a few hundred metres into the Amphitheatre Track, the unique waterfall that is Bridal Veil Falls appears before you.

3. Bridal Veil Falls

Bridal Veil Falls looks quite similar to Wentworth Falls in how the water flows over a large and wide sloping cliff, creating a bridal veil effect.

But like most waterfalls, the more rain, the more spectacular Bridal Veil Falls will be. So for the best views, it’s best to visit after some rainfall.

Base of Bridal Veil Falls
Base of Bridal Veil Falls

Just moments away from the base of Bridal Veil Falls is a small waterfall on the same creek, surrounded by large boulders.

It’s a very pretty sight worth exploring, before continuing on the trail via a small footbridge, heading towards the Amphitheatre.

Amphitheatre in leura

The Amphitheatre is an incredibly beautiful spot on the track where high cliff walls enclose an area with large trees.

There is one ancient-looking tree in the middle with roots growing over the rocks and ground, creating a somewhat mystical atmosphere.

4. Fern Bower Track

The track arrives at a junction where the Federal Pass (to Leura Forest) goes to the left, but where you need to keep walking straight ahead to continue on the Fern Bower Track.

Fern Bower Track
Fern Bower Track

The Fern Bower Track is the last stretch of the circuit walk, navigating through a beautiful rainforest with fern vegetation, hanging vines, and various staircases.

The climb out of the valley towards the end is quite steep, but the beautiful surroundings certainly help make the effort much easier.

5. Jamieson Lookout

The last highlight before completing the Bridal Veil Falls Circuit is Jamieson Lookout, a well-sized and fenced viewing point offering beautiful Jamison Valley views.

It’s a great spot to have a breather after all that hiking and climbing, while enjoying the far-stretching views of the valley and mountains ahead.

Jamieson Lookout in Leura
Jamieson Lookout

Only a couple of hundred metres away from Jamieson Lookout are two more lookout points (Echo Tree and Flat Top) that are worth a visit, even though the views are not as good.

These two lookout points also mark the end of the Bridal Veil Falls Circuit, as Cliff Drive is just right behind these lookouts.

Optional: Bird’s Eye View of Bridal Veil Falls

For a fantastic bird’s eye view of Bridal Veil Falls, follow the Prince Henry Cliff Walk going eastbound from Leura Cascades.

After approximately 1 km, you will end up at a lookout point from where you can see the waterfall in its entirety. From this perspective, it’s easy to see why this waterfall is called Bridal Veil Falls.

Bridal Veil Falls
Bridal Veil Falls

The best time to go to that lookout is after a period of rain when there is more water thundering down Leura Falls Creek into the valley.

Keen to find more of these waterfalls? Check out our guide to the best waterfalls in the Blue Mountains for a complete overview.


Bridal Veil Falls circuit walk



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