11 Great Things to Do in Leura (Top Attractions)

Last updated: May 20, 2024

Find the best things to do in the Leura area of the Blue Mountains, from scenic lookouts to walking trails and unique sights.

Leura is a small suburb nestled between Wentworth Falls and Katoomba, approximately 100 km west of the Sydney CBD. The village centre is home to a great variety of restaurants, coffee shops, boutiques, and galleries.

However, the area surrounding the town of Leura is the main reason so many people visit throughout the year, with various beautiful lookout points, walking tracks, waterfalls, and so much more to explore.

In this article, we will reveal the 11 best attractions in and around Leura, one of the most popular areas in the Blue Mountains.

1. Sublime Point Lookout

Sublime Point Lookout
Sublime Point Lookout

The Sublime Point Lookout is a spectacular vantage point and picnic spot at the southernmost tip of the Sublime Point headland, overlooking the beautiful Jamison Valley.

A short walking path, which includes a set of stairs and a footbridge, leads to this lookout, offering 360-degree views of the Valley, with various popular Blue Mountains landmarks visible in the distance.

Sublime Point is located at the end of Sublime Point Road in Leura, where you will find a small car park.

2. Pool of Siloam

Pool of Siloam
Pool of Siloam

The Pool of Siloam is a natural waterhole and small waterfall on Gordon Creek, a creek that drops into Jamison Valley via Gordon Falls a bit further south.

While this is always a beautiful spot to visit and explore, the waterfall is more impressive after a bit of rainfall when more water passes through the creek.

The easiest and quickest way to access the Pool of Siloam is via a short (but quite steep) walking track starting from Gordon Falls Reserve.

3. Gordon Falls Lookout

Gordon Falls Lookout
Gordon Falls Lookout

Only moments away from the walk to the Pool of Siloam is the Gordon Falls Lookout, a vantage point that offers superb views of the Jamison Valley and glimpses of the Gordon Falls waterfall.

The views of the waterfall aren’t the best, especially during a period of dry weather, but the valley views are fantastic.

To access the lookout, follow the short walking trail starting from the information board at the corner of Olympian Parade and Lone Pine Avenue.

4. Buttenshaw Bridge

Buttenshaw Bridge in Leura
Buttenshaw Bridge in Leura

The Buttenshaw Bridge is a small bridge between two parts of the Elysian Rock Lookout. The bridge forms part of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk that runs along the cliff tops between the Katoomba and Leura.

The original bridge was built in 1936, but in 2015, the Blue Mountains City Council replaced it with a modern 14-metre long steel bridge.

The views from this fascinating piece of engineering, across a deep rock chasm on the cliff edge, are quite special. It can be accessed via Olympian Parade.

5. Olympian Rock

Olympian Rock
Olympian Rock

Olympian Rock is another lookout facing the Jamison Valley, and is only a short walk away from the Buttenshaw Bridge and Elysian Rock.

The views from Olympian Rock are incredible, with the Three Sisters and Mount Solitary visible in the distance.

Like Elysian Rock, you can access Olympian Rock via a section of the Prince Henry Cliff Walk. Otherwise, you can park your car on Olympian Parade and follow the short trail to the fenced lookout.

6. Bridal Veil View

Bridal Veil View
Bridal Veil View

Bridal Veil View is a small, fenced lookout facing Leura Falls, the waterfall that carries Leura Falls Creek into the valley. The waterfall resembles a bride’s veil.

This fenced lookout is very close to Tarpeian Rock, a viewing point similar to Olympian Rock and Elysian Rock lookout points.

To get to Tarpeian Rock and Bridal Veil View, either follow the cliff walk from Olympian Rock or the short Tarpeian Rock Access Walk from Cliff Drive.

7. Leura Cascades

Leura Cascades
Leura Cascades

The Leura Cascades walking track is a short, family-friendly bushwalking trail along Leura Falls Creek, leading up to a beautiful lookout point above Bridal Veil Falls.

Once you’ve reached the lookout, you have the option to continue hiking into the valley and get closer to the waterfall by doing the Bridal Veil Falls circuit walk.

The start of the Leura Cascades walking track is at the Leura Cascades picnic area, which offers excellent facilities, such as tables, seating, toilets, and tree-shaded sections.

8. Lunch in Leura Mall

Devonshire tea in Leura
Devonshire tea in Leura

A full day out in the Leura area of the Blue Mountains is not complete without a delicious lunch and coffee in Leura Mall.

There are plenty of food options along Leura Mall, with so many great cafes and restaurants to choose from. It does get busy there, though, especially on the weekends.

Perhaps try authentic Devonshire Tea with delicious scones and clotted cream and jam for lunch or as an afternoon treat. Many Leura cafes and tea shops will offer this.

9. Fortress Ridge

Fortress Ridge
Fortress Ridge

We are now travelling to the northern side of Leura, where more great walking tracks and lookouts can be discovered, mainly via Mount Hay Road.

The Fortress Ridge Trail is a 7.5 km return hiking trail to a beautiful vantage point that offers panoramic views of the Grose Valley.

A second walk, starting from the same car park on Mount Hay Road, leads to Fortress Rock, another scenic lookout with scenic valley views from a different angle.

10. Lockleys Pylon

Grose Valley views from Lockleys Pylon
Grose Valley views from Lockleys Pylon

The 7 km return walking trail to Lockleys Pylon is similar to the trail to Fortress Ridge, but the district views are slightly different.

It leads to the summit of Lockleys Pylon, where you can take in beautiful 360-degree Grose Valley views.

The walk can be extended to Du Faur Head, with even more views to take in. It requires a bit of climbing to get there, but it’s a fun adventure.

11. Mount Hay

Views from Mount Hay
Views from Mount Hay

One of the most spectacular walking tracks in the Blue Mountains is the 4 km return walk to Mount Hay. The views along this track are fantastic.

The trailhead is located at the very end of Mount Hay Road, for which an SUV or 4WD vehicle (with higher ground clearance) is recommended. The road between the Lockleys Pylon trailhead and the Mount Hay carpark does have a few rough sections.

There is another walking trail nearby, to Butterbox Point, which is also highly recommended as it offers stunning views of the Grose Valley and the surrounding cliff walls.

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About Leura

Leura is a small suburb in the Blue Mountains, located approximately 100 km west of the Sydney CBD, 5 km west of Wentworth Falls, 2 km east of Katoomba, and 14 km southeast of Blackheath. It is located along the Great Western Highway and the Main Western Railway line.

The suburb of Leura is home to about 5,000 residents, has the 2780 postcode, and is part of the City of Blue Mountains local government area.

While nearby Katoomba still holds the reins as the most popular destination in the Blue Mountains, Leura is not far behind. In fact, many consider Leura’s village centre more attractive than Katoomba’s counterpart, mainly because of Leura Mall.

Also worth mentioning is that various festivals are held throughout the year in Leura, with the Leura Garden Festival being one of the biggest.

How to Get There

Leura is very easy to get to by car and public transport.

1. Car

The Great Western Highway (A32) passes through Leura.

To get into Leura, take the Leura Mall exit from the Great Western Highway. At the roundabout above the highway, turn left to go into the Leura village centre, and turn right to go into the northern part of Leura.

2. Train

Travelling by train to Leura from Sydney is incredibly easy.

The Blue Mountains Line travels west from Sydney to Bathurst via several towns in the Blue Mountains, including Springwood, Lawson, Wentworth Falls, Leura, Katoomba, Mount Victoria, and Lithgow.

To get to some of the attractions from Leura station, it’s best to use the 695 Leura and Katoomba loop service. Use the trip planner on the NSW Transport website for more details.

Accommodation Tips

If you don’t go to the Blue Mountains often, it’s worth staying one or two nights to make the most of your visit.

While there are plenty of accommodation options in nearby Katoomba, Leura is also a good location for an overnight stay, close to many tourist highlights and excellent facilities in the Leura Mall area.

Here are two good hotel options in Leura:

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11 Best things to do in Leura



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