Discover the Paradise Pool in Linden

Last updated: February 22, 2022

Paradise Pool in Linden is a beautiful natural waterhole on Bulls Creek, which can be accessed via a short but moderately challenging walking trail.

A very pretty waterfall drops into this pool, which has experienced a strong increase in popularity as a swimming hole in recent years.

Read on and find out where to park your car and how best to find this idyllic spot in the Blue Mountains.

Paradise Pool Walking Track
Distance: 3 km (return)
Time: 2 hours
Grade: Easy / moderate (steep sections, rock scrambling)
Dogs: Not allowed
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How to Get There

Linden is a very small town in the Blue Mountains and certainly isn’t a primary destination for hiking or sightseeing.

Paradise Pool though is a fantastic spot and the walking trail to this waterhole and waterfall is quite enjoyable.

While there are multiple ways to get to this pool, the shortest and easiest way to get there is via the trail that starts from Railway Parade close to Linden train station. From the Great Western Highway, take the Tollgate Drive exit, and then turn into Railway Parade.

After a couple hundred metres, you will arrive at a new designated car park which was built in 2021 (see map location).

Car park for the Paradise Pool walking track
Car park for the Paradise Pool walking track

Paradise Pool Track Notes

The walking trail from Railway Parade to Paradise Pool is approximately 3 km return and is mostly through bushland. It’s a relatively easy walk but it does have steep sections and there is a bit of rock scrambling required.

It’s strongly recommended to bring proper shoes to better negotiate the more challenging sections of the walk.

Here is a map of the walk, starting from the car park:

Map of the walking track to Paradise Pool in Linden

1. Cox’s Road

Once you’ve parked your car, you can find the start of the walking trail at the northern end of the car park.

The first section of the walking track to Paradise Pool is on a fire trail that runs right behind people’s properties, and while this fire trail itself may not be very exciting, it is actually a very historic road.

Cox's Road in Linden
Old Cox’s Road

This fire trail was once part of Cox’s Road, a road across the Blue Mountains from Emu Plains to Bathurst, built by William Cox in 1815 at the request of Governor Lachlan Macquarie.

Constructing this 160 km long road through difficult terrain with a team of labourers and soldiers in only 6 months was of course an incredible achievement at the time.

Dawes Park Reserve in Linden
Dawes Park Reserve

This section of the walk is now part of Dawes Park Reserve and is managed by the Blue Mountains City Council.

After approximately 500 metres of walking on the Old Cox’s Road, the trail makes a left turn into the bush, at the Dawes Park Reserve sign.

2. Into the Bush

From this point, it’s another 900 metres to the pool, but since this section has some challenges, it may take a bit longer than anticipated.

After a short stroll through the bush, the path goes steeply downhill on a rocky surface. It’s not too hard to get through this section, but definitely watch your step.

Walking track to Paradise Pool
Walking track to Paradise Pool

The next part of the walk is on staircases followed by a flat and narrow walking path through scenic bush land, with a couple of small footbridges to cross.

This is where the path roughly follows Bull Creek with lots of ferns and low trees along the creek that create a lovely atmosphere.

Bushwalking to Paradise Pool
Bushwalking to Paradise Pool

As you get closer to the pool, the walking trail arrives at a junction with a track that leads to Bulls Camp Reserve and Woodford.

Make a right turn at this junction, and the trail will then soon arrive at a cliff top facing Paradise Pool.

3. Paradise Pool

When you arrive at Paradise Pool, it’s not difficult to see how this natural swimming spot got its name and why it has become so popular in recent years.

The small waterfall, the beautifully secluded surroundings, the sandy bottom of the pool, and the depth of the water make Paradise Pool a great destination for a little adventure.

Paradise Pool in Linden
Paradise Pool

From the rocky area next to the top of the waterfall, you can get to the other side of the pool by following the path down.

There is a little sandy area on the other side of the pool where it’s easiest to walk into the water. It’s quite a deep pool and the water feels very refreshing on a warm day.

Swinging rope in Paradise Pool
Swinging rope

Please do note though that Paradise Pool, and the surrounding area, is relatively small and as such can get very busy rather quickly on warm weekends and public holidays.

If you can’t go on a weekday, it’s best to go really early on a weekend day, avoid staying for too long, and don’t leave any rubbish behind.

Keen to find more swimming spots? Check out our list of most scenic natural waterholes in the Blue Mountains where you can go for a little swim in beautiful natural surroundings.

Paradise Pool in Linden Blue Mountains


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