15 Unusual Things to Do in Sydney (Fun and Unique Activities)

Last updated: May 7, 2024

Discover fun and unique activities with our list of unusual things to do in Sydney, perfect for adventurers seeking the path less travelled.

While Sydney is home to some of Australia’s most famous and popular landmarks and tourist attractions, there are also lots of unusual things one can do in Sydney. Unique, fun, and even strange activities that many people don’t know about or don’t make time for.

In this article, we dive into the lesser-known, quirky corners of Sydney, inviting you to explore a side of the city that even some locals might not know.

Join us as we unveil a collection of unusual things to do in Sydney, each promising an adventure that’s anything but ordinary!

1. Discover the History of The Rocks

The Rocks in Sydney
The Rocks in Sydney

The Rocks is one of Sydney’s oldest neighbourhoods and is a must-visit for every tourist coming to Sydney.

But to get a deeper understanding of Sydney’s tumultuous history, a guided walking tour in The Rocks can be quite a unique experience.

By doing a guided tour, you will not only learn about Sydney’s colonial, convict, and industrial history, but you will also get to see some of the hidden and unusual places you would otherwise miss out on.

Recommended guided tours in The Rocks:

2. Do a BBQ Cooking Class

BBQ cooking
BBQ cooking

You’d be forgiven for thinking that a BBQ is not much more than throwing a few sausages on a hot plate and flipping them around a few times.

While cooking up a BBQ may indeed sound easy, there is quite some skill involved if you want to get that meat cooked perfectly. And that’s where a professional BBQ cooking class comes in!

Under the guidance of real BBQ chefs, you will learn everything you need to know about timing, temperatures, different types of meat, seasoning, and so much more.

Recommended BBQ cooking classes:

3. Explore Sydney Harbour in a Tall Ship

Tall ship Harbour Cruise
Tall ship Harbour Cruise

Book yourself a fantastic afternoon out and about on a traditional tall ship cruising on Sydney Harbour in a rather unusual style.

The best way to experience the beauty of Sydney Harbour is by cruise, but doing this on an authentic sailing ship makes that experience even more unique. Some tall ship cruises also offer meals on board, while others focus more on the experience. You may even be able to help the crew hoist the sails!

Read our guide to the best Sydney Harbour Cruises with recommendations for different types of cruises on our beautiful Harbour.

Recommended Sydney Harbour tall ship cruises:

4. Learn How to Make Barista Coffee

Learn how to make barista coffee
Learn how to make barista coffee

It’s no secret that Sydney-siders love their coffee. Cappucino, latte, long black, there are many coffee variations you can order at your average Sydney cafe.

But have you ever wondered what the differences are between all these different types of coffee? Or, have you always wanted to learn how to make an excellent Australian cup of coffee?

There are quite a few places in Sydney where you can do a barista class to learn the ins and outs of Australian coffee making. Some of these classes are pretty intense and will prepare you to become a professional barista, whereas others are more geared towards learning the basics.

Recommended barista classes in Sydney:

5. View Sydney From a Helicopter

Sydney Harbour views from helicopter
Sydney Harbour views from helicopter

What if you could see all those majestic Sydney landmarks, like the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, Sydney Harbour, and Bondi Beach, from above?

This may not fit everyone’s budget, but if you’re looking for a unique, once-in-a-lifetime type of experience in Sydney, a helicopter flight is something you’re not going to regret.

Recommended helicopter flights in Sydney:

6. Do a Sydney Harbour Kayak Tour

Kayaking in Sydney Harbour
Kayaking in Sydney Harbour

If a helicopter flight sounds a bit too intense, then perhaps consider doing a kayaking tour to explore Sydney Harbour on the water.

Paddling the Harbour under the guidance of a professional and knowledgeable tour guide is a great experience, as you’ll get to see the Harbour from an entirely different perspective.

Recommended Sydney kayaking tours:

7. Go Ferry Hopping

Sydney Ferries
Sydney Ferries

While a Harbour cruise is a fantastic way to experience the beauty of Sydney Harbour National Park, jumping on a Sydney ferry is just as much fun and is a great way to get from A to B in style.

Ferries can bring you to various spots in Sydney Harbour, where beautiful sights, beaches, and walking tracks await you.

What’s also great is that if you go ferry hopping on the weekend, you can take advantage of unlimited travel on public transport for a daily capped amount.

Read our guide to the best Sydney ferry rides, so you can go ferry hopping and enjoy a great day out in Sydney Harbour.

8. Do a Pub Tour in The Rocks

Fortune of War pub
Fortune of War pub

As one of Sydney’s oldest neighbourhoods, The Rocks is home to various historic pubs worth exploring. Not just to enjoy a traditional Sydney pub experience but also to try their tasty craft beers.

You can easily organise a pub crawl yourself based on our guide to the best pubs in The Rocks, but you could also book a professional tour.

A guided pub tour through The Rocks is a great way to learn more about the history of the many pubs that exist in this unique part of Sydney.

Recommended pub tours in The Rocks:

9. Visit the Harbour Bridge Pylon Lookout

Harbour Bridge views from the Pylon Lookout
Harbour Bridge views from the Pylon Lookout

One of the most underrated tourist attractions in Sydney (one that the locals also enjoy) is the Pylon Lookout in the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

This not-so-well-known lookout offers fantastic Harbour and city views and is also home to a fun and educational museum suitable for both kids and adults.

The lookout is located in the pylon on the south-eastern side of the bridge. Follow the pedestrian walkway on the Harbour Bridge and look out for the rather unusual entrance sign and door.

10. Do a Sydney Opera House Tour

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House not only has the best looks and most unique design, but there is also a lot to see and learn inside this iconic Sydney landmark.

Going behind the scenes at the Opera House with a knowledgeable guide is a fantastic way to learn interesting facts and hear fascinating stories about this World Heritage-listed building.

Recommended Opera House tours:

11. Go Racing in Eastern Creek

Karting in Eastern Creek
Karting in Eastern Creek

Indoor go-karting can be a lot of fun, but you can take that to a new level by jumping in a professional 13HP kart and taking it for a spin on one of Sydney’s premier racing courses.

Believe it or not, these karts can reach top speeds of over 100 km per hour at Eastern Creek’s Sydney Premier Karting Park. The park also offers karting experiences for children in lighter karts or parents with child double karts.

Read our guide with a complete list of the best indoor and outdoor karting tracks in Sydney.

12. Do the Sydney Tower Eye Skywalk

Sydney Tower Eye
Sydney Tower Eye

How about walking 268 metres high above the ground, overlooking the beautiful city that Sydney is? Sydney Tower is Sydney’s tallest structure and second-tallest observation tower in the Southern Hemisphere.

Following various rounds of upgrades and changes of ownership, Sydney Tower Eye is now an exciting attraction in Sydney. The observation deck offers fantastic views, but the Skywalk takes the experience to another level.

Doing the Skywalk means you’re going to step outside and walk on an outdoor walkway, which is twice as high as the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge!

13. Swim in Sydney Harbour

Marrinawi Cove swimming pool at Barangaroo Reserve
Marrinawi Cove swimming pool

Apart from swimming at the many beaches scattered across Sydney Harbour, going for a splash in our beautiful Harbour is typically not recommended due to water pollution and the presence of sharks.

However, Marrinawi Cove at Barangaroo Reserve is a fantastic new swimming spot in Sydney Harbour. It’s a sheltered, 700-square metre bay and swimming enclosure, opened in 2023.

Marrinawi Cove is a short walk from Wynyard or Circular Quay train station, and is open seven days per week.

14. Learn How to Surf in Bondi

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach

If you’ve never surfed before, step out of your comfort zone and book a surf lesson at Sydney’s most famous beach. The instructors are usually very accommodating, and the classes are geared towards beginners.

Lessons are in small groups, so you will get a better opportunity to learn the basic techniques and to actually stand up and catch a few waves.

Nothing beats that feeling of standing up on a surfboard for the very first time, so go ahead and book yourself this 2-hour Bondi Beach surf lesson!

15. Visit the Brickpit Ring Walk

Brickpit Ring Walk
Brickpit Ring Walk

The last entry on this list of unusual things to do in Sydney truly is a unique tourist attraction. The Brickpit Ring Walk is a circular walkway structure above a large pond that functions as a protected habitat for endangered frogs.

The Brickpit Ring allows visitors to enjoy bird’s eye views of the pond beneath while also enjoying panoramic district views of the surrounding area.

Visiting the Brickpit Ring is also an excellent excuse to explore Sydney Olympic Park, which offers much more than most people think. The area is home to some fantastic cafes and restaurants, in addition to great parks.

Book an unusual Sydney activity:


15 Unusual things to do in Sydney

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